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Conclave of the Chosen Raid Guide
Conclave of the Chosen

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Mythic Changes and Strategy

Council style fight, 4 bosses total. Two are active at any given time. You ALWAYS start with Gonk and Pa’ku, but the last 2 are random. When one aspect dies, the other gets healed to full, so cleave is useless. Additionally, while you’re fighting the loa “aspects,” the loa themselves will cast abilities at you in a random order on a timer.
Encounter Abilities
  • Loa’s Pact
    • If two Aspects are within 7 yards of each other, their damage dealt is increased 75% and damage taken is reduced 90%
  • Loa’s Wrath
    • Whenever an aspect dies, the other active aspect gains Loa’s Wrath, increasing all damage by 15%. Stacks. Also heals them to full.
  • Loa Ability
    • On a set timer, the Loa cast powerful abilities. Each Loa's Wrath ability has a 1 minute cooldown, except for Krag'wa.
      • These can overlap, but can not begin at the same time. There's a 5 second minimum delay between Loa Wrath abilities actually being cast
      • Since several of them last 10+ seconds, you will regularly need to deal with multiple at the same time
      • Gonk, Krag'wa and Pa'ku's abilities are available at the start. First Gonk is 0:20s into the fight, first Krag'wa is 0:25s into fight, first Pa'ku is 1:10.
      • Whenever a new Aspect becomes active, their Loa Wrath ability gets added to the mix. The first Kimbul's Wrath is about 50s after Kimbul becomes active
      • The first Akunda's Wrath is about 45s after Akunda becomes active
      • You'll want to control when you kill an Aspect, and try to space them more than 5 seconds apart from a Pa'ku's Wrath cast, as any overlaps with Pa'ku's Wrath are very dangerous
  • Cry of the Fallen
    • When an aspect dies, its Loa lets out a cry, dealing 15k Nature damage per half-second for 6 seconds
Aspect Abilities
  • Gonk
    • Raptor Form
      • Every roughly 17s, Gonk’s Aspect turns into a Raptor, then casts Wild Maul
        • 4s channel, deals 33k Physical damage per half second for 4s, 9 yard range, 90 degree cone
      • Crawling Hex
        • 14s after engaging, then 26s thereafter, casts Crawling hex
          • Hexes a small number of players, making them unable to use abilities for 5s
          • Also puts an 8 yard circle around them. After 5s, Hex spreads to anyone within the circle
  • Pa’ku
    • Hastening Winds
      • Attack speed is increased by 8% for every consecutive attack on the same target
        • Basic tank swap mechanic, swap at around 25-35, based on whether the tanks are okay or not
      • Gift of the Wind
        • Cast at 4s into fight, then every 32s
        • Increases Haste by 45% and movement speed by 75% of all mobs
        • Can be dispelled
        • Can also be taken by SPELLSTEAL
          • Mages, get on this!
  • Kimbul
    • Lacerating Claws
      • Cast 10s after spawn, then roughly every 30s
      • 130k Physical damage, plus a 15k/s DoT for 45s
  • Akunda
    • Thundering Storm
      • AoE ability around the boss, deals 140k Nature damage within 10 yard radius
      • Cast every 19s
      • Easily avoidable - move out of the circle
    • Mind Wipe
      • Wipes the mind of several random players, causing them to forget all abilities for 30s
      • Dispellable
      • Cast 5s after spawn, then every ~30s
  • Kragwa
    • Jumps to furthest player, landing on them and dealing 98k Physical to that player and anyone within 5 yards and knocks them back
    • Cast 4 times
    • First cast is at 30s, then he begins his series of jumps every 50 seconds
Loa Abilities
  • Gonk’s Wrath
    • Summons several raptors that fixate on a random target and attack them until they die.
    • Stunnable, slowable
    • While two raptors are nearby, movement speed is increased by 75% and become immune to CC for 5 seconds
  • Pa’ku’s Wrath
    • Pa’ku will appear, pick a random side of the room, fly over there (takes 10s), then cast a massive AoE. There is a safe circle directly under him, 10 yard radius. Lasts 8 seconds.
    • Deals 19k/second Nature damage inside safe zone
      • Deals 70k/s Nature damage outside safe zone
  • Kimbul’s Wrath
    • Tiger loa appears, leaps towards a random player. Deals 131k Physical in a 5 yard range
    • Also causes Bleeding Wounds, stacking DoT dealing 8700/second per stack, lasting as long as that player lives
    • Jumps 3 times. Players will get marked when the Loa appears
  • Akunda’s Wrath
    • Debuffs most of the players in your raid, putting an electric circle around them
    • After 6s, affected players explode for 64k Nature damage to them and anyone else in their circle, and create 5 Static Orbs that radiate outwards
      • This is basically the same mechanic as the Exploding Corruption orbs from G’Huun, just a different color. Primary difference is that majority of raid gets affected, so there’s a LOT of orbs to dodge
    • Getting hit by a Static Orb deals 40k Nature damage, and stuns you for 2s
  • Keep the Aspects at least 10 yards apart at all times, to ensure they never gain Loa’s Pact
  • Avoid killing an Aspect within 5s of a Pa'ku's Wrath cast, to try and avoid bad overlaps
  • Which of the starting Aspects is best to kill first is up to your raid
    • Gonk has more mechanics that affect the raid, and requires a large amount of dispels while he’s alive. Requires defensive dispel
      • Gonk does more burst damage to the tank during Wild Maul, but it’s all Physical damage
    • Pa’ku’s Gift of the Wind ability makes the Gonk’s Wrath raptors significantly more dangerous, though this can also be dispelled. Requires offensive dispel.
      • Pa’ku also does significantly more damage to the tanks, though it’s easy to deal with through the use of tank swaps
    • If you have a tank that can deal well with burst Physical damage, it may be better to kill Pa’ku first.
  • General kill priority: Pa’ku >= Gonk > Kimbul > Akunda
    • Your raid may be different, and may be better suited to deal with the damage breakdown of Aspects in a different manner than this. At this point, it’s hard to tell if there’s a set order that’s “best,” so I went off the total output, breakdown of damage sequence, and individual abilities.
    • Kimbul’s Lacerating Claws can NOT be removed through paladin’s bubble and BoP
    • Swap at 2 stacks of Lacerating Claws
    • Akunda does the lowest amount of overall tank damage.
  • If you have more than one mage
    • Kill order should be Gonk > Kimbul > Pa’ku > Akunda
    • Pa’ku’s damage won’t kill the tanks, but it will become dangerous after the 2nd empowerment
    • By keeping him alive, though, your mages will benefit from being able to Spellsteal regularly.
    • These mages will be happier than pigs in shit
    • Make your mages happy!
  • Ensure your raid is dispelling Gift of the Wind buffs when Pa’ku casts it, and that your healers are dispelling Mind Wipe
  • Be mindful of timing when killing an Aspect. If you have a Cry of the Fallen overlap with a Pa’ku’s Wrath, you’ll need a raid CD to survive. Depending on your healer comp, this may or may not be a good idea. Disc priests can use barrier here, shamans can use SLT.
    • You should plan out healing CDs for every Cry of the Fallen regardless of overlaps, as it deals 140k damage over 6 seconds
  • You will experience a Pa’ku’s Wrath overlap with the Crawling Hex circles, as well as an overlap with other Loa Wrath abilities
    • For Crawling Hex overlap, have anyone with an immunity use it, and stand outside the safe zone
    • Anyone who doesn’t have an immunity available will need to stand spread right at the edges of the safe zone
    • For the Thundering Storm overlaps, your tank needs to position Aspect of Akunda as close to the edge of the safe circle as possible
  • Make sure everyone is spread more than 5 yards apart during both Kimbul’s Wrath and when Kragwa appears
  • During Gonk’s Wrath, players fixated by raptors must stay spread at least 7 yards apart, and stuns and CCs should be used as much as possible
    • Make sure to dispel Gift of the Wind ASAP if it gets cast
  • Players targeted by Akunda’s Wrath should move to the edges of the room to spread out the Static Orbs and make them easier to dodge
  • This fight ramps up pretty significantly later on, as the Loa abilities come much more rapidly.
  • Two options for lust timing
    • To kill the 2nd Aspect ASAP, as the first two are generally the most dangerous individually
    • To kill the 3rd aspect ASAP, as having only one aspect alive makes it easier to handle the Loa’s Wrath abilities, which’ll make the last part of the fight easier
      • Additionally, if your DPS use 2 and 3 minute CDs on pull, they should be available for lusting on the 3rd aspect

2 bosses at a time, no shared HP, when one dies other heals to full. Keep 10 yards apart. Pick one to kill at a time. When one boss dies, pop a raid healing CD. Spread for Kimbul’s Wrath, Kragwa’s jumps, and when little raptors are chasing people. When giant bird comes, stand in safe circle under him. When you have blue glowing under you, get to side of room, then dodge orbs. Move away from Aspect of Akunda when circle appears under him. Lust while killing 3rd aspect. If you have more than one mage - kill Pa’ku third. Allow mages to Spellsteal Gift of the Wind whenever possible. Let your mages be happy!
Healers - dispel “Mind Wipe” asap, anyone with offensive dispels needs to clear “Gift of the Wild” asap.
Tanks - Need a tank swap on Aspect of Pa’ku, after about 25-35 stacks. Pro Tip - You can have a DH taunt Aspect of Pa'ku and use Blade Dance to dodge his first swing. This resets Pa'ku's stacks, making you not need a tank swap.
Need swap on Kimbul's Aspect at 2 stacks of Lacerating Claws.
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