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Stormwall Blockade Raid Guide
Stormwall Blockade

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Mythic Changes and Strategy

Two phase fight. You start with the raid split between two boats to kill mini bosses, the encounter later flips the group, placing you on the other boat. After killing the mini bosses, you get ported off boats and kill the boss.
Encounter Wide Mechanic
  • Laminaria Energy
    • Several abilities generate energy to Laminaria, the final boss of the encounter. If she ever hits 100 energy, everyone dies instantly.
    • Obviously, you must manage energy and ensure it never hits 100
Phase 1 - Boats

Each boat has one mini-boss.
  • Sister Katherine
    • Voltaic Flash
      • Series of Lightning Balls appears and must be dodged. 
      • These can spawn at the sides of the boat, the front and back of the boat, and is completely random. There's about 6 different patterns these balls can appear in
      • Just find the openings between the balls and dodge them
      • Being hit by a ball deals 105k Nature damage
    • Cracking Lightning
      • Blue swirly appears under a random person, marking them
      • After 4s, zaps them with a bolt of lightning, dealing 43k Nature damage to everyone within 6 yards. Triggers Thunderous Boom at the same location
        • Deals 140k nature damage and silences everyone within 12 yards of the impact. Damage reduced based on range.
      • The blue swirly follows the targeted person, so this person should run to the edge of the boat
    • Electric Shroud
      • Boss bubbles herself, absorbing 350k damage, and making herself immune to interrupts
        • Immediately starts casting Tidal Empowerment
        • Generates 2 energy to Laminaria every 3s
      • Must swap to boss and interrupt this
    • Jolting Volley
      • Basic AoE on the whole boat, deals 105k Nature to everyone
  • Brother Joseph
    • Sea Storm
      • Series of freezing storms targeted at player locations. Targeted players get marked. Deals 41k Frost damage to the target plus anyone in their circle
        • Leaves a Sea Storm at the location hit, dealing 17k Frost damage/second to anyone standing in it, and reducing movement speed by 50%
        • These should be dropped near the edge of the boat
    • Sea’s Temptation
      • Summons a Tempting Siren, that will cause a random nearby player to walk to the siren
      • If player reaches the Siren, they jump off the ship
      • Also deals 10k nature damage per second to the boat until Siren dies
    • Tidal Shroud
      • Joseph bubbles himself, absorbing 350k damage, and becomes immune to interrupts
        • Immediately casts Tidal Empowerment
        • Generates 2 energy to Laminaria every 3s
    • Tidal Volley
      • Throws bolts of water at everyone on the boat, dealing 105k Frost damage
  • Translocate
    • The mini-bosses will periodically teleport to the other ship, based on HP thresholds
      • This is an individual thing per mini boss, whenever each individual mini-boss hit 50% HP
      • Therefore, it’s possible to end up with both mini-bosses on the same side, especially if one dies much faster than the other
      • You’ll want to coordinate DPS between the boats to ensure they hit 50% at nearly the same time
      • Any time a boat does not have a mini-boss, Laminaria will pound it with water bolts. These are blue swirlies on the ground that deal damage after about 2s. One bolt per player on the boat, chain cast until a mini-boss gets to your boat
  • Soul of the Tidepriest
    • When a mini-boss dies, its soul reappears and begins casting Greater Tidal Empowerment, generating 5 energy to Laminaria every 2 seconds
    • When both mini-bosses are dead, the souls disappear
    • Because of this, it’s vital to ensure the mini-bosses die at almost exactly the same time, otherwise you’ll give Laminaria a huge amount of energy
P1 Strat
  • Split the raid as evenly as possible by output
    • Kill the mini-bosses as evenly as possible
    • Coordinate timings of 50% HP and the mini-bosses dying, ensuring there is not much time difference between the two mini-bosses
  • Nuke the bubbles and interrupt the Tidal Empowerment casts ASAP
  • Brother team
    • Drop Sea Storm as close to the edges, or far front, of the boat as possible
    • Swap to Siren immediately and kill asap
  • Sister team
    • Be ready to dance! Dodge Lightning Balls from Voltaic Flash. 
    • Crackling Lightning targets must get as far away from group as possible. Either run as far towards the front of the boat as you can, or drop it off right at the edge
      • Ensure you're more than 12 yards away from everyone else. 
  • Once both mini-bosses die (again, vitally important, ensure these die together), you get teleported back to the dock to fight Laminaria
Phase 2
  • Laminaria
    • Sea Swell
      • Swirlies target the raid, then water bolts hit that location
      • Drops a Freezing Tidepool at the location of every swirly. Deals 43k Frost damage per second to anyone standing in the pool.
    • Storm’s Wail
      • Debuffs a player, dealing 17k Nature damage per second for 10s. When the debuff ends, you spawn an Energized Storm add at your location
      • While you have the debuff, you can run over Freezing Tidepools and absorb them, clearing the room of them
      • Energized Storm add
        • Immediately after spawning, starts moving towards the boss. If they reach him, they start generating 6 energy per 2 seconds until they die
        • All DPS should swap ASAP
        • These adds are not affected by hard CC’s, but can be slowed
        • When they die, Energized Storm adds leave behind an Energized Remnant
          • Energized Remnant zaps the raid, dealing 17k Nature damage every 2s and increases Nature damage taken by 5%, stacking
    • Ire of the Deep
      • Water orb appears and after a few seconds hits the ground, dealing 262k Frost damage split between everyone hit. This ability has a visual circle to stand in.
      • If nobody soaks, it instead deals 166k Frost damage to everyone, and spawns several Freezing Tidepools
    • Kelp-Wrapped Fists
      • Melee attacks apply Kelp-Wrapping, dealing 5200 Nature damage per second per stack, and reducing movement speed by 2% per stack
      • Debuff lasts 10s. You gain about 1 stack per 2 seconds
      • Capped at 5 stacks
      • Can be dispelled
      • When this expired, it grants all nearby players Kelp Wrapping
        • Increases damage taken of all creatures by 10%, players and enemies. This effect stacks on non-players. Cannot effect Laminaria, but does affect the Storm adds.
        • The intensity of the damage taken is increased based on the number of stacks the tank had when Kelp-Wrapped expired
P2 Strat
  • Have two stacks - one melee one range
  • When Sea Swell is cast and the swirlies appear, simply move sideways so they don’t hit you and you don’t stand in the pools.
  • Don’t stand in Freezing Tidepools
  • Player debuffed by Storm’s Wail needs to run as far to the back of the room as possible, while also running through as many Freezing Tidepools as they can on their way to the back.
  • Since Freezing Tidepools should be closely stacked, it shouldn’t be hard to clear most of them
    • Swap DPS to the Energized Storm add ASAP, and keep it slowed
    • Tanks should run to the add and let debuff expire on add, increasing damage taken
    • When the Storm add dies, you’ll need to assign someone to run over the Energized Remnant, giving them the Storm’s Wail debuff
      • If you don’t do this, the damage from the raid-wide zaps will overwhelm your healers
      • Should be able to let the Remnant zap the raid a few times to increase boss DPS uptime
      • Mobile ranged DPS will be good at this, things like BM hunter
    • Continue having assigned players get Storms Wail, clear Freezing Tidepools, then dropping add in back, raid kills add, rinse repeat
    • As the phase goes on, you will have multiple Storm Elementals to deal with. 
  • Ire of the Deep must be soaked. It takes 3-4 people to safely soak this
  • Tanks need to manage the Kelp-Wrapped debuff. It caps at 5, but you don’t always want to swap immediately when 5 is reached
    • Priority with dropping stacks is to let them expire near an Energized Storm add, to make it take more damage
    • Once the boss is taunted off you, run towards the Storm Eles to drop debuff on them.
    • Coordinate with healers to dispel the debuff off you as soon as you’re close enough to the Storm add
  • Lust should be used in this phase
  • Top
    (Please excuse the Jaina logo and low res graphics. I needed a boat, I'm shitty at graphics, this is what I could find and use. Sorry.)
    Phase 1 note - Watch your DBM TIMER. When Voltaic Flash is about to cast on Sister's ship, reposition more towards the center of the boat. This makes dodging easier.


    Start on boats. Don’t get hit by shit on the ground. Kill Sirens when they spawn. Drag debuffs to the edges. Interrupt their cast after you pop bubble. Push bosses to 50% at the same time. They swap boats. Kill them at the same time.After they both die, you fight big boss. Tank swap at 5 stacks for debuff. Debuff expiring makes all players and Storm Eles nearby take extra damage. Let debuff drop while standing on a Storm Ele. Raid stacked in 2 groups, 1 melee 1 range. When Sea Swell cast, move as a group from swirlies. Don’t stand in gunk on the ground. Player debuffed with Storm’s Wail run over as much gunk on ground as you can, and drop debuff in the back. Everyone kill add, keep it slowed. Have people run over electric orb after a few seconds, repeating the Storm’s Wail debuff. Have people soak Ire of the Deep. Lust this phase.
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