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Mythic Grong
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Changes:
  • Apetagonizer 3000
    • On Mythic, two of these adds spawn at a time
    • The Apetagonizer Core debuff, applied when you run over the core, now lasts 60s instead of 20s
  • Megatomic Seeker Missiles now deal much more damage, and the fire pool is much more dangerous
  • Ferocious Roar now deals massive damage
  • Bestial Impact now deals significantly more damage
Mythic Strategy
  • Recommended raid comp
    • 2 tanks, 5-6 healers, 12-13 DPS. There’s a lot of healing on this fight, don’t be scared to 6 heal it
      • If you have multiple Paladins in the raid, the healing requirement falls dramatically. 2+ Paladins, and you should be okay to 5 heal
  • Split the ranged into two groups, and set up 4 world markers in the shape of a diamond, 10 yards apart
    • When Megatomic Missile goes out, whichever ranged group was targeted shifts to the closest marker.
    • Assign one player per ranged group to have a marker over their head and be leader
  • When the Apetagonizer 3000 adds spawn, mark one with Skull, the other with X
    • Skull always closest to boss
    • Melee all swap to skull
    • Ranged all swap to X
    • Interrupt every cast, ensure none ever get through
    • Make sure Grong is >15 yards away from adds when they die, or else he gains 50 Rage instantly. If adds spawn near where you’re tanking Grong, just move him away
  • Whenever the first Apetagonizer 3000 dies, have an assigned person grab the Core immediately
  • Apetagonizer Core
    • You want to always push a tantrum using the core as close to 50 Rage as possible.
    • The aim is to have a Tantrum at 0:55, then about every 60s after that the rest of the fight
    • Healers need to have a CD rotation. You will need to use one major healing CD per Tantrum
    • Generally aim to use the second Core from a set of adds as soon as the boss hits 51 Rage
    • You may need to adjust your timing on killing the second add. The orb on the ground only lasts about 20s before despawning, and the debuff is 60. The player picking up the 2nd orb shouldn't pick it up until after the initial orb's Tantrum ends
    • Make sure to never force a Tantrum if the Shattered debuff hasn’t fallen off yet
  • Important to note, you almost always WILL get a Tantrum over 75 rage at some point in the fight. This is unavoidable. Plan to use 2-3 raid CDs for this. Usually it’ll happen between 3 and 4 minutes, depending on your raid DPS and when you’ve pushed other Tantrums
  • The player holding the Core takes a fair amount of damage, 20k/s for as long as it’s held. Healers need to pay attention to this person and keep them alive
    • If your healers have trouble keeping up the person with the Core, have the Core player not pick it up right away. Delay 15-20s before picking it up. This’ll reduce healer strain
  • Ensure when Ferocious Roar is being cast, you are standing within 3 yards of another player so you don’t get feared
  • Bestial Throw
    • As in heroic, the marked player should get away from the raid to minimize damage taken
    • The tank that gets thrown takes a significant amount of damage. The impact damage is 190k Nature damage. Healers need to be aware of this, and keep the tank topped before the impact
  • Paladin Cheese was hotfixed and no longer works. Leaving this note here because a lot of people had used it.
  • Lust either on pull, or at about 3:05 when 3 minute CDs are back up

This is an example of positioning, meant to illustrate the Ranged world markers. You can tank Grong basically anywhere in the room near a wall, whatever your guild is most comfortable with. Wherever you decide to tank Grong, arrange the Ranged world markers in a similar fashion to this. Also, if adds spawn near Grong, tanks will need to reposition, then move Grong back after adds die.

  • Split ranged into 2 groups
    • Put 4 world markers down for range. Have ranged groups start on different markers
    • Ranged group targeted by Missile move to an open marker
  • 2 Adds spawn per time. Range kill one, melee kill other
  • Core debuff lasts 60s, instead of 20. Zap boss whenever he's above 50
  • Everything deals a LOT more damage. Plan out raid healing CDs for every Tantrum
  • Marked player for Bestial Throw move away from group
  • Other mechanics from H stay the same: Reverberating Slam, Ferocious Roar, Bestial Combo
  • Lust either on pull, or at about 3:05 when 3 minute CDs are back up
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