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Mythic Blockade
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Changes
  • Spawn of Laminaria
    • One spawns at the side of each boat
    • 20s into the fight, then every 20s after that, casts Sea Swell on the Boats
  • Laminaria Phase
    • Brother Joseph and Sister Kathering contribute their abilities during Laminaria phase
    • Tempting Sirens continue to spawn during this phase, two in quick succession at a time, every 44s, first 58s after phase starts
    • Voltaic Flashes continue occurring in this phase, every 44s, first 32s after phase
    • Jolting Volley continues being cast, every 44s, first cast 25s after phase starts
    • Tidal Volley continues being cast, every 44s, first cast 47s after phase
    • Sea Swell every 16-20s
  • Freezing Tidepools
    • These remove 1 stack of the Kelp debuff from adds per second if the adds touch a Tidepool
  • Ire of the Deep
    • Now also knocks back anyone soaking. The knockback distance is evenly distributed by everyone soaking

Mythic Strategy
  • Recommended comp - 2 Tanks, 4 heals, 14 DPS. Priority on Ranged DPS and multi-dotters
  • Phase 1
    • Due to the Sea Swell casts occuring on the boats, managing positioning is extremely important
      • The Tidepools themselves don’t deal an excessive amount of damage, so what you’ll want to do is drop each new Tidepool on a previous Tidepool
      • This helps minimize the amount of space taken up by Tidepools
      • Right before the cast occurs, step into an existing pool, and as soon as the swirlie spawns, move back out
      • Two options of where to drop Tidepools, both work
        • First, drop them towards the front of the boat.
          • Benefit here is this leaves the center of the boat open, meaning more overall breathing room
          • Downside is that as the phase goes on, you’ll completely cut off more and more of the boat
        • Second, drop them as close to directly in the center of the boat as you can
          • Benefit here is you can keep it generally more consolidated, and it gives you more room on the edges for Sea Storms
          • Downside is you lose the whole center of the boat, leaving less overall wiggle room to move around.
        • Regardless of Tidepool positioning, as you get later into this phase you’ll want healer CDs used while baiting the new swirlies so you don’t lose anyone
    • When Brother Joseph is on your boat, it’s also important to position the Sea Storms properly
      • Primarily, you also want these dropped to the very front or very back of the boat.
      • These despawn on the second cast following when they’re dropped
      • Try to avoid dropping Sea Storms on the side edges of the boats. That’s where the Sirens spawn, and you don’t want to be blocked from reaching a Siren
    • Storm/Tidal Empowerment
      • Break the shield and interrupt the first cast ASAP
      • Break the 2nd cast’s shield, but don’t kick it. The boss will stop casting at 50% HP to Translocate
      • Ignore the 3rd cast as long as you can. Do not interrupt until the boss reaches 60-64 Energy
      • The reasoning behind this comes down to the difficulty breakdown of the fight. The boat phase, especially later in the boat phase, is much more difficult and dangerous than the Laminaria phase.
        • YES, this WILL make p2 tighter, and require better add management
        • YES, it’s still worth doing
      • While the bosses are casting Empowerment spells, they don’t cast any other abilities. By simply delaying interrupts, you essentially get a break from the mechanics
        • Only mechanic still occurring is Sea Swells, as they’re cast by the Spawn of Laminaria add
      • Esp on the side with Brother Joseph, it helps prevent you from completely running out of room.
    • Healers should rotate CDs as much as possible. Preferably, later into the boat phase, during Sea Swells
  • Phase 2
    • Positioning is also vitally important during P2
    • If you saw early kill videos,with several guilds standing on a corner during this phase to dodge Voltaic Flash and never need to move for it, this has been hotfixed and is no longer doable
      • You must actually perform the mechanic properly now
    • You want to start with the entire melee stacked tightly in a front corner
      • When Sea Swells go out, shift sideways so you don’t get hit
      • This helps minimize the total area that gets covered by Tidepools
    • For Ranged/Healers, you want a Raid Marker grid set up. Every time Sea Swell goes out, you move to the next point on the grid
      • Please see the graphic below
      • 6 points on the grid
      • After Tidepools are cleared, always reposition to a back corner
      • You want to leave a path on one side of the bridge for the Elementals to walk through
        • Remember, if they touch a Tidepool, they lose 1 stack of the Kelp debuff
    • Assign a set order for people to run the Orbs to the back of the room when the Elementals die
      • These people need to ensure their movement speed buffs are available for when they’re assigned
      • Early on in the fight, when you only have 1 Elemental up, it’s viable to have your tanks do this
      • Once you have 2+ Elementals up, it’s better to have DPS grab the orbs. This frees up the tanks to ensure they can properly drop the Kelp debuff off on the adds
    • Keep the adds slowed at all times. HIGHLY recommend you have a frost mage for this.
    • For DPS on the Elementals, everyone should be contributing. Do not hard swap until they start getting near melee range.
      • The idea with the Elementals is to drop them as far in the back of the room as possible, and keep them as slowed as possible
      • Multi-dot classes should keep them dotted, obviously
      • Hit them with any cleave you can
      • Once they get past the furthest point on your Ranged marker grid, start focusing them a bit more
      • Before they hit melee range, hard swap and kill them
      • Tanks should drop their Kelp debuff on them anytime they have 4-5 stacks.
      • Managing exactly WHEN you kill these adds is very important on Mythic. You do NOT want to kill them right away, or you’ll severely reduce your uptime on the boss
      • You want them getting whittled down their whole way to the boss, and killed once they get near him, but before they cast
      • Keeping the adds alive as long as possible means more time DPSing the boss instead of the adds
    • Voltaic Flash
      • Simply needs to be avoided. Generally, being towards the center of the platform makes this easiest for most patterns. Adjust when this ability is about to begin
    • Tempting Sirens
      • Simply need to be nuked down ASAP
      • Remember it’s 2 at a time, spawning right after each other. Again, multi-dotters are amazing here
    • Ire of the Deep
      • Due to the knockback component, these require more coordination and awareness
      • The knockback is based on your position relative to the exact center of the graphic
        • NEVER have yourself positioned between the middle of the graphic and the closest edge of the platform. You CAN get knocked off and die
        • There are several ways to effectively manage dealing with these, use what’s best for your raid
          • Option 1 - A tank soaks every one.
          • Option 2 - Use 2 DHs to soak each one. With 2 DHs they won’t die, and the knockback is rather irrelevant due to DH’s being, well, DHs
          • Option 3 - Use 3-4 people to soak to minimize the knockback
          • All three options should work just fine, use the one that’ll be best for your guild
          • Highly recommend whichever option you go with, you stay consistent. As in, if you select option 3, and have 4 people soak the Ire, ensure it’s the same 4 people each time. This’ll help minimize miscommunications or missed soaks.
  • Lust about 3 minutes after engaging Laminaria. This timing allows for your CDs to be back up after using them immediately upon engaging Laminaria, and will help you clean up any adds you have alive
    • The timing here, to be more specific, is immediately upon killing the 4th set of Sirens
    • By timing out the Sirens, you’ll have the most effective uptime on the boss, and not waste lust having to deal with new Sirens
    • You’ll get your next spawn of Sirens with about 5s left on lust, meaning 35s solid uptime on boss
  • Boss Burn
    • Once the boss hits around 10% HP, based on where adds are, you should hard swap to the boss and ignore any new adds
    • If you have existing adds, unless they just spawned in the very back, kill them
    • Your frost mage should still keep adds slowed
    • Because you won’t be killing the adds, they WILL eventually reach the boss, cast on him, and cause him to reach 100 energy
    • This is simply a DPS race. You kill boss before he insta-kills the raid

Positioning for P2

Below, you'll find an example of the above mentioned "grid" layout of raid markers for Ranged and Healer positioning. Obviously, you can set this up on either side, or change it up if you like. It's only meant as an example to illustrate the point.
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