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Champion of the Light Guide
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Champion of the Light

2 phase fight with constant add management                                                                 Home Page

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Mythic Changes and Strategy

Boss Abilities:
  • Sacred Blade
    • Stacking DoT on tank, 10s duration, applied every 6s.
    • 6,400/tick per stack, swap at 4-6 stacks
  • Wave of Light
    • Slow light wave, directed at a random add. Deals 25k damage to anyone hit.
    • Much more importantly, applies a HoT to the ADDS if hit, 5% HP healed every 1s for 7s
    • Cast roughly every 10s
    • Add tank must move adds to dodge this wave
      • There are caster adds, so it may not always be possible for all adds to dodge the wave
    • The HoT effect can be offensively dispelled, ie: Purge, Mass Dispel, etc.
  • Divine Protection
    • Boss will bubble an add for 6s. Just swap off this target and hit something else.
    • The same add can NOT be effected by this buff more than once per 30s
  • Zealotry
    • Increases Holy damage done by 2% per stack. Stacks are applied by certain abilities, as detailed below
  • Avenging Wrath
    • Boss deals 30% more damage when below 30% HP
  • Anointed Disciple
    • Caster add, 3 spells
    • Divine Burst
      • Targeted damage cast, interrupt when possible
    • Penance
      • Heals a friendly target. Interrupt every cast.
    • Heal
      • Heals a friendly target for a large amount. Interrupt every cast.
  • Darkforged Crusader
    • Consecration
      • Does damage to enemies standing in it, what a surprise
      • Also reduces damage taken by all adds standing in it by 50%
    • Blinding Faith
      • AoE disorent to anyone facing when cast goes off
    • Crusader Strike
      • Melee attack that deals heavy Holy damage
Boss Seal Abilities:
  • Seal of Retribution
    • Whenever an add dies during this seal, boss gains 20 stacks of Zealotry
    • Grants Retribution Wave ability
      • Light AoE holy damage on whole raid, unavoidable
    • Increases damage & healing done by nearby allies by 15%
    • Judgement: Righteousness
      • Upon reaching full energy, buffs one add to deal 200% increased damage and 150% increased healing
  • Seal of Reckoning
    • All attacks taken by the boss grant 1 stack of Zealotry
      • Players affected by Sacred Blade do NOT generate stacks, ie active tank
    • Grats Reckoning ability
      • Targeted ability for moderate Holy damage
    • Judgement: Reckoning
      • Upon reaching 100 energy, releases a heavy AoE on the entire raid
  • The encounter always starts on Retribution
    • During Reckoning, do NOT attack boss. Focus all DPS on the adds
      • Once all adds are killed, Reckoning ends and Retribution begins
    • During Retribution, ignore adds and focus all DPS on boss
      • When boss casts Judgement: Righteousness, immediately swap to the buffed add and burn it ASAP
    • Adds respawn based on when you re-enter a Retribution phase, but no earlier than 1:12 into the fight
      • After that point, it’s 5s after the Retribution phase begins
    • It takes the boss roughly 55 seconds to reach 100 energy
    • This is sped up significantly if you burn the adds quickly during Reckoning, as low as 10 seconds
  • Tank the boss on one side of the room, the adds on the other side
    • This provides multiple benefits. Spreading prevents Retribution from buffing the adds, prevents the boss from ever standing in Consecration, and allows plenty of space to let the adds dodge Wave of Light
  • The ranged and healer players should be lightly stacked to the side of the line between boss and adds
    • Allows these players to not need to worry about Wave of Light
  • The fight is simply a rotation between the two Seal phases, keeping Zealotry stacks as low as possible. Targeting the proper kill target is essential.
    • Seal of Reckoning = Kill adds
    • Seal of Retribution= Kill boss, except empowered add
  • When the boss is sub-30% and casts Wings, his Judgement:Reckoning hits hard as hell. May require raid CDs
  • You will need a couple of people, most likely melee, to stick to the caster adds and interrupt as many healing spells as possible. This includes during Retribution.
    • The secondary goal here is to widdle the adds down as much as possible.
    • Getting all adds below 20% HP before Retribution is ideal
    • This allows the raid to very quickly finish off the adds upon Reckoning phase beginning, forcing the boss back into Retribution
    • Based on final round of testing, several guilds were able to have Reckoning phases last 15 seconds or less, which maximizes uptime on the boss itself, significantly speeding up the fight

Paladin boss + adds. Keep separate about 15 yards. Ranged/healers should be stacked out of the direct line between boss & adds. DPS nuke boss during Seal of Retribution phase. Assign 2-3 melee to adds during this phase for interrupts/aoe on them. When one add gets empowered, all DPS swap and kill. DPS all swap and kill adds during Seal of Reckoning asap. Whole raid must face away from Crusader add when he casts Blinding Faith. Lust at 30%.
Healers - use CD’s during Reckoning, keep everyone alive through large AoE raid nuke. Increased steady raid damage during Retribution.
Tanks - Swap off boss at 4-6 stacks of Sacred Blade. If tanking adds, move them to dodge Wave of Light from hitting adds, and to move out of Consecration. Use defensive CDs if tanking boss during Reckoning. Crusader add deals relatively heavy holy damage. Boss hits much harder later in fight.
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