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Mythic Conclave
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Changes
  • Only 1 new mechanic, Bwonsamdi’s Wrath
    • This is a Curse, not magic, that prevents the affected player from receiving healing
    • Infinite duration, but can be Decursed.
    • After being Decursed, this comes back on another random player 6s later
    • You will get more of these Curses as the fight goes on
    • Cast at 0:57, 1:47, 2:37, 3:27, 4:17, 5:07, 5:57, 6:47
    • The encounter's cast script for this ALWAYS takes priority over any other Loa’s Wrath. The timings listed above are consistent every pull.
    • Generally, you can let the curse stay on the affected player until they need healing. Don’t just Decurse right away.
      • Exception is tanks. Immediately Decurse tanks.
  • All other Loa’s Wrath abilities are amped up a bit
    • Kwag’wa and Kimbul both jump 4 times instead of 3 on heroic
    • Damage of Raptors and Akunda’s Wrath is increased
      • Raptors hit for 130k+ if they reach their target
    • Pa’ku’s Wrath deals increased damage
  • Loa’s Ability Timings
    • Pa’ku’s Wrath
      • 1:10, 2:20, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30
    • Krag’wa’s Wrath
      • 0:30, 1:20, 2:10, 3:00, 3:50, 4:40, 5:30, 6:20
    • Gonk’s Wrath
      • 0:33, 1:33, 2:33, 3:40, 4:40, 5:40, 6:40
    • Kimbul’s Wrath
      • 50 seconds after Kimbul’s Aspect becomes active
      • Then every minute
    • Akunda’s Aspect
      • ~30-35s after Akunda’s Aspect becomes active
      • Then every minute
  • Aspect ability timings
    • Only listing the two important ones that require a dispel
    • Aspect of Gonk
      • Gift of WInd
        • 6s into the fight, then every 33s while he’s alive
    • Aspect of Akunda
      • Mind Wipe
        • 6s after becoming active, then every 30s while he’s active

Mythic Strategy
  • Recommended comp - 2 tank, 5 heals, 13 DPS
    • As you gear up, you’ll be able to drop a healer. Not recommended during progression
  • The overall strategy is largely the same from Heroic, just with everything amped up
    • Recommend you kill aspects in the same order as Heroic
    • Gonk > Kimbul > Pa’ku > Akunda
  • Dispels must go out ASAP for Gift of Wind and Mind Wipe
  • Pre-plan healer CD assignments for Pa’ku’s Wrath. Have 2 CDs per cast. DH’s Darkness counts as a CD
    • If possible, the tank holding the Aspect not currently being killed should try to stand outside during the storm, to give the raid more room. This requires a major defensive CD, an external CD from a healer, or both. Prot Pallies can use Spellwarding to immune all the damage from the storm.
  • Tanks should swap off Pa’ku at about 20 stacks
    • When Kimbul is out, swap every second Lacerating Claws
  • Manage Bwonsamdi’s Wrath curses
    • Don’t dispel these immediately. If they’re on a dps that isn’t taking much damage, you can leave it on them for a while. 30s+ of the curse on a player is fine unless the affected player is going to die
    • It is HIGHLY recommended to dispel all curses at the beginning of a Pa’ku’s wrath, to take advantage of the 6s downtime before the curses affect a new player
    • ALWAYS dispel tanks immediately.
    • By the end of the fight, you’ll have 6-7 of these curses active. This gets very dangerous during Pa’ku’s Wrath. Affected players should utilize immunities when possible.
      • Communicate! If you have the curse, and are going to use a major defensive like Turtle, call it out so nobody wastes a dispel on you at that time
  • Use Lust on either the 3rd or 4th Aspect. Each timing has its own benefit
    • 3rd Aspect is when there’s the most going on, dealing with 2 aspects and all Loa’s Wrath abilities. Lusting to burn down Paku helps you get out of this dangerous point of the fight quickly, and also lines up well with 3 minute CDs
    • 4th Aspect is when there’s the most Bwonsamdi’s Wrath curses out. By the time you begin killing the 4th aspect, you’ll have 5 Curses active, with a 5th coming soon. Because of this, Pa’ku’s Wrath becomes much more dangerous, as you’ll have several members who can’t be healed. Benefit of lusting here is to kill the final aspect ASAP, before people start dropping to overwhelming numbers of the Curse
    • Either timing works, and both ways have been successfully used. Which option works for you depends on your guild and raid leader.

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