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Hello! This blog will be actively updated to document changes to any of the boss guides. I'll list the date of the edits and the content. Please check back to this blog regularly to make sure you haven't missed any changes!

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  • 1/24/2019
    • Stormwall Blockade
      • Blizzard made significant changes to how P2 functions, so the strategy has been rewritten
      • Kelp-Wrapping debuff on tanks capped at 5
        • Slows adds, added this info in
        • Recommended not always immediately swapping at 5 stacks. Make sure tank can let stacks expire on top of storm eles to slow them
        • Debuff can also be dispelled
      • Storm Elementals can no longer be hard CC'd by players, can only be slowed
      • Changed positioning recommendations. Sea Swell is no longer a wave covering the area, instead targeted swirlies. As such, can stay as tight groups and keep the swirlies and Freezing Tidepools closely stacked
    • Jaina Proudmoore
      • Confirmed that Siege weapons do function and need to be used
      • In P1, when Jaina casts Ring of Ice, Searing Pitch immediately removes the Root + DoT. Added in to do this
      • Increased the number of stacks for tanks to swap at
      • Clarified that Avalanche's 3 targets in p1 include the active tank
      • P2 & P3, recommended staying close to Jaina, within 7 yards
        • When about to be frozen, run to melee
      • Glacial Ray rotates very slightly. Added this info
      • Avalanche in P2 is always cast at the active tank
      • Nathanos does indeed need to be broken out. Clarified this
        • Clarified timing of clearing his Ice Block, break him free roughly the same time as the Elemental dies
        • Arcane Barrage begins casting 3s after Nathanos is freed
      • Prismatic Image respawns 40s after it dies
  • 1/23/2019
    • General Info
      • Still have several updates I need to write up for Blockade and Jaina. Didn't have free time today, so that'll be done tomorrow.
    • Rastakhan
      • Adds in p1 get rezzed as the p3 adds. Added this info
      • Roka turns into Phantom of Rage. Added recommendation to kill Roka off to the side, wherever you want Rage to spawn and be rooted
    • Conclave
      • Lacerating Claws is NOT removed by immunities, so corrected that
      • Tank swap at 2 Lacerating Claw stacks
    • Jadefire Masters
      • Rewrote the damage scaling for Burnout. It's significantly weaker scaling than PTR was, so the guide now reflects this.
      • Magma traps no longer spawn in set locations, it's now random
      • Only 2 living bombs spawn at 30 Power. (This may be a bug. Several groups didn't have them spawn at all)
    • Grong
      • Updated info about Tantrum, recommending 65-70 Rage
      • Also reiterated how important Shattered is, and to avoid forcing a Tantrum before Shattered has cleared
  • 1/22/2019
    • Rastakhan
      • General updates, clearing up things that weren't apparent from PTR.
      • MC total only MC's 1 person on Heroic.
      • Phase 3 adds spawn in random areas, not a set location.
      • P3 adds can be soft CC'd. Updated strategy for P3 to recommend Rooting the Rage add, moving everything else away from him.
      • Also altered P3 guide to recommend tanking Retribution and Slaughter directly on Rastakahan. Still kill Ret first, Slaughter 2nd. First person targeted by Slaughter's cast needs to interrupt. Position Rastakhan and Retribution add on Slaughter add. After first 2 adds die, kill Rage add.
      • Confirmed Bwonsamdi's Inevitable Demise cast in Phase 3 only affects Death realm, not living realm.
      • Added more emphasis to the amount of Dread Reaping circles you deal with in Phase 4. These get out of hand very quickly, you'll be moving almost constantly.
      • Added a line to reinforce that Rastakhan's stacks of Bwonsamdi's Boon do not have a cap.
    • Conclave of the Chosen
      • Corrected Kragwa's number of jumps per spawn to 4 from 3.
    • Jadefire Masters
      • Updated the rough "timings" of the Combined Might abilities to accurately reflect the total HP they occur at.
    • Opulence
      • Updated recommended Lust timings based on his actual HP pool on Live. Three options given, immediately when you aggro Opulence, 30s in when first wave of Spirits of Gold spawn, or 1:30 in, when 2nd wave of Spirits spawn.
    • Mekkatorque
      • Major change from PTR to live - Spark bots spawn 1 at a time. After the 3rd, Mekkatorque Shrinks 3 people to deal with them. On PTR, only 2 spawned at the same time, 3 people got shrunk.
      • Updated all information regarding Spark Bots
        • Spark Bots no longer go immune to CCs at 5 stacks of Wind Up. This means you can root them in place indefinitely. Updated to reflect this and how it can be used to your advantage.
      • Exploding Sheep Shrapnel had its visual changed. Updated to reflect what to look out for
      • In Phase 3, Mekkatorque continues to summon Exploding Sheep.
      • Mekkatorque also increases the rate he summons Spark Bots. Updated to reflect that you will get too many Spark Bots to clear, and updated all info regarding dealing with these in p3.
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