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Mythic Rastakhan
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Changes
  • Damage of all abilities significantly increased
    • Notably, Scorching Detonation’s Detonate deals about twice what it did on Heroic
  • There are now 5 Plague Frogs, instead of 3
  • Phase 1 add abilities are slightly changed
    • Lazer Beam now leaves fire patches on the ground
    • Meteor Leap deals 2.3 million Nature damage, versus 800k on heroic
    • 3 Grievous Axe debuffs go out
  • During Phase 2, Bwonsamdi’s Aura of Death range is 45 yards, up from 30
    • Caress of Death duration increased to 7s from 5s
  • During Phase 3, the adds in the Living Realm with Rastakhan are sent to the Death Realm with Bwonsamdi when they’re killed
  • Phase 4 becomes even more hectic than it had been, with available space becoming very limited
Mythic Strategy
  • Raid Composition
    • 2 tanks, 13 DPS, 5 healers
      • As with most bosses, once you overgear the fight, you might be able to drop to 4 healers.
  • Toads
    • Toads should be soaked when possible. DK’s with AMS, Pallies with Bubble, Pallies with Spellwarding, can all soak the Toad spawns before they leave the boss. This both minimizes the amount of gunk on the ground, and prevents other people from needing to deal with dodging the Toads. Soak as many sets as possible.
    • Phase 1
      • Still burn down all the adds ASAP
      • Nuke them down relatively evenly. Gal’wana and Roka are the 2 more dangerous ones
      • Make sure people targeted by Lazer drag it along the outside of the room to drop fire
      • Dodge Toads
      • Tank with Scorching Detonation needs to ensure they’re >20 yards away. Tank should also have a small CD up, as the explosion actually hurts a lot on Mythic
      • Utilize a raid CD for Meteor Leaps, as these deal massive damage now
        • If the targeted player can use an immunity, they should
        • If you have a Protection paladin, they can use Blessing of Spellwarding to prevent the damage on affected person
      • Tanks need to ensure swapping for every Crushing Leap, or they’ll die
      • Healers should have raid frames set up to show the Grievous Axe debuff, and heal these people to 90% ASAP
      • Don’t bother wasting time and DPS on the Serpent Totem. Just move away from them.
      • Try to have all 3 Adds die nearby each other. This’ll be important for P3
    • Phase 2
      • Tank holding Bwonsamdi needs to ensure they’re as far from raid as possible. Either stand right at the base of the stairs, or have Bwonsamdi at one wing of the room with Rasta at the other wing
        • The Aura of Death debuff now has a 12s duration.
        • This means Prot Paladins can no longer reset stacks with Blessing of Spellwarding
        • Can still reset with bubble
        • This forces regular tank swaps
        • Swap every Scorching Detonation
      • Kill Totems ASAP
        • Recommend bringing 2 Shamans. Tremor Totem breaks the MC immediately. However, the Boss’s totem will re-cast the MC, so you do still need to kill it.
        • Also recommend everyone keep CC abilities on CD. Example - Shadow Priest Silence. It’s not needed any time the MC totem could appear, so keep it on CD. When MC’d, you’re defaulted to use CC abilities on the raid. Having them on CD prevents this.
      • Dodge Toads
      • Ranged stay spread 7 yards to prevent jumping of Plague of Fire
    • Paladin Tank Cheese
      • Prot Paladin’s can solo-tank Bwonsamdi, eliminating the requirement to tank swap. This requires careful timing and planning, and a Resto Shaman with Ancestral Protection Totem.
      • Basically, you need to manage certain CDs/immunities around the Caress of Death casts
      • Caress #1 you don’t do anything special. Use AD if necessary.
      • Caress #2, you’ll have around 55 stacks. AT about 1s left on the Caress cast, taunt the boss and pop Divine Shield. Cancelaura your DS after the cast completes. This resets your stacks and prevents you from being affected by Caress
      • Caress #3, you’ll have about 35 stacks. Use Blessing of Spellwarding on yourself during the Caress cast. This both prevents you from being affected by the Caress debuff, and also prevents you from taking ticking damage for the duration of Spellwarding
      • At some point as you continue gaining stacks, you’ll eventually die, most likely before the 4th Caress. To manage this, have your Resto shaman come and drop their Ancestral Protection Totem under your feet when you’re at about 55-60 stacks or so, whenever the damage becomes nearly unhealable.
        • At this point, once the totem is down, your healer should stop healing you and let you die. Immediately use the Rez from the totem and taunt the boss.
        • By dying, your stacks reset. By rezzing with the totem, this does NOT count against your Battle Rez counter
      • By doing all of this, you eliminate the tank swap mechanic from this phase, making it significantly easier. If you have a Prot Pally geared enough, and a geared Resto shaman, highly recommend you use this.
    • Phase 3 cheesy positioning
      • To make P3 as easy as possible, you can set up a “wall” of sorts using Death Rifts.
      • Have people affected by Death Rift drop their Rift near the entryway to the room, in a semi-circular pattern
      • If done properly, you create a safe zone inside the semi-circle. While standing in this zone in p3, the majority of Dread Reaping orbs cannot reach you, as they’ll touch the Death Rift and be sent to the Living Realm from the Spirit Realm
      • By doing this, you can send down a primarily Ranged DPS team that will almost never need to move to dodge Dread Reaping orbs
      • This increases your raid DPS in the Death Realm, and makes it significantly less dangerous
      • Highly recommended if you have strong ranged DPS players

    • Phase 3
      • Adds in Living Realm become much more dangerous, plus the p4 soft enrage (running out of room) becomes more of a worry
      • As such, you should CC all three adds for the full 60s that they can be CCd
        • They can be Cc’d with Repentance, Shackle Undead, Paralysis, Freezing Trap
        • You’ll want hard CC so they don’t cast
      • During your 60s of not having to deal with the adds, funnel as much DPS into Rastakhan as you can
      • Once the 60s is up, cleave the adds, still main-target Rastakhan
        • You don’t want to actually kill the adds until the end of p3/start of p4
        • This prevents the Death Realm from needing to deal with adds in addition to Bwonsamdi
        • Lust here in the Living Realm
        • Interrupt casts as much as possible, don’t get hit by the Necrotic Smash
      • Continue dealing with Toads and Fire in Living Realm.
      • Death Realm
        • If using cheese strat listed above, send down all of your Ranged DPS.
        • All ranged DPS and healers sent down should stand in the safe area and just funnel Bwonsamdi as hard as possible
          • If you don’t have 8 ranged DPS, send all the ranged you DO have down, then send melee that do well against magic damage. Rogues, Ret Pallies who can reset with bubble, etc.
        • Lust immediately when you get in place
        • Reset stacks at 6-8
        • Send 2 healers down
        • Resto Shamans are extremely strong, as you’ll be mostly stacked up
        • As long as you’re in the safe area, you shouldn’t need to worry about the majority of Dread Reaping orbs. Keep an eye out for any that find a hole between two Death Rifts
        • Make sure to still be running away from Bwonsamdi during Inevitable End
        • If you don’t do the cheese ranged strat
          • Send down all of your melee DPS. They’ll be moving constantly to dodge Dread Reaping
          • Need to watch feet and step on as few as possible
          • In P2, drop at least 2 doors near the middle of the room for the melee to use to drop stacks
    • Phase 4
      • As soon as Phase 4 begins, everyone needs to swap and nuke down the adds ASAP
      • Once adds die, it’s just a race against running out of room.
      • Nuke Rastakhan, dodge Toads, don’t spread fire, don’t die to Inevitable End, don’t die to Dread Reaping
    • P1
      • Handle heroic mechanics like you do in heroic
      • Kill adds, Everyone stack for Meteor Leap. Use a raid CD
      • Kill adds all grouped together
      • Healers top off Grievous Axe people asap
      • Drop Fire on outside of room
      • Move away from totem
    • P2
      • Tank Bwonsamdi off to the far side, Rastakhan on the opposite side
      • Tank swap every Scorching Detonation
      • Drop Death Rifts near entrance of room to create safe space, see graphic
      • Kill totem ASAP
      • Ranged spread 7 yards so you don’t chain Plague of Fire

    • P3
      • Death Realm
        • Send all ranged down. Ideally 8 range + 2 healers
        • They stand in safe zone
        • Nuke Bwonsamdi, lust ASAP when in position
        • Reset stacks at 6-8
        • Don’t die to Inevitable End
        • Don’t let orbs hit you if they get into safe zone
      • Living Realm
        • Use Hard CC on all three adds. Shackle, Freezing Trap, Paralysis, Repentance all work
        • Nuke Rastakhan
        • After 60s, adds break CC. Lust here and bring them low
        • Do NOT kill off adds here, wait until P3 ends
        • Deal with Plague of Toads, Fire as normal
        • Dodge orbs
    • P4
      • Nuke and kill Rastakhan
      • Don’t get hit by bad things
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