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Limit's BoD Quick Reference Sheet
Hey everyone! I've gotten several requests for a 1-page, TLDR style summary of all 9 fights in one place, so here it is! Below, you can find the TLDR section from each encounter, along with the positioning graphics for each. Thanks!

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Champion of the Light
Jadefire Masters
Conclave of the Chosen
Stormwall Blockade
Jaina Proudmoore

Champion of the Light
Paladin boss + adds. Keep separate about 15 yards. Ranged/healers should be stacked out of the direct line between boss & adds. DPS nuke boss during Seal of Retribution phase. Assign 2-3 melee to adds during this phase for interrupts/aoe on them. When one add gets empowered, all DPS swap and kill. DPS all swap and kill adds during Seal of Reckoning asap. Whole raid must face away from Crusader add when he casts Blinding Faith. Lust at 30%.
Healers - use CD’s during Reckoning, keep everyone alive through large AoE raid nuke. Increased steady raid damage during Retribution.
Tanks - Swap off boss at 4-6 stacks of Sacred Blade. If tanking adds, move them to dodge Wave of Light from hitting adds, and to move out of Consecration. Use defensive CDs if tanking boss during Reckoning. Crusader add deals relatively heavy holy damage. Boss hits much harder later in fight.


Giant ape. Kill ape. Kill robots when they spawn. Assign 1 person to pick up glowing orb when ape is between 50-74 Rage, then click extra action button between 65-70, causing Tantrum. Make sure Shattered falls off before causing next Tantrum. 2 groups of melee, one on each foot. Reverberating Slam, targeting group move out of circle, then move back. Ranged and healers stack, move when Missile lands. Either put Raid markers down to move to, or mark someone’s head and follow the leader. Ferocious Roar, ensure you’re standing next to someone or you get feared. If marked as target for Bestial Throw, move to side of room.
Healers - use CDs if Tantrum occurs with more than 75 Rage.
Tanks - 4 ability combo on tanks. Taunt after either 2nd or 3rd ability, whenever an ability is cast for a second occurrence. 4th ability throws you at a random person.

Jadefire Masters:
2 boss fight, no shared HP pool. Always have Monk’s HP lower, assign 1 extra dps to this boss. Raid loosely stacked, no more than 6 yards from bosses. Stack bosses as much as possible. Kill Tiger when spawns asap, if on you, move away from raid. All DPS swap mage during Pyroblast, break shield then interrupt. Assign people to soak Magma Traps that can survive large falls, ie Demon Hunters. 30 Power - Living Bombs, have bosses standing on one spawn point, everyone stand in mist, kill bombs one by one as a group. Use healing CDs. 60 power - Maze of Ring of Peace, work way across maze, kill weak spot in ice wall. Don’t get hit by swirlies. Bring Force Orbs to make more weak spots. 100 power - Monk turns into Dragon, Mage turns into Phoenix. Lust. Raid stacked in middle of room. Dragon needs to be slowly kited in circle around raid, always facing away. When you get knocked into air, face your character at the glowing side of the 6 sided grid. After 4 hits, you go back down, keep nuking.
Healers - dispel Searing Embers. Use healing CDs during Living Bomb phase, and rotate CDs during burn phase.
Tanks - Multi-sided strike, when thrown in air, face character toward glowing side. After 4 hits, you come back down. Tank swap when you land. If tanking Monk, use movement speed abilities to hit him ASAP after casting Whirling Jade Storm. Keep bosses stacked as much as possible. Position bosses on a set Living Bomb spawn point when close to 30 power. If tanking Dragon when 100 Power, slowly kite in circle around the raid.


Split raid into two groups, one left one right. Go down assigned hallways, kill mini-bosses. Dodge fire lazers, fire eyebeams, fire on ground, frontal cone smash, frontal cone fire (right side) and run to a wall with electric debuff (left). 4th room healers need to use a CD, big raid damage. 7th room, pick a gem. 1 healer per side take Amethyst, other healers take Sapphire. 2 DPS per side take Topaz, 1 DPS per side take Ruby. Rest of DPS take Opal. When mini-bosses die, attack main boss. Stack in melee. Liquid gold debuff, get to edge of room, then get back into melee. Spirit of Gold adds stun when they spawn, AoE nuke asap. Don’t stand in swirlies.
Lust either when you pull Opulence, 30s after pulling Opulence, or 1 minute 30s after pulling Opulence. The longer you wait, the higher potential damage from Lust is, but higher likelyhood of having people dead. Risk v reward. What works for you will differ from group to group.
Healers - Amethyst healers must ensure 100% uptime on Shadow buff to whole raid. Pop CDs during Wailing Greed, starting on 3rd cast.
Tanks - alternate soaking hits of Coin Sweep, based on who’s gem shield is up, ensure use of AM.


Conclave of the Chosen

2 bosses at a time, no shared HP, when one dies other heals to full. Keep 10 yards apart. Pick one to kill at a time. When one boss dies, pop a raid healing CD. Spread for Kimbul’s Wrath, Kragwa’s jumps, and when little raptors are chasing people. When giant bird comes, stand in safe circle under him. When you have blue glowing under you, get to side of room, then dodge orbs. Move away from Aspect of Akunda when circle appears under him. Lust while killing 3rd aspect. If you have more than one mage - kill Pa’ku third. Allow mages to Spellsteal Gift of the Wind whenever possible. Let your mages be happy!
Healers - dispel “Mind Wipe” asap, anyone with offensive dispels needs to clear “Gift of the Wild” asap.
Tanks - Need a tank swap on Aspect of Pa’ku, after about 25-35 stacks. Pro Tip - You can have a DH taunt Aspect of Pa'ku and use Blade Dance to dodge his first swing. This resets Pa'ku's stacks, making you not need a tank swap.
Need swap on Kimbul's Aspect at 2 stacks of Lacerating Claws.

P1 Nuke adds, tank everything together. Stack together, stay within 4 yards of the tanks to split meteor-style mechanic damage. Kill totem ASAP. Person with lazer needs to run out and kite. Tank run out with Scorching Detonation. Dodge Toads.Kill Roka off to a side, not the middle of the room. You’ll like this for p3.
P2 Tank Bwonsamdi far away to a side, send healer with the tank. Everyone else on Rastakhan. Tank on Rastakhan, run to Bwonsamdi during Scorching Detonation and tank swap. Raid stay spread for Plague of Fire aids, don’t want to chain spread this. Kill totem ASAP. Dodge toads. Death’s Door targets, drop on Bwonsamdi’s side of room.
P3 Half of raid closest to Bwonsamdi goes to death realm to kill him. Do not send a tank. Send as many DPS as possible, with just enough healers to keep them alive. In death realm, lust & nuke Bwonsamdi to 50% ASAP. Dodge Dread Reaping circles on ground, they move. Run away from Bwonsamdi during Inevitable End. Run over Death Rift at 8-10 stacks of debuff. In living phase, stay spread for Plague of Fire. Tank run away with Scorching Detonation. Kill totem ASAP. Living phase gets 3 adds - Root Rage add, stack the other 2 on Rastakhan. Rage add spawns wherever Roka died, so Roka dying on the side is a big help for rooting him. Kill Retribution first. After Retribution and Slaughter die, kill Rage. Soak the Seal of Bwonsamdi circles. Tank swap Rage add after Necrotic Smash. Targeted player interrupt Slaughter add during cast.
P4 kill any adds still alive. Tank swap from Caress of Death. Dodge toads. Spread for Plague of Fire aids. Don’t run over Death Rifts. Dodge Dread Reaping circles. There’s a freaking lot of Dread Reaping circles, seriously watch your feet. Don’t die to Inevitable End.


P1 & p3 - Tank swap at 3-5 stacks. Dodge balls of lightning when he turns and casts Buster Cannon. Stay out of target circles on ground. Gigavolt Charge people need to GTFO and hide out of LoS. Don’t step on small people. Spark Bot mini-game by shrunk people must be done properly. Keep coms clear for these people to coordinate. Keep Spark Bots rooted the entire time they’re targetable, and use grips and knockbacks to get them out of the middle of the room.
P2 - 40% HP. Stay away from Exploding Sheep. Dodge the fire balls moving through the room. Don’t step on small people. Gigavolt Charge people still need to GTFO and hide.
P3 This gets incredibly hellish and hectic. Boss attacks 30% faster, zaps the raid for damage every 3s, and summons Spark Bots much faster. You will have too many Spark Bots to clear. Shrunk players should prioritize Bots with the highest amount of Wind Up stacks. Keep targetable Spark Bots rooted. Exploding Sheep continue spawning, continue moving away from them and dodging the shrapnel. Lust at the beginning of this phase.

Stormwall Blockade

Start on boats. Don’t get hit by shit on the ground. Kill Sirens when they spawn. Drag debuffs to the edges. Interrupt their cast after you pop bubble. Push bosses to 50% at the same time. They swap boats. Kill them at the same time.After they both die, you fight big boss. Tank swap at 6 stacks for debuff. Debuff expiring makes all players and Storm Eles nearby take extra damage. Stay spread at least 4 yards, and stay at least 5-7 yards from the tanks. Don’t stand in gunk on the ground. Player debuffed with Storm’s Wail run over as much gunk on ground as you can, and drop debuff in the back. Everyone kill add. Have people run over electric orb after a few seconds, repeating the Storm’s Wail debuff. Have people soak Ire of the Deep.

Jaina Proudmoore
  • Chilling Touch stacks whenever you take damage from a Frost ability. At 20 stacks, you freeze.
  • If you lust, Jaina Ice Blocks for 20 seconds to screw you. Don't lust while fighting Jaina
  • Phase 1
    • Tank Jaina at the back of the boat
      • Tank swap at 10-14 stacks
      • When no longer tanking, run over fire on ground to clear stacks
    • Assign 1-2 people per side to click siege weapons. Click whenever Marine boat is on your side
    • Don't stand in fire on ground, dodge red circles
      • Exception - RUN THROUGH FIRE if you have more than 10 stacks
    • If affected by Avalanche, run over the fire on the ground. Prioritize running over siege weapons to douse them
    • Kill adds
    • Ranged DPS pick up barrels & throw them over the edge
    • Dodge Freezing Blast
    • Run 30 yards away during Ring of Ice, and stand in Searing Pitch
    • Jaina uses Lust at 70% HP, use defensive raid CDs if necessary
  • Intermission 1
    • Follow path of ice
    • Dodge small ice shards and tornados
    • Find Jaina and interrupt her cast
      • Hunters can Track Humanoid, DH can Spectral Sight
  • Phase 2
    • All players start gaining Chilling Touch stacks, 1 per 5s
    • Broadside- 3 players marked, get shot at by flying boat. Move away, don't hit raid
    • 3 Unexploded Ordinance barrels around the room frozen in ice.
      • Every 2nd cast of Broadside, one targeted player needs to stand near assigned Ordinance
      • Kill ice ASAP after Bombard hits it
      • When Barrel ignites, raid should stack on it
      • Clears Chilling Touch, plus makes you immune for 8s
    • Siegebreaker Blast - 1 player marked, massive AoE damage ability, but damage falls off with range. Marked player GTFO
    • Many of Jaina's abilities create patches of Arctic Ground
      • Standing in this gives you Chilling Touch stacks very fast. This is bad. Don't do this.
    • Dodge Glacial Ray
    • Do NOT stand in white targeting circle of Icefall, you'll die
      • Dodge line of Arctic Ground that shoots from impact point
    • Tanks continue swapping for Ice Shards based on stacks
      • Move Jaina to remain safe from Arctic Ground, and be near an Unexploded Ordinance for every 2nd Broadside
    • Tank with Avalanche should drop gunk at edge of room
    • Break out anyone who gets frozen into an Ice Block
    • Phase ends at 30% HP
  • Intermission 2
    • GTFO the big room you're in for P2 or you get frozen and die
    • Run back to where you entered this room from. you'll see an Ice Wall you can target
      • Lust and kill this wall ASAP, then run through where wall was
    • In the side area, Kill Jaina's Tide Elemental 
      • Heart of Frost player GTFO, rest of raid dodge the little ice shards
      • Water Bolt Volley MUST be interrupted
      • at 100 energy, casts Frost Nova. Everyone within 12 yards is frozen to the ground for 8s. 
        • GTFO before energy hits 100
    • Kill the Ice Block in this side area before Flash Freeze reaches you
      • Releases Nathanos
      • Nathanos interrupts Jaina
      • Once this happens, run back to the main encounter area from Phase 2
      • Dodge purple shit on your way back
      • Interrupt Jaina's cast ASAP. This starts P3
  • Phase 3
    • Jaina retains almost all abilities from P2, except Avalanche
    • Several new abilities
      • Crystalline Dust - frontal cone ability, tanks just face her away from raid
      • Orb of Frost - Jaina throws this at a random target, has a set amount of charges
        • When it reaches the set location, explodes and gives whole raid stacks of Chilling Touch.
        • Stacks based on how many charges the Orb has remaining
        • Charges reduced by players running into Orb before it reaches its destination
        • Assign 2-3 people to just run with the Orb
      • Shattering Lance
        • When someone gets frozen into an ice Block, Jaina creates an Ice Lance. After a delay, Lance shoots at frozen person. 
        • Deals 35k to anyone between Lance and Target
        • Deals 105k to anyone hit that's in an Ice Block
        • Must break out targeted Ice Block ASAP
      • Prismatic Image
        • Jaina makes a Mirror Image of herself, it uses several of her abilities.
        • Kill this thing ASAP before it kills you
    • Your raid does not have any way to clear Chilling Touch stacks in this phase. Therefore, every player will get frozen into an Ice Block at some point
      • Recommended to stagger when people get frozen. Assign a group of people to get frozen first, or break the raid into groups that will all get frozen together
      • When the assigned people are supposed to get frozen, they can run into Arctic Ground to gain stacks quickly
      • Kill the Ice Blocks ASAP to break the frozen players out so they don't die
        • Unless there's that one person in the raid you really want to see die....
      • Alternative Lust Timing
        • Instead of using Lust on the Ice Wall for the second transition, you can save it for Phase 3
        • Jaina will still Ice Block immediately, so you cannot use Lust to kill her
        • However, you can utilize this pause in the fight to clear players out of Ice Blocks if you fall behind
    • Tanks continue swapping based on stacks. Move Jaina around the room as necessary to give everyone safe spaces to stand that aren't covered in Arctic Ground

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