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Mythic Mekkatorque
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Changes
  • World Enlarger
    • In addition to the 3 people being Shrunk, one person will now also become Enormous
      • Enormous players can step on regular sized players, Trampling them. This works exactly the same as when a regular sized player steps on a Shrunk player - 145k damage, plus a stun
      • If an Enormous player steps on a Shrunk player, the Shrunk player dies instantly
      • Enormous player also gains a 10% increased damage buff
  • Blaster Cannon
    • Now deals 250k damage. While it IS possible to survive, don’t plan on it. The majority of the time, if you get hit you die.
  • Spark Bots
    • Now have a reflect shield on them, dealing 50k damage to anyone who damages them. Just don’t attack the bots.
  • Wormhole Generator
    • On Mythic, Mekkatorque’s generator is broken, and has funky side effects
    • 3 people will be effected by Miscalculated Teleport each time Wormhole Generator is cast
      • This throws them high in the air, causing between 60k-100k fall damage
      • You CAN use movement abilities like Blink and Disengage to prevent the fall damage
      • Also, have your Mages use Slow Fall on the affected people to prevent them from dying to fall damage, in case affected players don’t have movement abilities.
        • Importantly, if you plan on having Mages do this, EVERY player in your raid needs a cancelaura macro to remove slow fall. There are some overlaps with Buster Cannon, and if you have slow fall, while the Cannon is facing you, you won’t be able to dodge it and will just die. In this instance, click your cancelaura macro to remove Slow Fall, and get out of the way of Buster Cannon
    • Also, 3 people each cast are Discombobulated, polymorphing them into mechanical chickens
      • This can and MUST be dispelled ASAP
  • Gigavolt Charge
    • Gigavolt Charge’s detonation now leaves behind a small Radiation zone
    • Stepping in the Radiation zone gives you Gigavolt Radiation debuff, deals 78k Nature damage every 2s for 30s
    • Need to watch your feet when you go to drop the Gigavolt Charge

Mythic Strategy
  • Recommended Comp - 2 tank, 13-14 DPS, 4-5 Healers
    • Start with 5 healers for progression.
  • To help manage Gigavolt Charges easier, positioning of the rest of the raid becomes more important
    • Whole raid should be loosely stacked right next to the Eastern structure
    • Nobody should be more than 6 yards from the boss, unless dealing with other mechanics
    • Primary benefit of this positioning is that it creates an extra safe zone - the opposite side of the structure you’re standing on
      • See the graphic later on in the guide, it illustrates this
  • When Wormhole Generator happens, healers need to dispel the Discombobulates ASAP
    • This almost always overlaps with Blast Off. If the people aren’t dispelled, there’s a high chance they’ll be killed by this mechanic.
    • If you are thrown into the air, use any movement ability you can to avoid fall damage. Disengage, Blink, Lock Portal, etc.
  • Spark Bots
    • Positioning of these buggers is more important on Mythic than heroic
    • Get these things lined up in as straight a line as possible, near the middle of the room
      • You don’t want them too far away, or you’ll risk Shrunk people needing to run too much
    • Use grips/knockbacks to get them in place
    • Keep them Rooted until people are Shrunk to jump in them
    • Also use stuns on them whenever possible, especially when they first land, or when Shrunk players are running to them.
  • World Enlarger
    • As in heroic, be very careful not to step on Shrunk people
    • Enormous person should not move until all Shrunk people can get clear, and all regular sized players should move away from the Enormous player as well
      • During P1 and P3, make sure the Enormous player can still DPS, as they deal 10% increased damage. If the Enormous player is melee, the rest of melee should shift to ensure Enormous player has somewhere to stand without stepping on people
    • This is excessively dangerous during the intermission.
    • There’s an overlap during intermission of Wormhole Generator after a World Enlarger
      • Immediately following the Wormhole cast, all players stand still
      • Shrunk people GTFO asap
      • After 2s, regular size people move away
      • Enormous players don’t move until everyone else is clear
  • Gigavolt Charge
    • Put a raid world marker behind each of the safe zones
    • Raid leader should assign a specific safe zone for each set of bombs for players with immunities to go. EX hunters with turtle, paladins with bubble
      • Idea here is that the people with immunities can all go to the same spot, stand on top of each other, pop their immunity when the bomb is about to go off
      • This stacks their radiation at the same spot, plus prevents them from getting stacks of the bomb explosion DoT
    • Any player without an immunity should just go to any one of the other safe zones
    • When one safe zone becomes too saturated with Radiation, your raid leader should make this known and call out for bombs to NOT go to that location for the next set of bombs
      • The radiation fades after about 2 minutes 30 seconds
    • Positioning of the raid is really important due to these Radiation zones. As mentioned above, tanking the boss directly next to one of the structures can give you more safe zones to drop Radiation
Recommended Weakaura
  • We recommend you download this Weakaura, which has players yell their names when Shrunk. If you have chat bubbles enabled (which you should), you’ll be able to quickly identify who is Shrunk, helping minimize the times people get trampled. This is even more important for the Enormous person.

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