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Mythic Jaina
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Phase 1
Intermission 1
Phase 2
Intermission 2
Phase 3

Mythic changes
  • Fight-Wide Changes
    • Primary new mechanic is Gathering Blizzard
      • Requires you to stay near people
      • Base effect requires you to be within 10 yards of 1 other player
      • As the storm gains power, you’re required to stack with more people
      • At 50 power, you must be near 3 people
      • At 75 power, you must be near 5 people
      • At 100 power, the storm intensifies and severely limits vision
      • If you are not close enough to the required number of people, you gain the Freezing Blood debuff
        • Lasts up to 6s. If you do NOT re-stack with the required number of people within 6s, you are frozen into an Ice Block
      • Because of the 6s duration on Freezing Blood, you have wiggle room, which must be used to manage handling other mechanics during the fight, like Avalanche, Broadside, etc
      • The storm, called Howling Winds, lasts 15 seconds
        • Storm occurs 65 seconds after previous one ends
        • Storm occurs the entirety of intermission 1, then timing resets once Phase 2 starts
        • Storm timings do NOT reset for 2nd intermission or beginning phase 3
    • Jaina’s Ice Shard ability on tanks has been infused with performance-enhancing steroids, and now wrecks face. Tanks take significantly more damage on Mythic.
  • Phase 1
    • Frozen Siege
      • Jaina will freeze one Ballista in a block of ice
      • Ice block can, and needs to, be killed
      • Should be done with DoTs and cleave, not focused unless necessary
  • Intermission 1
    • Icebound Image
      • 5 Images of Jaina spawn around the area for P2-P3. They apply a shield to Jaina, making her invulnerable to damage and interrupts
      • All 5 Images must be killed to end the intermission
  • Phase 2
    • Warmth
      • Chilling Touch immunity provided by Warmth from the barrels now only lasts 2s, down from 8s
    • Damage dealt by everything significantly increased
  • Intermission 2 and P3
    • Damage of everything increased, and healing requirement in P3 becomes serious as hell

Mythic Strategy
  • While Jaina doesn’t have many new abilities from Heroic to Mythic, the Gathering Blizzard creates a variety of new, difficult interactions and overlaps. This fight is significantly more difficult on Mythic than heroic, despite the low number of new abilities.
    • Much of the difficulty of Mythic Jaina comes in the form of specific timings or overlaps of abilities. Outside of these, much of the fight is consistent with the Heroic version.
    • As such, instead of long-winded explanations of each phase, we’re going to focus on these specific pain points, bad overlaps, and things guilds will tend to struggle on, and provide strategies for handling these.
  • Phase 1
    • Ballistas become vitally important. It takes 5 Ballista shots to kill the enemy boats on Mythic.
      • Since Ballistas can now be frozen, you should focus heavily on getting shots off ASAP.
      • You’ll want to assign 1 player to each Ballista, so all three can be fired immediately and begin recharging
      • This way, if one Ballista gets frozen, you’ll still have the other 2 to shoot and be okay killing the enemy boat
      • The goal is to shoot down the enemy boat before the 2nd Bombard
    • The Avalanche ability is deadly on Mythic. Players need to be careful with positioning, and quick to move if you’re targeted. It’s very easy to kill someone accidentally with this.
    • If you have the Freezing Blood debuff (mythic stacking mechanic), when the 6s debuff expires and you turn into an Ice Block, if you’re standing in a fire patch on the boat you won’t get frozen
      • This should not be a primary strategy for handling this debuff. However, it could save you in a one-off scenario to prevent you from being frozen
      • Should be looked at as an individual strategy if necessary, not a raid-wide primary strategy
    • Gathering Storm doesn’t have any extremely bad overlaps in P1. Just be aware of when the storm is going to happen, and make sure you stack up.
  • Intermission 1
    • On Mythic, you need to kill the 5 Images before you can interrupt Jaina
      • All 5 Images also have casts that should be interrupted ASAP
      • All 5 Images have the same location every attempt
    • Jaina herself has 5 different possible locations during this intermission, which is chosen at random
      • Based on Jaina’s positioning, the exact pattern of the other mechanics (Tornados and Orbs) will always be the same
      • IE if Jaina is in Position 1 all the way on the Left, the Tornados and Orbs will always be in the exact same pattern
      • This will simply take trial and error, and take time for your raid to learn the possible patterns
    • You should split the raid evenly into a Left and Right group
      • Each group goes to their respective sides, interrupting and killing the Images, meeting up back at Jaina’s location
      • One exception - If Jaina is in the front-left position.
      • If Jaina is here, you want to have the entire raid go to the right-hand side and work their way around together
    • This intermission can be difficult and frustrating. It’ll take several attempts for the raid to learn, as everyone needs to understand and recognize the 5 different patterns
  • Phase 2
    • Barrels
      • Having a strategy with how to handle the barrels on mythic is much more important than heroic.
      • Basically, two strategies you can choose from
        • Circular rotation, either clockwise or counterclockwise
          • Hard-set rotation, going in the same order every single pull
          • You start at either at the bottom-right and go clockwise, or bottom-left and rotate counterclockwise, always finishing at the top barrel, the closest one to the Ice Wall
          • Benefit of doing it this way is you’re always moving forward in an easy pattern
          • Downside is a really bad RNG Icefall can break up your pathing and be very disruptive
          • Other drawback is that, depending where Jaina begins the phase, you may have a large distance to cover to get her to your set point
        • Closest First
          • Simply put, you always start on the barrel closest to where Jaina is, except NEVER the top barrel that’s closest to the Ice Wall
          • If Jaina is in the bottom-left, you start at that barrel. If she’s bottom-right, you start at that barrel. Always start with the closest one
          • The 2nd barrel will always be the remaining furthest barrel from the Ice Wall
          • This strategy is obviously more flexible, but takes longer to learn due to every pull having different positioning
      • Do whichever sounds like it’ll work better for your guild
      • You want to break the Ice Wall barrel with the boss at 35% HP or less
      • Also as a note, you CAN run through the ice pools on the ground if they’re inside the radius of a burning barrel, as you won’t gain stacks
    • Icefall
      • The second Icefall, which occurs at 1:06 into the phase, happens at exactly the same time as the Gathering Blizzard gains full power
      • You have roughly 1 second where you could potentially see the Icefall visual on the ground, but it’s difficult to see and you won’t always see it
      • Since your vision is obscured during the Storm, you’re essentially at the mercy of RNG
      • You’ll likely wipe a number of times to this, as there’s no real way to react to an Icefall heading towards you during the Storm if you didn’t catch the visual beforehand
    • Tanks
      • Tank damage in P2 and P3 is high, healers need to watch them closely. Remember the steroids I mentioned Jaina has been taking? Yea. It's bad.
      • It’s extremely likely you’ll have a tank get frozen in P2, most likely during a Gathering Storm. Just be ready to break them out
  • Intermission 2
    • On Mythic, the priority is NOT to kill the wall as quickly as possible
      • Instead, focus on maximizing BOSS damage
      • Boss can NOT iceblock during the intermission, meaning you can use Lust, plus all available CDs, and nuke her as hard as possible
      • All melee should be on the wall, since they can’t actually hit Jaina, but as many ranged DPS as possible should be on Jaina for as long as possible
      • You need to work out the minimum amount of people required to break the wall, and have the rest of the raid continue attacking Jaina
      • The rule of thumb you should follow is this - if the Ice Wall died more than 3s before you would have been frozen, you wasted DPS on Jaina
      • The reason for doing this is to make P3 as short as possible
    • You’ll also want to interrupt Jaina’s Arcane Barrage ASAP after breaking the Nathanos Ice Block
      • Have a warlock set up a gateway headed towards the boss
      • Have a hunter take the gateway with Turtle active, and run to the boss. Interrupt her as soon as she cancels her ice cast and begins Arcane Barrage
      • After interrupting her, run your ass back to the ground before you get frozen
    • Do NOT kill the Tide Elemental
      • You will ignore this Elemental the rest of the fight, so just don’t touch it unless you can generate resources from it that can be funneled into Jaina
    • Also as a note, your stacks of Chilling Blood will reset while killing the Ice Wall, and also going into P2. The frequency of them being refreshed gets dropped significantly during this intermission, so you should enter P3 with the raid at 0-1 stacks.
  • Phase 3
    • On Mythic, the best strategy to get through the last phase is to quite literally ignore several mechanics, and burn the boss as hard as possible
    • You should ignore the Tide Elemental, as well as the Prismatic Images. Neither should be killed
    • Your timeframe to kill Jaina is basically before the whole raid gets frozen.
    • Orb of Frost
      • Have everyone soak the first Orb of Frost when it spawns. Nobody soaks the 2nd one. If that 2nd one reaches the other side of the room and explodes, you failed the DPS check
    • Tanks
      • Damage in p3 is bonkers on tanks. Jaina's roids are working really well for her.
      • Tanks should rotate through their CDs early in the phase as their stacks get higher
      • Recommend sacrificing a tank about 40s into the fight. If you have a tank die on purpose, before they get ice blocked, it’ll reset their stacks. Either use a battle res, or a Resto Shaman’s Ancestral Protection Totem to rez them immediately
        • Whatever tank is being sacrificed should be holding Jaina and the Elemental, taking as many stacks of Ice Shard as possible, and allowing the other tank to not get extra stacks of Chilling Touch
        • When the first tank dies, 2nd tank picks everything up, make damn sure you have a CD available
      • If you have a second totem or BR available, you can then sacrifice the 2nd tank to reset their stacks as well
        • Easily time to do this is about 3s after the first tank gets rezzed.
      • If you start tank sacrifices at about 40s into the phase, Jaina should be at 15%-18% HP. This means you’re more than halfway through P3, and the tanks both having their Chilling Touch stacks reset means you should never have to worry about them being frozen.
      • Not necessary to sacrifice the 2nd tank, but could be helpful for some guilds. The first tank sacrifice is what primarily helps a lot
      • Also, tanks need to remember to keep Jaina facing away from the raid, due to her frontal cone ability

    • Top
    • Glacial Rays, Icefalls, and Images
      • The first Image spawns about 30s after the phase begins
      • From that point on, it’ll replicate two important abilities from Jaina, the Glacial Ray and Icefall
      • These’ll be cast the same time Jaina casts them
      • For Glacial Ray, it means being on your toes and ready to move, as a group, if the Image’s Ray cuts through the boss
        • Entire raid should try to stay together and move together, making avoiding the Rays easier
        • It’s highly likely that the Image’s Ray will shoot at the boss, or near the boss. You can position the raid to help bait this. Having a set direction to rotate around the boss as the visual starts to dodge the Ray can be helpful

      • You’ll also get double Icefalls from this point forward
        • Watching their visuals is vital, as you may have to move quite far to dodge the Icefall
        • It’s entirely possible to get entirely screwed by Icefall RNG here, causing unpreventable wipes
        • You’ll need to adapt to each pull differently, ensuring that you’re positioned to both dodge the Icefall, as well as have some room to deal with other mechanics.
        • Don’t let yourself get trapped in a tiny area
      • When repositioning due to Glacial Rays or Icefalls, keep in mind the space needed for Bombardment targets to spread, and the Siegebreaker target to GTFO

    • Top
    • Gathering Blizzard
      • The timings of Blizzards do NOT reset after Phase 2 or the 2nd intermission.
      • As such, the timings of Blizzards occurring in P3 will vary. You may or may not get crappy overlaps with Blizzards and Icefalls or Glacial Rays
  • Gathering Blizzard, Intermission 2 & P3
    • Just as a tip, one timing that tends to work out well is pushing Jaina to 30%, and beginning the Intermission 2, during a Blizzard. If you follow that timing, it’ll work out that you interrupt Jaina’s Arcane Barrage at 75-82 charge on the Blizzard, and you’ll get a Blizzard occurring as the raid reaches Jaina at the start of P3. From here on out, Blizzard will NOT overlap with the Glacial Ray or Icefall. If you interrupt Jaina any later than 87 on the Blizzard charge, it’s possible to have an active Blizzard during a double Icefall.
  • 5.48% HP on Jaina
    • At this point, Jaina turns into a Dreadlord for the Mythic-Only phase, resetting her health, and teleporting everyone to Argus.
    • Just kidding, GG, grats on the kill =)

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