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Mythic Champion
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Changes:
  • Prayer for the Fallen
    • Causes all adds, living and Fallen, to immediately begin casting a special ability
      • Dead adds come back as attackable “Fallen” mobs and cast the special abilities just like the living adds do
    • Crusaders
      • Divine Mallet
        • Throws out spinning hammers in various directions every 1s for 8s. Hammers deal 95k Holy damage to anyone hit
    • Disciples
      • Angelic Renewal
        • Massive heal, if complete heals the boss to full
        • Interruptible
    • This ability happens on a set timer
      • 0:25, 1:20, 2:10, 3:05, 3:55
  • Seals
    • The boss’s Seal abilities also work slightly differently. On Heroic and below, during Seal of Reckoning, when the last add dies the boss pushes out of the Reckoning phase and back into Seal of Retribution within a few seconds
    • On Mythic, the boss only changes Seals on a set timer. Even during Reckoning, if the adds all die, the boss will remain in Reckoning until she reaches 100 energy
    • Starts on Retribution
      • Seal shifts at 0:55, 1:45, 2:40, 3:30
  • Call to Arms
    • New adds summoned. Cast at 1:50, 3:35. 2 Disciples, 1 Crusader
Mythic Strategy
  • Positioning is the same as Heroic
    • Only caveat is that you want the Crusader adds to die in one spot, and the Disciple adds to die in a slightly different spot
    • This will make it easier to deal with the Prayer for the Fallen
  • Adds
    • Same as Heroic, except during Prayer for the Fallen
    • The Disciples cannot cast Heal on any mobs other than themselves or other Disciples. They can use Penance offensively, but again cannot use it to heal anything except themselves or other Disciples. Don’t worry about these casts getting off.
      • Have Ranged DPS interrupt any of the Disciple casts when possible, but not a necessity or priority
  • Prayer for the Fallen
    • All of the Disciples must be interrupted ASAP. You can NOT let a single one of the Angelic Renewal casts get off or it’s a wipe
      • They are not stunnable
      • Starting with the 3rd cast of Prayer for the Fallen, you’ll have 4 Disciples that need interrupted. The 5th cast, you’ll have 6.
        • Assign set ranged dps to interrupt the Fallen Disciples, and one of the two Living Disciples
          • Have tank interrupt one Living Disciple
          • Note - Several tanks can solo interrupt both living Disciples using their nterrupt and another ability. BDK interrupt + Grip. VDH with Sigil of Silence. BrM with interrupt + RoP. Prot Pally with Avenger’s Shield + Interrupt.
        • Easiest way to do this is assign interrupters a color, and put world markers above the dead Disciples. Have people interrupt their assigned color Fallen Disciple
    • Don’t get hit by the hammers from the Crusaders
  • Info about Seals
    • When Judgement: Righteousness is cast, causing you to enter Seal of Reckoning phase, focus target down the buffed add
    • Then kill the other 2
    • Once all adds are dead, wait for Reckoning to end
      • Because killing the adds doesn’t affect the timing of Seal of Reckoning ending, you will have some time after the adds die before Reckoning ends
        • Hitting boss causes him to build Zealotry stacks
        • Boss gains a max of 1 stack per second
        • Based on your raid’s DPS, it may be best for you to immediately start nuking the boss after adds die, even if he gains stacks. This is the case if you can kill the boss before the second Reckoning ends
        • If your DPS is lacking, and you experience more than two Reckonings, you’ll want to hold off DPS and avoid stacks. Otherwise, you may get your tank killed
        • Make sure healers have CDs available as the boss’s stacks increase, to ensure nobody dies
  • Tanks should swap when the adds die, then swap back as soon as the Boss’s tank’s stacks reset.
  • All other mechanics are same as Heroic, just higher damage numbers
  • Lust on pull
  • Kill boss, gg

  • Positioning same as heroic
    • Try to have Disciples adds die near each other, and Crusader adds away from Disciples
  • At 0:25, 1:20, 2:10, 3:05, 3:55, boss casts Mythic ability Prayer for the Fallen
    • All Disciples, living and Fallen, must have their cast interrupted ASAP
    • Dodge hammers during the boss’s 8s cast
  • Seal of Reckoning no longer ends when the last add dies. Nuke boss anyway after adds die
  • Tanks swap as soon as adds die, then swap back as soon as first tank’s stacks drop
  • Everything else is same as Heroic, just more damage
  • Lust on pull. Kill boss. GG.

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