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Opulence Guide
Opulence Treasure Guardian

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Mythic Changes and Strategy

2 Phase Fight - Gauntlet, then primary boss
Your raid needs to be split into two groups to complete separate gauntlets. Each side has a mini-boss to fight. The goal of each team is to follow their mini-boss through its respective hallway, and kill it. Each gauntlet features one ability unique to it, several abilities shared by both mini-bosses, and several traps used by each side of the gauntlet. Once both teams have completed their side, you engage the primary boss. As you go through the gauntlets, there will be one point to pick up a series of powerful buffs, without which the boss is impossible.
Gauntlet Phase

Shared Abilities by both Mini-Bosses
  • Crush
    • 180 degree frontal cone smash. Deals 35k to everyone regardless of position, and an additional 122k to anyone in the cone, plus stunning them for 4s. Easily dodgeable
  • Consuming Flame
    • Once the mini-boss moves to a new room further along the gauntlet, the previous room will be blocked by fire. Fire deals 140k/3s. Don’t be in the fire.
  • Overload
    • At 25% HP, the mini-boss casts Overload, dealing 8700 randomly to 2-3 people at a time, roughly every half second
    • Also empowers their unique ability, making it much more powerful and dangerous
  • Traps
    • Flame Jet
      • Exactly what it sounds like. Flames will periodically jet from the side of the room, dealing 61k/2s to anyone standing in it. The damage is relatively low, so if you NEED to cross the Flame Jet for any reason, it’s okay to do so.
  • Ruby Beam
    • Eyebeam-style beam. Targets one person, and drops small circles of “Scorched Ground” underneath their feet. Target should run in a small circle to make the affected area as small as possible.
      • Scorched Earth deals 43k/2s
  • Pulse-Quickening Toxin
    • DoT on everyone, dealing increasing nature damage each tick. This ability is applied in the 4th room (bottom corner on map) the mini-boss enters, at roughly 65% HP. The damage from this debuff becomes excessive very quickly. Once you’ve pushed the boss 10% HP, he’ll move into the next room and the Toxins will disappear.
      • Quickened Pulse
        • Applied whenever you fall below 50% HP with the Toxin debuff
        • Increases all secondary stats by 246 for 10s
        • Upon entering this room, allow the raid to tick down to 50% HP to give all DPS this buff. This will help burst through this room.
  • Hex of Lethargy
    • Debuff which causes damage when moving. Can be dispelled.
Individual abilities
  • The Hand of In’zashi
    • Volatile Charge
      • 8s debuff, deals 12k/s.
      • Upon expiring, deals 70k in a 6 yard radius, and drops an electric ball on the ground
        • Electric ball deals 105k every 6s in a 6 yard radius
      • When Empowered by Overload, twice as many people get the debuff each time
  • Yalat’s Bulwark
    • Flames of Punishment
      • 180 degree conal ability, deals 140k each cast to anyone hit, plus a 17k/2s for 8s DoT
      • Rotates around, casting a total of 10 times, covering 1 ½ full circle rotations
      • Need to stay behind the boss as he rotates
      • When Empowered by Overload, the cone is actually wider than 180 degrees
Jewels - powerful buffs you will need
  • These are clickable jewels that appear in the 7th room (2nd to last room, right before the biggest room)
  • Each raid role has jewels specific to them
  • Picking a gem causes Thief’s Bane, a 30s debuff. Upon expiration, deals 525k damage to you.
  • Tanks
    • Diamond of Unshakeable Protection
      • Only choice for tanks
      • Absorbs 50% of all damage, up to 300% of max HP
      • Once the absorb shield breaks, goes on CD for 30s
      • After 30s, shield comes back up
  • Healers
    • Amethyst of the Shadow King
      • Increases your haste by 50%, and causes your heals to buff the target with Shadow-Touched
        • Decreases Shadow damage taken by 90% for 1 minute
          • Any time a raid member affected by this buff suffers Shadow damage, everyone within 10 yards gains 1% mana
    • Tailwind Sapphire
      • Buffs your healing targets with Tailwinds
        • Increases damage done by 5% for 30s, stacking up to 5 times
        • At 5th stack, morphs into Soothing Breeze
          • Increases healing and damage by 100% for 12s
    • One healer per gauntlet side absolutely must take the Amethyst. The shadow-reduction debuff is required to survive several mechanics, including the Thief’s Bane. Without the Shadow-Touched buff, this is an insta-kill mechanic. All other healers should take the Sapphire to increase raid DPS as much as possible.
  • DPS
    • Ruby of Focused Animus
      • Dealing damage causes Focused Animus on the target, increasing damage taken by 1% for 5s. This effect stacks infinitely, but only 1 stack per second.
    • Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight
      • When no players are within about 10 yards of you, gain Incandescence stacks. You gain 1 stack per second.
      • At 100 stacks, you become Grossly Incandescent, increasing the Critical Strike chance of everyone within 10 yards by 100%. This lasts for 20 seconds.
    • Emerald of Earthen Roots
      • Gain 1% increased damage done per second you stand still. When moving, you rapidly lose these stack 1 per 0.3 seconds
    • Opal of Unleashed Rage
      • You gain 2% increased damage done per enemy you’ve dealt damage to. Stacks infinitely.
    • Ideally, depending on raid size, you want to prioritize uptime on Grossly Incandescent. To maintain 100% uptime on this buff, you’ll need 5 people total to take the Topaz. You will then need to manage their stacks, staggering them so they’re always about 20 stacks apart. You can do this by having them alternate moving near people to set the stacks how you want. Once the stacks are properly spread, they all move away from the raid, gain their Grossly Incandescent, then move back into the raid for 20s.
      • This obviously may not be doable for smaller raid sizes. I’d recommend that even if your raid isn’t aiming for 100% uptime, you still have at the very least 1 person, if not 2, per gauntlet side with the Topaz, and stagger their stacks.
    • After the Topaz, Ruby is next most valuable. Ensure at least 1 person per side takes this. Preferably someone who’ll have little to no downtime so the debuff never falls off
    • Opal is very weak during the Gauntlet phase, but becomes extremely powerful in phase 2.
      • Adds spawn 8 at a time in p2, granting 16% damage increase per spawn, happens every 1 min in p2
    • Emerald is probably the weakest, as there’s a lot of movement. Possibly okay for melee, but Opal is probably better as a whole
Phase 2 - Opulence
  • Hoard power
    • Gains 100% HP and damage done for each mini boss not dead when boss is activated. Obviously, don’t let this happen and kill each mini boss
  • Liquid Gold
    • 12s debuff, deals 43k/3s
    • Upon expiration, drops puddle of Molten Gold on ground. Puddle deals 70k/3s when standing in it
  • Spirits of Gold
    • 8 adds spawn under the boss, and slowly walk toward the edges of the room.
    • When they reach the edges, they cast Channel Gold, which throws gold at the raid.
      • Pale yellow swirlies. Deal 57k physical damage if hit. Don’t get hit.
    • These adds are fully CC’able. Make an AoE stun rotation to keep them under the boss as long as possible, then root them. Kill asap
  • Coin Shower
    • Basic meteor-style mechanic. Marks one player, and after 10s deals 525k damage split between everyone within 7 yards. Obv need to stack in melee for this, minimum of 6 people, but more is better
  • Wail of Greed
    • 10s channel by the boss, deals 70k Shadow damage/2s. Damage is increased each tick.
    • When cast ends, boss gains Greed, increasing all damage by 25%.
  • Coin Sweep
    • Massive tank smash. Deals 436k physical damage. Requires AM to be active or you get 1 shot.
    • This affects a small area around the targeted tank, so don’t stand on the tank
  • Split your raid evenly into two groups. The East-side gauntlet team has more movement due to the Flames of Punishment cast, so send more mobile people there, like melee and BM hunters
  • Work your way through the gauntlet. Mini-bosses do NOT have a shared health pool.
    • In room 4 when the Pulse-Quickening Toxin is applied, healers may need to use a CD to keep everyone alive. Try to let people fall below 50% as quickly as possible when debuff is applied, then heal them back up.
    • Healers should also dispel the Hex of Lethargy asap
    • In room 7, take your jewels. Remember - at least 1 healer from EACH SIDE must take the Amethyst. One DPS from each side must take the Ruby. 1-2 dps from each side need the Topaz, or assign a group of 5 total. Other DPS should grab the Opal.
      • Your healers with the Amethyst must set up their raid frames to show who has the Shadow-Touched buff. Anyone without this buff WILL die.
      • DPS with the Ruby should be classes that can ensure little to no downtime.
    • Use 2 and 3 minute CDs in the last room of the gauntlet when the mini-bosses cast Overload
    • Dodge the Crush, Lazers, Fire, etc. Try to minimize area covered by the Ruby Beam by running in a small circle. If you have an immunity, you can also use that.
    • On the West side with In’zsahi, ensure the Volatile Charges are dropped off against the walls. Having these dropped in the middle of the room can cut off space and be deadly
      • Importantly, when running around the Volatile Charges that have been dropped on the ground, they explode every 6 seconds. If you need to move through one, wait for an explosion, then proceed safely.
    • Once both adds die, engage the Opulence
  • Phase 2 - Opulence strategy
    • Raid should start by being generally stacked in melee, except for the players with Topaz.
      • This will help ensure two things.
        • 1) Everyone is close together to receive Grossly Incandescent buff
        • 2) When Coin Shower is cast, it’ll hit as many players as possible and become negligible amounts of damage
    • Players affected by Liquid Gold should move to the edges of the room to drop the Molten Gold puddles. If you have strong defensives available, you can even drop your puddle on an existing one. EX - hunters using Turtle
    • Set a CC rotation for the Spirits of Gold, and kill them ASAP.
    • Tanks should alternate who takes the Coin Smash, based on their gem’s shield. This’ll massively reduce damage taken. Taunt about 3s before the Coin Smash occurs to ensure maximum shielding. Also use AM.
    • Amethyst healers must ensure 100% uptime on Shadow-Touched by the whole raid to prevent Wail of Greed from wiping the raid.
      • Each tick deals 20% more than the previous tick. Therefore, it’s 372k damage over 10s without the buff, with the last tick dealing over 100k damage, or 37k with the buff. Obviously, very important
      • This IS affected by Greed though. Later in the fight, this will become an issue and require healing CDs
    • With everyone stacked in melee, Coin Shower should be mostly a non-issue, as it’ll be split with a large amount of people.
    • Three options of when to lust. All have benefits. First is immediately when you pull Opulence. Benefit here is everyone should be alive.
    • Second option is 30s after you pull Opulence, immediately as the first group of Spirits of Gold spawn. Benefit here is you’ll have 30 Ruby stacks on Opulence, meaning 30% increased damage taken by him. You’ll also have all players with Opal at 10 stacks, meaning 20% increased damage dealt. Lastly, this is still early enough in the phase everyone should be alive.
    • Option 3 is 1 minute 30s into fighting Opulence, immediately as the 2nd set of Spirits of Gold spawn. Benefit here is significantly higher potential DPS. You’ll have 90 stacks of Ruby on the boss, meaning 90% damage taken increase, your Opal players will have 18 stacks, meaning 36% damage dealt increase, and you will have at least one Topaz player able to spark the raid for 100% crit chance for 20s during lust. Using lust here will absolutely melt the boss. The downside is that there’s higher potential for you to have players dead. Risk/reward.
      • Note - Timing your Topaz buffs for lust will be important. Try to ensure you cast lust when one Gross buff just happened and spread to the raid, and ensure you have a second one timed ready to go when the first wears off. 100% crit chance for your whole raid, during lust is a significant overall DPS increase


Phase 2
Note - You may need to adjust when Spirits of Gold spawn, if you aren't able to kill them before they reach the edge. If this is the case, have Ranged DPS kill them off, ensure nobody gets too close to Topaz players. Recommend putting raid markers on the ground for Topaz player positioning to mark where other players shouldn't go.


Split raid into two groups, one left one right. Go down assigned hallways, kill mini-bosses. Dodge fire lazers, fire eyebeams, fire on ground, frontal cone smash, frontal cone fire (right side) and run to a wall with electric debuff (left). 4th room healers need to use a CD, big raid damage. 7th room, pick a gem. 1 healer per side take Amethyst, other healers take Sapphire. 2 DPS per side take Topaz, 1 DPS per side take Ruby. Rest of DPS take Opal. When mini-bosses die, attack main boss. Stack in melee. Liquid gold debuff, get to edge of room, then get back into melee. Spirit of Gold adds stun when they spawn, AoE nuke asap. Don’t stand in swirlies.
Lust either when you pull Opulence, 30s after pulling Opulence, or 1 minute 30s after pulling Opulence. The longer you wait, the higher potential damage from Lust is, but higher likelyhood of having people dead. Risk v reward. What works for you will differ from group to group.
Healers - Amethyst healers must ensure 100% uptime on Shadow buff to whole raid. Pop CDs during Wailing Greed, starting on 3rd cast.
Tanks - alternate soaking hits of Coin Sweep, based on who’s gem shield is up, ensure use of AM.

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