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State of the Ladder with RehcraM: W3Champions Update #8

Last week we covered the upcoming changes to season 2 of the W3C ladder and now it’s here!

Having been live for less than a week, the competition for being one of the first to hit the prestigious Grand Master league is already fierce. As of writing this, 8 familiar player names have already reached the league in Europe and 3 on the American server.

One of the things to keep an eye on the next couple of weeks is the performance of the new map, Autumn Leaves. Right now, the sample size is still way too small for it to give us an idea of how well the map is balanced, but with thousands of games played each day, time will tell us soon enough.

In which race's favour do you think the map will swing out in on the ladder given time?

With season 1 concluded we also have the final results of the season. Here are the top 3 players/teams from the last season in each game mode:

1. Happy
2. Grubby
3. xLorD

2on2 AT:
1. Spoki & Starbuck
2. Shocker & WeAkUD
3. WeAkUD & Franzyzz

1. Franzyzz
2. Razzorman
3. Bizzare

1. Franzyzz
2. Rain
3. Jon

1. Qwest
2. TGW
3. Seksi

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