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Jaina Proudmoore Guide
Jaina Proudmoore

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Phase 1 Strategy
Intermission 1
Phase 2 Strategy
Intermission 2
Phase 3 Strategy
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Mythic Changes and Strategy
3 phase fight, with two intermission phases. Phase 1 is on a boat, P2 & p3 are on the frozen ocean.
Encounter Wide Abilities
  • Any frost damage suffered from Jaina causes a stack of Chilling Touch
    • Reduces movement speed by 2% and deals 1200 damage per second. Both effects stack.
    • At 20 stacks, if you fall below 80% HP, you get frozen into an ice block for up to 30s. You take 8700 Frost damage per second while frozen.
      • Ice block is targetable, must be killed to release the player
  • Jaina's Ice Block Ability
    • If your raid casts Bloodlust/Time Warp/Heroism, Jaina will respond by immediately casting Ice Block. She becomes immune to damage for 20s, and also stops casting all abilities.
    • Recommended to NOT use lust while fighting Jaina. Instead, use it during Intermission Two
Phase 1

You are fighting Jaina along with the Kul’Tiran marines

Kul’Tiran Abilities
  • Kul’Tiran marines periodically fly over the ship, dropping off Marines to fight you, along with bombing you. You start with 2 Marines on the boat at the beginning of the encounter. First spawn is 35s in, then every roughly minute next set comes.
  • Bombard
    • Target circles on the boat, deals 95k Fire damage and knocks back anyone hit
    • Leaves behind a Searing Pitch
      • Fire patch on the ground, deals 27k Fire/second while standing in it. Damage increases the longer you stand in it
      • However, taking damage from Searing Pitch removes stacks of Chilling Touch
      • Standing in Searing Pitch also prevents/clears the Root and DoT aspect of Jaina’s Ring of Ice
  • Kul’Tiran Marine
    • Fixate on a random player when they spawn. 2 spawn at a time on Heroic
    • Set Charge
      • Place a barrel of munitions on the ground. Explodes after 15s, dealing 97k Fire damage to everyone, and leaving a Searing Pitch on the boat.
Jaina Abilities
  • Ice Shard
    • Casted ability on tank. Does Jaina’s normal melee damage to the tank, as physical damage, but also debuffs the tank, causing subsequent casts of Ice Shard to deal 10% increased damage for 30s, stacking.
    • This ability remains in Jaina’s arsenal the entire fight
  • Avalanche
    • Jaina picks 3 targets, then throws ice at them every 1s for 5s. You’ll see blue swirlies
    • Targets need to keep moving to not get hit by Avalanche
    • Avalanche can be used to clear Searing Pitch
    • Cast 8s into fight, then every minute
  • Grasp of Frost
    • Debuffs several random players, dealing 78k Frost damage and rooting them for 8s. Also applies one stack of Chilling Touch every 2s for the duration
    • Dispellable, cast about every 20s
  • Freezing Blast
    • Frontal cone ability, deals 75k Frost damage to anyone hit and knocks them back
    • Can go the whole length of the boat
    • This will also clear any Searing Pitch hit
  • Ring of ice
    • Massive AoE cast. Deals 131k damage to anyone within 30 yards, also freezes them for 30s
    • For people more than 30 yards away, they instead get a DoT, dealing 21k Frost damage per second for 8 seconds
    • Also roots you for 8s
    • Entire debuff, the DoT plus the root, is removed if you take damage from Searing Pitch
    • Cast 1:05 into fight, then every minute
  • Time Warp
    • Jaina casts Time Warp on herself and any mobs on her boat
    • Cast when Jaina reaches 70% HP
Not Listed Mechanics
  • There is an additional mechanic not listed in the Dungeon Journal
  • When the Kul’Tiran ship comes by, large Kul’Tiran boats appear on a side of Jaina’s boat
  • You needed to click siege weapons to fire missiles at the Kul’Tiran boat, and kill it
    • It takes 6 casts to kill the boat
  • The boats will cast Bombard until you manage to kill them
  • You’ll need to assign 2 players to be in charge of clicking the siege weapons to kill boats, one per side
  • Additionally, these siege weapons can catch fire if hit by Bombard
    • You can clear fire just like clearing Searing Pitch, with Avalanche or if Freezing Blast hits them
    • This is very important, so if any siege weapons get ignited, make sure someone with Avalanche clears it
P1 Strategy
  • Tanks should position Jaina near the back side of the boat, to ensure the largest possible safe area from Ring of Ice
  • Tank swap at 10-14 stacks, depending where your tanks are comfortable
  • When targeted by Avalanche, targeted players should try to clear as many Searing Pitches as possible
    • Prioritize dousing any Siege weapons that are on fire
    • Always leave at least 1 Searing Pitch
  • Nuke down the Kil’Tiran Marines ASAP when they spawn
    • Mobile DPS need to grab the munition barrels, run them to the side, and toss them off the boat
  • Dodge Bombard circles
  • Quickly run into a Searing Pitch when your stacks of Chilling Touch get too high
    • Because the fire doesn’t do a lot of damage, unless you’re a tank, it’s safe to run through the Searing Pitch at 2-3 stacks
    • Tanks should run through a Pitch whenever there is a taunt swap - the tank no longer actively tanking should clear stacks
  • Dodge Freezing Blast
  • Assign people to click siege weapons, 1-2 per side
    • Make sure if a siege weapon ever catches fire, it’s doused with an Avalanche asap
  • Dispel Grasp of Frost people when possible. Mass Dispel is amazing here when it’s off CD
  • Run out for Ring of Ice. Do not get hit by this.
  • Stand in a Searing Pitch when Ring of Ice is about to finish casting. This removes the DoT and Root.
  • You may want to use a healer CD or two during Time Warp
  • Phase ends when Jaina hits 60% HP

Intermission 1
  • Jaina goes batshit crazy and literally freezes the open ocean.
  • She blinks away to a random location, and casts a massive storm, obscuring vision
    • Think darkness phase from Kil’Jaeden
  • You need to go find her
    • Jaina can be anywhere in her p2 room. Utilize Hunter Tracking and Demon Hunter Spectral Sight to find her
  • Along the way, you’ll see tornados, and small ice circles called Glacial Shards coming at you from where Jaina is
    • Dodge these
      • Little ice circles (Glacial Shards) deal 24k Frost damage, and freeze you into an ice block
      • Tornados deal 131k Frost damage and knock you back
  • When you reach Jaina, interrupt her cast and the intermission phase ends
Phase 2

You fight Jaina on a solid sheet on ice in the middle of the ocean. The whole raid begins gaining 1 Chilling Touch stack every 5s. Her ship circles above you, casting Arcane abilities at you.

  • Arctic Ground
    • All of Jaina’s Frost abilities leave patches of thick ice on the ground, causing Chilling Touch stacks to be applied much more rapidly. 1 stack per second.
  • Proudmoore Flagship
    • Broadside
      • Several players get marked by Jaina, dealing 17k Arcane damage per second for 4 seconds
      • At expiration,cannons shoot at the player’s position, dealing 105k Arcane damage in a 10 yard radius
    • Siegebreaker Blast
      • One player gets marked for 8s. After the 8s, the ship fires a massive blast at them, dealing 105k Arcane damage to the raid, reduced by distance from impact
  • Unexploded Ordnance
    • You’ll see barrels throughout the area you are fighting, frozen in ice. The ice takes 99% reduces damage, so you can’t kill them
      • You get 3 barrels, and they always spawn in the same place
    • However, the Flagship’s Broadside ability breaks this ice
    • Once ice is broken, the barrels becomes targetable. Killing the barrel ignites it, removing Chilling Touch stacks from all players within 20 yards and applying Warmth for 8s
      • Warmth grants immunity to Chilling Touch stacks
    • 15s after igniting, barrel will explode, dealing 140k Fire damage to anyone within 20 yards and knocking them back
Jaina Abilities
  • Ice Shard - same as p1
  • Avalanche - same as P1, but only targets active tank and has a follow up
    • After impact, small slow-moving blue lines will emanate outwards from the impact point, dealing 43k Frost damage to anyone hit, and rooting for 8s. Anyone hit also gains 1 stack of Chilling Touch per second rooted
    • Root debuff can be dispelled
  • Glacial Ray
    • Thin frontal cone ability, channeled for 2.5s, ticks every 0.5s, deals 43k Frost damage per tick
    • This rotates very slightly during the cast, so be aware of that
    • Cast every minute
  • Icefall
    • Jaina calls down an ice comet from the sky, dealing 350k Frost damage to anyone hit
      • Targeted at a random edge of the room
      • Visual is a bright White/Blue targeting circle on the ground, with an arrow pointing towards the middle of the room
    • Also shoots out smaller comets from impact point in a straight line across the room the direction of the arrow, dealing 61k Frost damage to anyone hit and leaving Arctic Ground patches
    • Cast every 45s
P2 Strategy
  • Tanks will need to regularly be moving Jaina around the room, positioned near an Unexploded Ordnance, roughly 10 yards from a barrel
    • This makes it easy for Broadside targets to ensure one gets hit, but without nuking the raid from a Broadside
    • Remember to have the raid shift out before the barrel explodes
    • Also make sure to stay clear of the thicker, brighter ice patches on the ground
  • Raid should be standing relatively close to Jaina. No more than about 7 yards away.
  • If your stacks ever get too high, and you’re about to be frozen, run into melee range
  • You should NOT use Broadside to hit a Barrel every cast of Broadside. 
    • Broadside is cast too frequently, you'll run out of Barrels long before it's possible to push Jaina out of Phase 2
    • Instead, use Broadside to hit a Barrel every SECOND cast. 
  • Tanks continue swapping like Phase 1
  • Siegebreaker Blast target GTFO
  • Broadside targets 3 at a time. Depending which # cast this is, you either need all three players to move away, or two players move away with the 3rd standing on the assigned Barrel
    • After Ice on a barrel is broken, swap to barrel and kill it ASAP
    • Make sure to stand in the circle to gain Warmth buff as long as possible
  • Avalanche is always targeted at the active tank. You should drop off swirlies along the edge of the room
  • Dodge Glacial Ray, watch out for the slight rotation
  • Watch for Icefall, not just the initial impact but also the secondary comets shooting outwards from the direction of the arrow
  • Do not get yourself frozen from stacks. Avoid standing in thicker ice patches to keep your rate of Chilling Touch stack gain low, and make sure to clear them every time a barrel is available
    • Break out anyone who does get frozen into an ice block ASAP or they’ll die
  • Phase ends at 30%
  • Notes for graphic below:
    • Orange is an example location to drop Avalanche. Always drop it near the edge of the room, preferably where the raid has already moved away from
    • Move Jaina around the room as necessary to avoid mechanics. The arrows are an example of moving around to the Unexploded Ordinances. You may or may not be able to go this direction, there's some RNG involved in where Arctic Ground ends up.

Intermission 2
  • Flash Freeze
    • Jaina begins freezing everything, with a patch of thick ice expanding outwards from her, covering everything.
    • Whole raid gets an extra stack of Chilling Touch every 15s
    • Standing in the frozen zone instantly freezes you into an ice block for 30s
    • At the end of the channel, anyone frozen instantly dies
  • To avoid dying to Flash Freeze, players need to leave the encounter room
    • Fortunately, an Ice Wall can now be targeted and attacked in the North East corner of the area
    • This wall has very high HP, recommend using Blood Lust and any offensive CDs available to kill it
    • After wall dies, everyone needs to move into the area behind the wall
  • Within this new area, you'll see two important NPCs
    • First, is Jaina's Tide Elemental, which you need to kill
    • Second is Nathanos, entombed in an ice block. You'll need to free him to end Jaina's cast of Flash Freeze.
      • Do NOT break out Nathanos right away. Explained below.
  • Jaina's Tide Elemental
    • Must be killed ASAP, and should be killed about the same time as you free Nathanos.
    • Casts several abilities that need to be properly dealt with, all of which continue dealing Chilling Touch stacks
    • Heart of Frost
      • Places a shard of ice on a random player. After a short time, this player explodes and deals frost damage to anyone near them, dealing 21k Frost damage
    • Water Bolt Volley
      • AoE ability, hits whole raid with frostbolts. Can and MUST be interrupted. Otherwise, deals 61k Frost to everyone 
    • Frost Nova
      • Upon reaching 100 energy, the Tide Elemental casts Frost Nova, freezing everyone within 12 yards in place for 8s and dealing 12k Frost to anyone hit. 
      • Simple to avoid, just move away when it's about to cast. Note - this is an instant cast, so pre-move before 100 energy
  • While fighting the Elemental, free anyone that gets frozen into an Ice Block
  • When Elemental is low, shift focus and free Nathanos from his ice block. Try to free him about the same time as the Elemental dies
    • Once you free Nathanos, he'll go and attack Jaina 3 seconds later, interrupting her Flash Freeze ability
    • This pisses Jaina off, causing her to cast Arcane Barrage
    • This DOES need to be done before the Tide Elemental dies, though, as the Flash Freeze can reach and cover this side area
  • Arcane Barrage
    • Jaina channels power into her flying boat. The boat begins constantly throwing Arcane bolts at the ground, shown by swirlies on the ground
    • Swirlies deal 94k Arcane damage to anyone hit, and knocks them back
    • This ability is interruptible, and upon being interrupted, Intermission 2 ends and Phase 3 begins
    • Raid must move quickly to get back into the encounter area where Jaina is, while dodging every swirly so as not to get hit and knocked back
  • If you release Nathanos much earlier than you kill the Tide Elemental, Jaina still begins casting Arcane Barrage, meaning you'd need to deal with that AND the Elemental. Although you WILL need to release Nathanos before the Tide Elemental dies, in order to interrupt Flash Freeze before it covers the side area, you should delay this as long as possible. .

Phase 3
  • Proudmoore Flagship continues its abilities from phase 2
  • You’re fighting in the same place as p2, so ground is still ice, and all frost spells still create Arctic Ground
  • Ice Shard, Glacial Ray, and Icefall all remain and work exactly like p2
  • Crystalline Dust
    • Frontal cone on the active tank, deals 120k Frost damage
    • Face away from raid
  • Orb of Frost
    • Jaina launches a Frost Orb toward a random player. Touching the orb deals 8700 Frost damage, and removes 1 charge from it
    • When the orb reaches its target, or runs out of charges, it explodes, dealing 43k Frost damage to the raid, and applying stacks of Chilling Touch
    • The more charges left, the more stacks are applied
  • Shattering Lance
    • Every time someone gets frozen, Jaina forms a Shattering Lance. After about 3s, ice lance shoots at the frozen player, dealing 35k Frost damage to anyone hit.
    • Deals triple damage to frozen players, or 105k Frost damage
  • Prismatic Image
    • Jaina creates a mirror image of herself, which begins casting several of her Frost abilities
    • Must kill image
    • Image respawns about 40s after it dies
P3 Strategy
  • Phase 3 is a race to the finish. With no barrels left, you have no way to prevent people from being frozen. Instead, you’ll need to focus DPS on breaking out ice blocks ASAP
    • Since every player will get frozen into an ice block at some point during phase 3, you should attempt to stagger when people are frozen
    • Easiest way to do this is assigning players to intentionally get frozen using the Arctic Ground. 
    • You can either assign a handful of people to get frozen first, or even set up 3 groups to take turns being frozen. Whichever works best for your group.
  • Alternative Lust Timing
    • Instead of using Lust on the Ice Wall for the second transition, you can save it for Phase 3
    • Jaina will still Ice Block immediately, so you cannot use Lust to kill her
    • However, you can utilize this pause in the fight to clear players out of Ice Blocks if you fall behind
  • No real positioning requirement or recommendations except keeping Jaina relatively close to a wall, and everyone staying relatively close to Jaina. No more than 7 yards away.
    • You’ll need to move her around the room to keep clear of Arctic Ground
  • You’ll want to soak all the charges out of the Orb of Frost, to minimize stacks given to the raid when it explodes
  • Send 2-3 people to run with the Orb
  • Continue handling Ice Shard, Glacial Ray, and Icefall as you did in p2
  • Broadside targets should just try to get out of the raid
  • Siegebreaker Blast target needs to get as far out as possible
  • When someone gets frozen, and Jaina creates a Shattering Lance, focus fire that Ice Block as quickly as possible to prevent the frozen player from dying
  • Tanks need to face Jaina away from raid to prevent anyone else being hit by Crystalline Dust
  • Kill Prismatic Image asap
  • Chilling Touch stacks whenever you take damage from a Frost ability. At 20 stacks, you freeze.
  • If you lust, Jaina Ice Blocks for 20 seconds to screw you. Don't lust while fighting Jaina
  • Phase 1
    • Tank Jaina at the back of the boat
      • Tank swap at 10-14 stacks
      • When no longer tanking, run over fire on ground to clear stacks
    • Assign 1-2 people per side to click siege weapons. Click whenever Marine boat is on your side
    • Don't stand in fire on ground, dodge red circles
      • Exception - RUN THROUGH FIRE if you have more than 10 stacks
    • If affected by Avalanche, run over the fire on the ground. Prioritize running over siege weapons to douse them
    • Kill adds
    • Ranged DPS pick up barrels & throw them over the edge
    • Dodge Freezing Blast
    • Run 30 yards away during Ring of Ice, and stand in Searing Pitch
    • Jaina uses Lust at 70% HP, use defensive raid CDs if necessary
  • Intermission 1
    • Follow path of ice
    • Dodge small ice shards and tornados
    • Find Jaina and interrupt her cast
      • Hunters can Track Humanoid, DH can Spectral Sight
  • Phase 2
    • All players start gaining Chilling Touch stacks, 1 per 5s
    • Broadside- 3 players marked, get shot at by flying boat. Move away, don't hit raid
    • 3 Unexploded Ordinance barrels around the room frozen in ice.
      • Every 2nd cast of Broadside, one targeted player needs to stand near assigned Ordinance
      • Kill ice ASAP after Bombard hits it
      • When Barrel ignites, raid should stack on it
      • Clears Chilling Touch, plus makes you immune for 8s
    • Siegebreaker Blast - 1 player marked, massive AoE damage ability, but damage falls off with range. Marked player GTFO
    • Many of Jaina's abilities create patches of Arctic Ground
      • Standing in this gives you Chilling Touch stacks very fast. This is bad. Don't do this.
    • Dodge Glacial Ray
    • Do NOT stand in white targeting circle of Icefall, you'll die
      • Dodge line of Arctic Ground that shoots from impact point
    • Tanks continue swapping for Ice Shards based on stacks
      • Move Jaina to remain safe from Arctic Ground, and be near an Unexploded Ordinance for every 2nd Broadside
    • Tank with Avalanche should drop gunk at edge of room
    • Break out anyone who gets frozen into an Ice Block
    • Phase ends at 30% HP
  • Intermission 2
    • GTFO the big room you're in for P2 or you get frozen and die
    • Run back to where you entered this room from. you'll see an Ice Wall you can target
      • Lust and kill this wall ASAP, then run through where wall was
    • In the side area, Kill Jaina's Tide Elemental 
      • Heart of Frost player GTFO, rest of raid dodge the little ice shards
      • Water Bolt Volley MUST be interrupted
      • at 100 energy, casts Frost Nova. Everyone within 12 yards is frozen to the ground for 8s. 
        • GTFO before energy hits 100
    • Kill the Ice Block in this side area before Flash Freeze reaches you
      • Releases Nathanos
      • Nathanos interrupts Jaina
      • Once this happens, run back to the main encounter area from Phase 2
      • Dodge purple shit on your way back
      • Interrupt Jaina's cast ASAP. This starts P3
  • Phase 3
    • Jaina retains almost all abilities from P2, except Avalanche
    • Several new abilities
      • Crystalline Dust - frontal cone ability, tanks just face her away from raid
      • Orb of Frost - Jaina throws this at a random target, has a set amount of charges
        • When it reaches the set location, explodes and gives whole raid stacks of Chilling Touch.
        • Stacks based on how many charges the Orb has remaining
        • Charges reduced by players running into Orb before it reaches its destination
        • Assign 2-3 people to just run with the Orb
      • Shattering Lance
        • When someone gets frozen into an ice Block, Jaina creates an Ice Lance. After a delay, Lance shoots at frozen person. 
        • Deals 35k to anyone between Lance and Target
        • Deals 105k to anyone hit that's in an Ice Block
        • Must break out targeted Ice Block ASAP
      • Prismatic Image
        • Jaina makes a Mirror Image of herself, it uses several of her abilities.
        • Kill this thing ASAP before it kills you
    • Your raid does not have any way to clear Chilling Touch stacks in this phase. Therefore, every player will get frozen into an Ice Block at some point
      • Recommended to stagger when people get frozen. Assign a group of people to get frozen first, or break the raid into groups that will all get frozen together
      • When the assigned people are supposed to get frozen, they can run into Arctic Ground to gain stacks quickly
      • Kill the Ice Blocks ASAP to break the frozen players out so they don't die
        • Unless there's that one person in the raid you really want to see die....
      • Alternative Lust Timing
        • Instead of using Lust on the Ice Wall for the second transition, you can save it for Phase 3
        • Jaina will still Ice Block immediately, so you cannot use Lust to kill her
        • However, you can utilize this pause in the fight to clear players out of Ice Blocks if you fall behind
    • Tanks continue swapping based on stacks. Move Jaina around the room as necessary to give everyone safe spaces to stand that aren't covered in Arctic Ground
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