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Mekkatorque Raid Guide

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Mythic Changes and Strategy
Three phase fight, although phases 1 and 3 are essentially the same thing.
Phase 1&3 shared abilities
  • Electroshock Strikes
    • Mekkatorque’s melee attacks deal an extra 21k Nature damage
    • Increases in damage by 15% for each consecutive melee against the same tank
    • Basic tank swap mechanic, probably taunt at about 3-5 stacks
  • Buster Cannon
    • Casted ability, shoots a large blue electric ball from his arm cannon
    • Anyone hit takes 140k Nature damage, plus a debuff
      • 26k Nature damage per second for 8s. Also reduces haste by 100% for the duration
  • Heavy Thrusters
    • Blast Off
      • Jumps into air. Deals 113k Fire damage to anyone within 10 yards
    • Crash Down
      • Deals 38k Physical to everyone
      • Also deals 350k Physical to anyone within 12 yards of where he lands
  • Gigavolt Charge
    • Debuffs a player, making them take 6k Nature damage per second for 15s
      • When it expires, detonates Gigavolt Blast
      • Deals 22k Nature damage, plus an additional 17.5k Nature damage every 2s for 30s to anyone within Line of Sight of the target
      • You must hide out of LoS of the raid. You can use rock piles, building structures, w/e. Just hide.
  • Wormhole Generator
    • Teleports the whole raid to the location of one random player
  • Deploy Spark Bot & World Enlarger
    • A spark bot is dropped from a mini helicopter directly on top of Mekkatorque, roughly every 20 seconds.
    • After the third Spark Bot is dropped, Mekkatorque casts World Enlarger, applying Shrunk to three people.
      • Spark Bots take 99% reduced damage
      • The Shrunk players deal 99% reduced damage
        • These players can also be stepped on by other members of the raid, dealing 104k Physical damage to them
    • The Spark Bot casts Spark Pulse, deals 57k Nature damage within an 8 yard radius, and stuns anyone hit for 1.5s
      • Also launches a Spark Volley that hits several random people for 22k nature damage
    • Wind Up
      • Increases movement speed and Haste of the Bot by 20% per stack
    • The three Shrunk players must run to the Spark Bots and enter them to tinker with them
      • These players must do a mini-game to kill the Spark Bot
      • Basically, Players 1, 2, and 3 must each enter a different Spark Bot
      • Upon entering, the players will have their action bar replaced with shutdown code buttons
      • Each player in a Bot will see a shutdown code icon above both other Spark Bots
        • The Icon above a Spark Bot that appears is the correct button for the player in that Spark Bot
        • Nobody in the raid can see this code except for the people in Spark Bots. You can NOT see your own code Icon
        • These three players must work together to communicate the correct Icons to the correct players.
      • After entering 3 correct buttons, the Bots shut down and die
      • If you make a mistake, the Bot will shock you, dealing 105k Nature damage every 3s for 12s. Basically, you die.
Phase 1 Strategy
  • Tanks must swap when the stacks from Electroshock Strikes gets too high. Probably 3-5 stacks
  • Make sure to dodge Buster Cannons, get away from the boss when he casts Blast Off, and get out of the landing circle for Crash Down
  • Gigavolt Charge target must find a safe place to hide so they don’t nuke the raid. Anything that breaks LoS will work - buildings, walls, rocks
  • Wormhole Generator often overlaps with Gigavolt Charge debuffs being active on several players. Recommend stacking the raid in the middle of the room right before Wormhole Generator is cast
    • This makes it easier for the Gigavolt Charge debuffed players to spread out and get out of LoS.
  • When a Spark Bot spawns, use either a knockback or a grip to position them off to the side. You don’t want these bots in the middle of the room if you can help it.
    • Root the Spark Bots in place, so they don’t run around and cause chaos from people trying to avoid the AoE circles.
  • Spark Bots must be properly taken care of by the Shrunk players.
    • Try to keep coms clear during this, so the three Shrunk players can communicate properly
    • Important to note - you WILL have a new Spark Bot spawn while the current Shrunk team is still working to clear their group of Spark Bots. Just ensure you’re keeping any targetable Spark Bots rooted.
  • Phase 1 ends at 40% HP on Mekkatorque
Phase 2 - Evasive Maneuvers
  • Mekkatorque flies into the air, and starts raining hell onto the raid for 50 seconds
  • Signal Exploding Sheep
    • Throws Exploding freaking Sheep at the raid every 16s while he’s in the air
    • Sheep explode after a few seconds, dealing 350k Fire damage to anyone within 8 yards
    • Also shoots Shrapnel out from the center explosion. Deals 57k Fire damage, plus a 26k/2s for 10s Fire damage DoT, which stacks
      • Shrapnel basically look like Aggramarsquo;s fire waves
      • Just watch your feet and dodge these
  • Gigavolt Charge and World Enlarger continue being cast in this phase. Make sure Charged people get out and hide somewhere, and everyone needs to be careful not to step on Shrunk players
  • May be helpful for your guild to have an assigned, marked stack point for Shrunk people. All Shrunk people during Phase 2 would stack at that point, making it easier for the rest of the raid to avoid stepping on them
  • You will have Spark Bots still up in this phase. Shrunk people should continue working together to clear these out. Because you’ll have extra people Shrunk during this phase, you should be able to clean up all Spark Bots and enter Phase 3 without any up.
Phase 3
  • P3 begins after 50s of p2. Mekkatorque returns to the ground, and does exactly the same things as what happened in p1, except he gains the Hyperdrive buff AND continues calling in Explosive Sheep
    • Increases attack speed by 30%, increases the rate of Spark Bot spawns, and periodically zaps several players with Hyperdrive Discharge, dealing 10k Nature damage
  • P3 strategy is roughly the same as p1, but it’s a lot more damage overall, much more going on, and significantly more hellish
    • Tanks need to be careful watching stacks and taunting properly, as the Electroshock stacks can get out of hand much more quickly
    • Healers should save CDs for this phase
    • Lust this phase
  • You will have more Spark Bots spawning during Phase 3 than you can possibly clear. You’ll need to coordinate Root abilities on these Bots to prevent them from just running wild all around the area and screwing with your raid.
    • The Shrunk players should prioritize getting in the Bots with the highest number of Wind Up stacks


P1 & p3 - Tank swap at 3-5 stacks. Dodge balls of lightning when he turns and casts Buster Cannon. Stay out of target circles on ground. Gigavolt Charge people need to GTFO and hide out of LoS. Don’t step on small people. Spark Bot mini-game by shrunk people must be done properly. Keep coms clear for these people to coordinate. Keep Spark Bots rooted the entire time they’re targetable, and use grips and knockbacks to get them out of the middle of the room.
P2 - 40% HP. Stay away from Exploding Sheep. Dodge the fire balls moving through the room. Don’t step on small people. Gigavolt Charge people still need to GTFO and hide.
P3 This gets incredibly hellish and hectic. Boss attacks 30% faster, zaps the raid for damage every 3s, and summons Spark Bots much faster. You will have too many Spark Bots to clear. Shrunk players should prioritize Bots with the highest amount of Wind Up stacks. Keep targetable Spark Bots rooted. Exploding Sheep continue spawning, continue moving away from them and dodging the shrapnel. Lust at the beginning of this phase. Top
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