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Mythic Jadefire Masters
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Changes
  • Multi-Sided Strike now affects the entire raid each cast except the tank that’s holding the Mage, and one random healer
    • 5 images instead of 4
    • Successfully facing the proper images grants a 5% DPS and healing buff for 30s, stacking for each successful image
      • Doing all 5 images properly is a 25% damage and healing buff for 30s
    • Failing an image deals 95k damage
    • The color order is always Blue > Green > Red > Green > Blue
  • 3 Living Bombs now spawn, instead of 2 on heroic
  • During the 60 Power Maze phase, all 4 of the barriers are immune to damage
    • You must bring a Force Orb over to make a Barrier become attackable
    • 4 barriers, 4 Force Orbs available
    • Spirit of Niuzao now chases you slowly through the maze. Just go through the maze quickly and this isn’t a problem
      • If you get hit, deals heavy damage
  • Spirits of Xuen now summons 2 adds at a time, instead of 1
  • Burnout, the AoE from the tank fire DoT falling off, now hits significantly harder

Mythic Strategy
  • Recommended comp - 2 tanks, 13-14 DPS, 4-5 healers. For progression, recommend starting with 5 healers. If you find there’s a lot of overhealing, drop the 5th healer for a DPS
  • Primary DPS target is the Monk, except for otherwise noted situations
    • All DPS should be targeting the Monk, and cleaving onto the Mage
    • You want to kill the Monk as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to deal with both the Dragon and Phoenix for long in the 100 Power phase
  • When Spirits of Xuen spawn, all DPS swap to them, they become #1 priority
    • ONLY exception is to break a Pyroblast shield, if it overlaps
    • Spirits are stunnable and slowable, should be CCd as much as possible
    • Fixated players should stand at least 7 yards from anyone else.
  • Tanks swap at 7-8 stacks of Rising Flames, the stacking debuff from the Mage
  • When Multi-Sided Strike occurs, the tank left down should use a defensive.
    • People affected by the Strike, don’t mess up the Images
  • Magma Traps should be cleared by people with immunities. Paladins with Divine Shield, Prot Pallies with Spellwarding, Hunters with Turtle all work very well
    • When clearing with an immunity, clear as many as you possibly can
  • When the Mage casts Pyroblast, all DPS need to swap immediately to break the shield
  • Have a set rotation of Living Bombs to kill. The whole raid should focus the same Bomb down, then move to the next.
    • Dodge the lazer beam, or your raid leader will get very angry with you
    • Use healer CDs during this
  • For the 60 Power maze, assign 4 players to get and carry Force Orbs
    • Best classes are Paladins with Divine Shield and Demon Hunters
    • Bubble lets you run through the Rings of Peace, DH’s can just jump over them
    • These people should grab the Orbs and get across ASAP
  • Recommend using Lust immediately following a Multi-Sided Strike, to take advantage of the DPS buff
    • Use Lust immediately upon landing from a Multi-Sided Strike when the bosses are above 80 Energy
    • You’ll get the fourth Multi-Sided Strike at around 4:25-4:45, depending on your timing from the 60 Power phase
      • Lust after this one
    • As your DPS gets higher, you’ll be able to kill the Monk before this fourth MSS cast. When this happens, lust after the 3rd, which’ll be around 3:15-3:30
  • During the 100 Power phase, only break Magma Traps as necessary. Once the Dragon dies, you’re able to move around as needed with the Phoenix
  • If you get stuck, or run out of room, then have someone with an immunity break some traps
  • Just a note - The tanks get pounded by the Phoenix. His Searing Peck hits for 120k-160k. Healers need to be aware of this and ready to keep tanks alive.

  • Mostly the same as heroic. Focus DPS on Monk
    • Nuke Mage during Pyroblast to break shield
    • Nuke Spirits of Xuen when they spawn. Keep stunned/slowed
  • 3 Living Bombs. Set an order to kill them.
    • Use healing CDs during this
  • Multi-Sided Strike now affects the entire raid, except Mage tank and 1 random healer
  • 60 Power Maze, assign 4 Force Orb runners. Pref Pallies/DH. Must bring Orbs over, or you can’t kill Barrier
  • Tanks swap 7-8 stacks
  • Clear Magma Traps with immunities. Pally bubbles, Hunter turtles work great
  • Lust immediately after landing from a Multi-Sided Strike. Either the one at around 3:15-3:30 into the fight, or the 4:25-4:45 one if your DPS is low
  • Only break Magma Traps during 100 Power phase as necessary
  • Finish of Dragon ASAP when you hit 100 Power

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