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Jadefire Masters Guide
Jadefire Masters

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Mythic Changes and Strategy

Two phase encounter against two boss enemies, with two intermissions that occur before you reach the final phase
  • Bosses each have their own health pool, NOT a shared HP
  • You CAN kill one boss off significantly earlier than the other, even early enough to enter 100 Power phase with only one boss
    • Unknown if this is intended or a bug
    • There are no mechanics listed in the journal which would discourage this
Individual Bosses and abilities:

Mestrah - Monk
  • Whirling Jade Storm
    • The boss will periodically Chi Torpedo to a far side of the room away from the tank, and cast Whirling Jade Storm
    • Deals 16k/s to the entire raid
    • Cast ends when the boss is struck by a melee ability
  • Multi-Sided Strike
    • Knocks the tank high in the air, and a 6-sided Chi grid appears, starting a little mini-game
    • Images will appear one at a time, in quick succession, from a total of 4 of the 6 grid areas
      • These images will then charge into the tank one at a time in the order they spawned
      • You must physically face every image when it hits you
      • If you are not facing the image, you’ll take 70k damage
      • After all 4 images have charged at you, you’ll return to the ground
    • Tested debuff
      • After completing the mini-game, you get a 40s debuff causing you to take 100% increased Physical damage
      • As soon as mini-game is complete, tanks need to swap
  • Spirits of Xuen
    • Boss summons a tiger add to chase down a random member of the raid
    • Must be killed off ASAP
    • Tiger Paw
      • Deals 36k damage to the fixated target
    • Pounce
      • Pounces to a spot in the room, dealing 35k damage to everyone within 5 yards
      • Spirit of Xuem will continually cast Pounce, and upon reaching the target it’ll cast Tiger Paw
    • This add is fully CC’able and stunnable, keep stunned as much as possible
    • Must nuke down ASAP
  • Harmonious Spirits
    • If Mestrah ever has higher % HP than the other boss Manceroy, Mestrah deals extra damage
    • This scales the higher the HP disparity

Manceroy - Mage
  • Fireball
    • Basic fire cast, deals ~80k-90k to the current tank
    • Causes RIsing Flames debuff
      • 1700/s DoT, lasts 15 seconds, stacks
    • When Rising Flames ends, causes Burnout
      • Raid-wide AoE damage, 36k minimum
      • Scales up about 4% per stack based on stacks of Rising Flame that just expired
      • Example - 20 stacks deals about 82k to the raid
  • Pyroblast
    • Deals 157k to the tank, plus 525k DoT
    • Must be interrupted
      • Boss gains Fire Shield at beginning of cast
      • Absorbs 175k damage, and prevents interrupts
      • Once Fire Shield breaks, can interrupt the Pyro
  • Searing Embers
    • Places DoTs on random enemies, 12k/s for 10s
      • If not dispelled, Unleashed Ember occurs, dealing 52k to the whole raid
  • Magma Trap
    • Places fire trap on the ground
    • When triggered, anyone within 6 yards takes 98k damage and is knocked into the air
    • Players taking subsequent Magma Traps take 100% increased damage from the ability

Combined Power
  • Power gain rate is tied to the bosses’ combined HP pools, and is not set to a timer.
    • The higher your raid DPS, the faster they gain energy
    • Timers given here are the range that was seen on PTR testing from a variety of guilds and groups. 
    • From early logs on Heroic, seems like 30 Power is roughly 75% combined HP remaining, 60 Power is 55% combined HP remaining, and 100 Power is 35% combined HP remaining.
  • 30 Power (0:38-1:08)
    • During this phase, bosses WILL continue to cast all their normal abilities
    • Living Bomb
      • 2 Living Bombs spawn around the room and begin casting Explosion
      • Explosion deals 23k to the raid, per Bomb that is alive
        • 10s cast, chain casted
      • Also fires a Lazer Beam, which deals high damage to anyone hit
    • Chi-Ji’s Song
      • Shrouds the Living Bombs in mist, obscurring LoS
      • Functions same way as Rogue’s Smoke Bomb
        • If inside miist, you can function normally to anything else within mist
        • If outside mist, cannot interact with anything inside mist
    • Must kill bombs ASAP.
  • 60 Power (1:56-2:30)
    • A Flash of Hostility
      • Basically same idea as bridge phase of Imonar from Antorus
      • During the phase, bosses will NOT cast any of their normal abilities
      • Players are put on one side of room, bosses on the other, with an ice wall in front of them. A grid is Rings of Peace appear between raid and the bosses
      • Must run around the rings to reach the other side and break the ice wall
        • Barrier has one “Weak Point” that can be attacked to begin with
        • If this Weak Point is somewhere unworkable, ie there’s a RoP right on it, you can carry over a Force Orb to create an additional Weak Point
        • Force Orbs are green orbs that’ll be on the ground in the grid. Interact with it to pick it up
      • While your raid is running, Manceroy will cast Phoenix Strike
        • Red swirlies on the ground, deal 35k damage if you’re hit
        • Just try to avoid them
      • Once you’ve made it to the far side and killed a section of the barrier, tag the bosses and this intermission ends. Bosses will then resume normal abilities
  • 100 Power (3:40-4:40)
    • Hard burn phase
    • Monk transforms into a dragon, Mage transforms into a phoenix
    • Bosses cease all abilities, except the ones noted below
    • Mestrah
      • Dragon’s Breath
        • Frontal cone, deals 35k/s for 2s
        • Leaves patches of fire on the ground in a line in front of the boss’s face, burning anyone in the fire for 47k/s
      • Multi-Sided Strike
        • This now sends the majority of the raid into the mini game that the tanks had been doing
    • Manceroy
      • Blazing Phoenix
        • Deals 16k to the entire raid every 3s for rest of fight
      • Rising Flames continues as it has the rest of the fight
        • Burnout still also occurs when Rising Flames debuff expires from the tank
      • Searing Peck
        • Pecks the current target, dealing fire damage and applying a stack of Rising Flames

  • First and foremost - ALWAYS ensure that Mestrah’s HP is lower than Manceroy
    • Assign 1 extra DPS to Mestrah to ensure this
  • Tanks should keep the bosses stacked as much as possible for cleave
    • Whoever is active tank on the Monk needs to save movement CDs for when he casts Whirling Jade Storm
    • After stopping the cast, bring Monk back to the raid
    • When Manceroy teleports away to cast Pyro, the whole raid should reposition to where he is standing
  • Swap tanks after every Multi-Sided Strike
    • FYI, during this ability while the tank is in the air doing the mini-game, Monk will be untargetable
  • Raid should be loosely stacked near the bosses, no further than ~6 yards away
    • High raid damage, so this will help your healers out a lot
      • This will also make it so Mass Dispel can remove all of the Searing Embers debuffs if you have priests
        • Searing Embers is cast roughly 15s into fight, then every 35-38s
    • Only person not stacked should be the player who gets fixated by the Spirit of Xuen when it spawns
      • This person should move about 10 yards outside of the group
        • Use defensive CDs whenever possible when the add is not stunned
      • Keep add stunned as much as possible
  • Magma Traps spawn roughly every 20s - spawn randomly around the room.
    • Assign players with some movement ability that prevents fall damage to clear these - ie Hunters, Mages, etc
    • Demon Hunters are exceptional at these, as are Rogues
  • For the Living Bomb phase (30 Power), the bombs always spawn in two of the three possible fixed areas
    • Raid should be pre-stacked near one Bomb spawn area. Since the Bomb has a ⅔ chance to spawn at each location, this gives you a good probability of being on one when it spawns.
    • After the first Bomb dies, move as a raid to the remaining bomb
    • Remember, all boss abilities continue occurring during this phase, so raid needs to remain stacked in the same Bomb’s mist to allow healers to keep everyone alive
    • At least 1 major raid CD should be used while killing the first Bomb, as each explosion will deal 50k total to the whole raid, plus w/e else is going on
  • For the Maze phase (60 power), warlock gates are invaluable.
    • Nothing to really explain here. Run across the grid as quickly as possible, while dodging the Phoenix Strikes
    • Recommend bringing at least 1 Force orb, if not 2, over to create a new weak point, allowing you to kill the barrier much more quickly.
  • For burn phase (100 power), the raid should remain stacked near the middle of the room
    • The tank who’s currently holding the Dragon will need to face him away from raid, and move as necessary to not stand in fire. Rotate around the raid in a circle as needed
      • Move as slowly around the raid as possible while doing this
    • When the majority of the raid gets thrown up in the air for the mini-game, it’s on each person individually to not screw up. Just turn your character to face whichever the lit-up side is
    • Tanks will need to swap based on stacks of Rising Flames. In the 100 Power phase, swap at somewhere around 10-15 stacks, depending how large of a Burnout is doable for your raid.
    • Nuke the hell out of the bosses. They do not need to die at the same time

Positioning, except for 60 Power maze and 100 Power

100 Power Positioning

Potential Cheesy Strat

  • You can kill one boss significantly earlier than the other
    • It’s possible to kill one boss BEFORE they reached 100 power, making the last phase significantly easier to deal with
  • It’s unknown if this is actually intentionally doable, but there are no abilities which prevent this or make it not work
  • If you decide to do this, the goal would be to kill Monk before the bosses reach 100 Power
  • By doing this, you eliminate the Dragon’s Breath, the fire patches on the ground, and the raid-wide Multi-Sided Strike during the burn phase
2 boss fight, no shared HP pool. Always have Monk’s HP lower, assign 1 extra dps to this boss. Raid loosely stacked, no more than 6 yards from bosses. Stack bosses as much as possible. Kill Tiger when spawns asap, if on you, move away from raid. All DPS swap mage during Pyroblast, break shield then interrupt. Assign people to soak Magma Traps that can survive large falls, ie Demon Hunters. 30 Power - Living Bombs, have bosses standing on one spawn point, everyone stand in mist, kill bombs one by one as a group. Use healing CDs. 60 power - Maze of Ring of Peace, work way across maze, kill weak spot in ice wall. Don’t get hit by swirlies. Bring Force Orbs to make more weak spots. 100 power - Monk turns into Dragon, Mage turns into Phoenix. Lust. Raid stacked in middle of room. Dragon needs to be slowly kited in circle around raid, always facing away. When you get knocked into air, face your character at the glowing side of the 6 sided grid. After 4 hits, you go back down, keep nuking.
Healers - dispel Searing Embers. Use healing CDs during Living Bomb phase, and rotate CDs during burn phase.
Tanks - Multi-sided strike, when thrown in air, face character toward glowing side. After 4 hits, you come back down. Tank swap when you land. If tanking Monk, use movement speed abilities to hit him ASAP after casting Whirling Jade Storm. Keep bosses stacked as much as possible. Position bosses on a set Living Bomb spawn point when close to 30 power. If tanking Dragon when 100 Power, slowly kite in circle around the raid.
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