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Rastakhan Raid Guide

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Phase 1 Strategy
Phase 2 Strategy
Phase 3 Strategy
Phase 4 Strategy
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Mythic Changes and Strategy
4 Phase fight
Rastakhan Abilities - multiple phases
  • Scorching Detonation
    • 5 second channel on the tank, ticks for 43k/s fire damage for 5s.
    • At end of channel, explodes for 105k Fire damage to everyone, reduced based on distance.
    • Affected tank just needs to run out
  • Plague of Toads
    • Summons 3 toads which start at him, and move away to the edges of the room then despawn.
    • If they run into someone, everyone within 5 yards takes 35k nature damage every 1.5s for 12s. This stacks.
    • Leave behind green pools on ground. Standing in a pool deals 21k/s Nature damage, and slows you 30%
Phase 1 - 3 Mini-Bosses

During Phase 1, you fight three mini-bosses. They do not have a shared health pool. 15 seconds after you engage, Rastakhan will join the battle.

Mini Bosses
  • Prelate Za’lan
    • Seal of Purification
      • Lazer beam from the sky, chases one person. Need to just kite the beam, don’t get hit. 26k/s to anyone hit.
  • Siegebreaker Roka
    • Meteor Leap
      • Picks a target and marks them, 5s cast. When cast ends, he jumps onto target for 795k Nature damage, split evenly with everyone within 8 yards.
    • Crushing Leap
      • Cast immediately after Meteor Leap deals damage.
      • Jumps at the tank that currently has threat, deals 210k Physical damage
        • Also applies Crushed - you take 500% increased damage from Crushing Leap.
      • Meteor Leap is cast 15s into the fight, then every 35s. Crushed debuff lasts 40s.
        • Tank swap on Roka is required after every Crushing Leap.
  • Headhunter Gal’wana
    • Grevious Axe
      • Throws axe at a random player, dealing 87k Physical damage, and applying a DoT.
      • DoT deals 35k Physical damage every 1.5s until player is healed above 90%
      • Healers should have this debuff set up on raid frames, and ensure focused healing of the affected player
  • Rastakhan
    • Greater Serpent Totem
      • Summons a Fire-spitting snake totem, casts Serpent’s Breath
        • Deals 65k Fire damage, plus 10k Fire damage per second for 5 seconds, if hit. Frontal cone ability
        • Do not stand in front of the snake’s face when he’s casting
    • Binding Soul
      • All damage dealt to Rastakhan is split evenly between the 3 mini-bosses
Phase 1 strategy
  • Tank all three mini-bosses on top of each other, and also stack Rastakhan when he becomes active
    • Entire raid should be stacked near the bosses, no more that 4-5 yards away.
  • When Serpent Totem goes down, the whole raid should shift to be out of range of its Serpent's Breath
    • These totems simply respawn when p1 ends, so no reason to kill them.
  • Primary target should be either Roka, as he’s the most dangerous with Meteor, or Gal’wana since he does the Grevious debuff
  • Important - these adds correspond to the p3 adds. Roka = Phantom of Rage
  • Position Roka to die off to a side, wherever you want Rage to be Rooted
    • The three mini-bosses also have different amounts of HP. Za’lan had about 70% the health pool of Roka, Gal’wana had 50% the health of Roka.
    • This means you never really need to target Gal’wana or Za’lan. Gal’wana will die from passive cleave, and you just finish Za’lan off after Roka dies.
  • Whoever is being chased by the Lazer beam just needs to kite it outside of the raid
  • When the last mini-boss dies, phase ends, and everyone gets stunned for a short RP.
  • Dodge Toads
  • Tank should run away from raid when effected by Scorching Detonation to minimize damage dealt to the raid

Phase 1 Alt Strat
  • Some groups may find that it’s not worth the small DPS increase to deal with Rastakhan
  • If desired, you can actually tank Rastakhan on a far side of the room, with just the tank and one healer helping
  • Doing this provides the benefit of essentially removing ALL of Rastakhan’s P1 abilities from the fight
    • Totem is no longer relevant, only the tank has to avoid
    • Rastakhan’s Fire AoE that explodes from the tank is irrelevant amounts of damage, as the tank will be very far away
    • The Plague of Toads will always spawn on or near the tank with Rastakhan, giving the whole raid ample time to avoid the frogs
  • This is not a necessary strategy, but if your group is overwhelmed by the number of mechanics going on, it’ll help you immensely

Phase 2

Bwonsamdi joins the fight. He takes 0 damage, but if you can farm resources off him, do it. Rastakhan starts taking damage, and stops casting Serpent Totems. He retains the other two abilities.

Rastakhan New abilities
  • Plague of Fire
    • Fire aids! Several people get a fire debuff, dealing 38k Fire damage. After 1.5s, affected players explode, passing the debuff to anyone within 7 yards
  • Zombie Dust Totem
    • MC’s one player. Kill the totem ASAP
Bwonsamdi abilities
  • Aura of Death
    • Applies a debuff to anyone within 30 yards of him every 3s, Deathly Withering
      • Debuff deals 3500 Shadow damage every 3s, no duration
      • This debuff seems to fade when after you avoid one of Bwonsamdi’s applications of it.
        • Can be from either out-ranging, or using an immunity. On PTR, DKs using AMS would prevent application of a new stack, resulting in a clearing of old stacks. Protadins could do the same with Blessing of Spellwarding
  • Death’s Door
    • Debuffs a random target, dealing 26k Shadow damage every 2s for 8s
    • When debuff expires, leaves a Death Rift at the players location
  • Death Rift has different effects based on what realm you’re in
    • In LIVING realm
      • Stepping on Death Rift triggers Withering Burst, deals 13k Shadow damage to the whole raid
    • In DEATH realm
      • Stepping on Death Rift clears all stacks of Deathly Withering
  • Caress of Death
    • Casted ability on the tank. Deals 52k Shadow damage and prevents all healing to the target for 5s
Phase 2 Strategy
  • Tank Bwonsamdi on a far side of the room, and Rastakhan near the middle. All players except those noted below should be near Rastakhan, and >30 yards from Bwonsamdi
    • One tank needs to hold Bwonsamdi. Recommend someone that can clear his Deadly Withering debuff, ie Protadin or BDK
      • If you don’t have either of these tanks, you WILL need a tank swap periodically
      • Easiest timing is to swap when Rastakhan’s tank is running for Scorching Detonation
        • Scorching Detonation tank just runs over to Bwonsamdi and taunts, while the Bwonsamdi tank moves over to taunt Rastakhan
    • At least one healer needs to position themselves to be in range of the Bwonsamdi tank, but far enough away they don’t get stacks. This healer can play a footsie game if needed, going in and out of range of the Aura of Death as needed. Shouldn’t be necessary though
  • Everyone fighting Rastakhan should be 7 yards spread, to avoid the passing along of Plague of Fire
  • Continue properly dealing with Rastakhan’s abilities that carried over from phase 1
  • Players affected by Death’s Door debuff should try to position the doors nearby each other, towards Bwonsamdi’s side of the room.

Phase 3 - starts at Rastakhan hitting 60% HP

Phantom adds spawn, no set spawn points
Bwonsamdi casts Bwonsamdi’s Boon, 4s cast. After cast ends, the half of the raid NEAREST BWONSAMDI goes to realm of death, rest stays in realm of living. Dead = fight Bwonsamdi. Living = Rastakhan

Phantom adds spawn in living phase to help Rastakhan
  • All three have “Undying Relentlessness”
    • Makes them immune to all forms of CC 60s after spawning
  • Retribution
    • Grave Bolt
      • Casted spell, 35k Shadow damage to a random enemy
    • Seal of Bwonsamdi
      • Places green soak icons on the ground, look exactly like Kil’Jaeden soak circles, but green
      • Deal 87k Shadow damage to the soaker
      • If not soaked, deals 70k Shadow damage to everyone
  • Rage
    • Necrotic Smash
      • Pounds the ground, dealing 78k Shadow damage and decreases healing taken by 75% for 8s
      • Generally unavoidable tank-smash. Monks may be able to time Chi-Torpedo to avoid, but other than that your tank will get hit
  • Slaughter
    • Grave Bolt
      • Casted spell, 35k Shadow damage to a random enemy
    • Focused Demise
      • Channeled spell, deals 21k Shadow damage per second for 5s
      • Only interruptible by the targeted player
Rastakhan Abilities
  • Still casting Scorching Detonation, Zombie Dust Totem, and Plague of Fire
  • Bwonsamdi’s Boon
    • Increases damage dealt by 2% every 15s. Stacks.
  • Death’s Door
    • Rastakhan now spawns these
Bwonsamdi abilities
  • Caress of Death
    • Now chain casts this on random enemies
  • Inevitable Reaping
    • Begins drawing in all enemies, and places a circle of death beneath him. If anyone gets pulled into the circle under Bwonsamdi, they die instantly.
      • Only affects players in Death Realm
  • Dread Reaping
    • Small moving shadow discs on the ground. Standing in one deals 52k Shadow damage per second
    • These move into the Living realm if they pass over a Death Rift

Phase 3 strategy
  • This phase is a race. Phase ends when Bwonsamdi hits 50% HP, he runs away, everyone gets set back to Living phase, and you enter phase 4
    • You must push out of this phase before Rastakhan’s increasing damage overwhelms you
    • Best phase to lust
    • Because Bwonsamdi’s Caress of Death is cast on random people this phase, you actually don’t need a tank down in the Death realm
    • Instead, load up this phase with DPS, and just enough healers to keep everyone alive. Sending down a Disc is a great plan, fyi =P
  • Have your Death Realm team pre-assigned. It's exactly half your raid, so choose your top Single Target DPS players/specs. Send as few healers as possible, just enough as necessary to prevent deaths. 
    • When Bwonsamdi begins casting Bwonsamdi’s Boon, have the Death Realm team begin running to Bwonsamdi to ensure they're the closest players to him
  • Rastakhan team - Continue dealing with his abilities from P2, and don’t touch the Death’s Door
    • Phantom Adds
      • These adds spawn in what appears to be random places around the room in the Living Realm
      • These adds are soft-CCable. Slows, roots, etc, but hard CCs like Freezing Trap don’t seem to work.
        • Retribution add should be focused immediately as he’s the most dangerous
        • Soak the circles!!!!!
        • The first player targetted by Slaughter’s Focused Demise needs to interrupt ASAP
        • If this person can’t interrupt, reposition Rastakhan and the Retribution add to the Slaughter add, keep these three stacked up
        • The Rage add should be Rooted and the raid simply move away. This prevents you from needing to deal with him entirely for 60s
        • Once the Retribution and Slaughter adds die, bring the Rage add to Rastakhan and kill the add
    • Absolute priority kill target is ALWAYS the Zombie Dust Totem over the adds, whenever it spawns
    • Dead Reapings will begin filtering out through Death Rifts throughout this phase. Make sure to dodge them
  • Bwonsamdi Team
    • Dodge Dread Reaping
    • Run away during Inevitable Reaping
    • Step on a Death’s Door when your stacks of Deadly Withering get too high
      • Between 8-10 stacks should be a good point
  • No real positioning requirements this phase. Bwonsamdi stands still in the middle of the room in the Death phase. Rastakhan could just stay where he was in phase 2. Only positioning priority is in the Living Realm, to stack Retribution and Slaughter on Rastakhan as soon as you can, and root the Rage add.
Phase 4

Rastakhan Abilities
  • Old abilities remain: Scorching Detonation, Plague of Fire, Plague of Toads, Death’s Door
  • Rastakhan starts casting Bwonsamdi’s Inevitable Reaping ability
  • All Encompassing Death
    • Rastakhan begins created Death Rifts near him
    • It seems like this is just a flavour thing, where Rastakhan himself starts casting this ability instead of Bwonsamdi.
    • On PTR testing, Rastakhan never actually cast this a single time
    • It may be possible it’s just a buff on him, and Death Rifts just spawn periodically near him, in addition to the normal cast
  • Bwonsamdi’s Boon
    • This buff is still stacking until he dies, so his damage will get significantly higher the longer this fight goes. There is no cap to this buff.
Phase 4 Strategy
  • Clean up any remaining Phantom adds ASAP when this phase starts
  • Everyone should try to stay spread out for the Plague of Fire, you don’t want to set off a chain reaction with this
  • Dodge Plague of Toads
    • Happens every 45s.
  • Be careful during Inevitable Reaping that you don’t touch the Death Rifts. Doing so accidentally will nuke the raid for 14k Shadow damage every time anyone touches one
    • This damage does seems to increase with Bwonsamdi’s Boon stacks on Rastakhan
  • Dodge Dread Reaping blobs. These will really ramp up later in the phase in number, so it’ll get increasingly tight.
    • These things REALLY ramp up quickly in Phase 4. You’ll need to pay very close attention to dodge these.
  • Positioning in this phase is based on RNG of Death Rifts. If possible, players should attempt to drop all Death Rifts to the edges of the room.
    • Tanks should reposition Rastakhan as made necessary from Death Rifts

P1 Nuke adds, tank everything together. Stack together, stay within 4 yards of the tanks to split meteor-style mechanic damage. Kill totem ASAP. Person with lazer needs to run out and kite. Tank run out with Scorching Detonation. Dodge Toads.Kill Roka off to a side, not the middle of the room. You’ll like this for p3.
P2 Tank Bwonsamdi far away to a side, send healer with the tank. Everyone else on Rastakhan. Tank on Rastakhan, run to Bwonsamdi during Scorching Detonation and tank swap. Raid stay spread for Plague of Fire aids, don’t want to chain spread this. Kill totem ASAP. Dodge toads. Death’s Door targets, drop on Bwonsamdi’s side of room.
P3 Half of raid closest to Bwonsamdi goes to death realm to kill him. Do not send a tank. Send as many DPS as possible, with just enough healers to keep them alive. In death realm, lust & nuke Bwonsamdi to 50% ASAP. Dodge Dread Reaping circles on ground, they move. Run away from Bwonsamdi during Inevitable End. Run over Death Rift at 8-10 stacks of debuff. In living phase, stay spread for Plague of Fire. Tank run away with Scorching Detonation. Kill totem ASAP. Living phase gets 3 adds - Root Rage add, stack the other 2 on Rastakhan. Rage add spawns wherever Roka died, so Roka dying on the side is a big help for rooting him. Kill Retribution first. After Retribution and Slaughter die, kill Rage. Soak the Seal of Bwonsamdi circles. Tank swap Rage add after Necrotic Smash. Targeted player interrupt Slaughter add during cast.
P4 kill any adds still alive. Tank swap from Caress of Death. Dodge toads. Spread for Plague of Fire aids. Don’t run over Death Rifts. Dodge Dread Reaping circles. There’s a freaking lot of Dread Reaping circles, seriously watch your feet. Don’t die to Inevitable End.
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