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Mythic Changes and Strategy

Single phase resource management fight
Rage-Based Mechanics
  • Rage
    • The resource mechanic in this fight. Just about everything else in this fight revolves around the boss’s Rage
    • The rate of Rage gain increases as the fight goes on. At the start, it’s about 50 Rage per minute. This rate increases to 58 Rage/minute at 70% HP, and increases again to 66 Rage/minute at 40% HP.
  • Tantrum
    • Cast automatically at 100 Rage
    • Deals 48k damage every second, for up to 4 seconds
      • One tick per 25 Rage available for the boss to use
    • Each tick applies the Shattered debuff
      • 40s DoT, 3200/2s, but also increases the damage taken from Tantrum by 30% per stack
        • 1 stack Tantrum = 62k
        • 2 stack = 81k
        • 3 stack = 106k
      • Because of the Shattered debuff, allowing the boss to reach 100 Rage will result in a raid wipe. Total is 300k damage over 4s to the whole raid, plus a 40s DoT dealing 12,800/2s
      • 100 Rage cannot be allowed to happen
  • Apetagonizer 3000
    • Mechanical add that spawns throughout the fight, 1 at a time
    • Cast Apetagonize, which generates 10 Rage to Grong, must interrupt
    • When the add dies, it explodes and deals 40k Nature damage in a 15 yard radius
      • Also generates 50 rage to Grong if he’s within the 15 yard radius
    • Upon death, the add leaves his Core on the ground
      • A raid member must pick up this Core
  • Apetagonizer Core
    • 20s debuff dealing 16k/2s to the holder
    • For the duration of the debuff, the holder has an extra action button to cast Discharge
      • Discharge deals a flat 5% of Grong’s HP, and immediately causes him to cast Tantrum with whatever Rage he has
Non-Rage Mechanics
  • Bestial Combo
    • Series of 4 tank-focused abilities. First 3 are a random order of 2 possible abilities, the 4th ability is always the same
    • Ability options for first 3:
      • Bestial Smash
        • Applies Crushed debuff, increasing damage taken by Bestial Smash by 500% for 2.5s
        • Deals 280k physical damage to the tank
        • Rending Bite
          • 40k/s DoT, 10s duration. Can stack
      • Final ability is always Bestial Throw
        • Picks up the tank and squeezes for 32k/s for 5s
        • After 5s, throws the tank at a random, marked, raid member
        • Deals 130k damage to the whole raid, reduced by distance from impact
  • Series of 4 tank-focused abilities. First 3 are a random order of 2 possible abilities, the 4th ability is always the same
  • Reverberating Slam
    • Slams the ground at a random melee member, dealing 80k in a 10 yard radius. Leaves a visual circle
    • After about 3s, the circle explodes (Reverberating Echo), dealing 120k to anyone still inside & knocking them back
  • Ferocious Roar
    • Raid-wide AoE dealing 80k to everyone
    • Also fears anyone who was not standing near another raid member for 5s
    • Cast every 28 seconds or so
  • Megatomic Seeker Missile
    • Missile targets a random ranged player, hitting them and dealing 64k Fire damage within 10 yards
    • Leaves a pool of Megatomic Fire on the ground, dealing 21k/1.5s to anyone standing in it
  • The tanks, standing on each other in front of boss.
  • Split the raid into 3 groups, 2 melee one range
    • There should be one melee group on his back-left side, the other on his back-right side
      • After Slam hits, the targeted group needs to move out of the Echo
      • After Echo explodes, that group can move back
    • Ranged should just be stacked on a raid marker
      • When the Missile lands, everyone just moves sideways to another raid marker. Alternatively, put a marker on a person’s head and follow the leader
  • All DPS swap to the add when it spawns
    • Prioritize interrupting every cast of Apetagonize
    • Assign a mobile ranged DPS (BM Hunters, I’m looking at you) to pick up the Core, and coordinate using the Core when Grong has between 50-74 Rage
      • You do NOT need to pick up the Core immediately if Grong has too low Rage. The Core only lasts 20s once you pick it up
      • Using at any less than 50, and it’s a bit of a waste
      • Using at any more than 74 and you’ll get 3 ticks from Tantrum, which will require multiple healer CDs
      • Best timing is between 65-70 Rage
    • If for any reason Grong is allowed to cast Tantrum above 74 Rage, utilize multiple raid defensive CDs to avoid people dying
    • IMPORTANT - Do not push a Tantrum until your Shattered debuff falls off.
  • Ensure that when Ferocious Roar is cast, you are within 5 yards of someone else, to avoid being feared by Ferocious Roar
  • Tank Dance
    • The first 3 steps of the 4 part tank dance are randomly ordered
    • You can NOT take two Bestial Smashes in a row
    • Will need to taunt back and forth based on what abilities are cast
    • The first tank CAN take a hit of Bestial Smash, then also a hit of Rending Bite
    • Taunt when one of these is true:
      • Grong is casting Bestial Smash for a second time in a row
      • Grong is casting Rending Bite, and current tank already has one stack
      • The first tank soaked a Smash and a Bite (in either order), and the third ability is casting, regardless of what it is
    • Worst-case scenario seems to be 3 Rending Bites in a row, which’ll guarantee one tank having 2 stacks, dealing 80k/s for 10s
    • When the boss casts Bestial Throw, the targeted raid member must move away from the rest of the raid immediately to reduce raid damage taken
  • Recommended to have a healer CD rotation for Tantrums to help prevent any deaths
  • Collect loot, and move on =)


Giant ape. Kill ape. Kill robots when they spawn. Assign 1 person to pick up glowing orb when ape is between 50-74 Rage, then click extra action button between 65-70, causing Tantrum. Make sure Shattered falls off before causing next Tantrum. 2 groups of melee, one on each foot. Reverberating Slam, targeting group move out of circle, then move back. Ranged and healers stack, move when Missile lands. Either put Raid markers down to move to, or mark someone’s head and follow the leader. Ferocious Roar, ensure you’re standing next to someone or you get feared. If marked as target for Bestial Throw, move to side of room.
Healers - use CDs if Tantrum occurs with more than 75 Rage.
Tanks - 4 ability combo on tanks. Taunt after either 2nd or 3rd ability, whenever an ability is cast for a second occurrence. 4th ability throws you at a random person.
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