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10.16 Patch Review
Hihi! Welcome back to another patch review as today is the release of patch 10.16! It's looking like a really fun patch, specifically the buffs to underused items. There's also a ton of changes to three star champions that I won't be covering each change so make sure you check out the patch notes here! https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/game-updates/teamfight-tactics-patch-10-16-notes/

                             System Changes

Up first we have system changes which is mainly only to Galaxies this week.The Galaxy being rotated out this week is Star Cluster! It was another Galaxy most players weren’t fond of which seems to be the theme for which Galaxies are staying and which are being removed each patch. 

Along with it’s removal is, of course, the addition of the new Galaxy Salvage World! Salvage World makes it so when you sell a champion holding onto a completed item, that item will now be broken down into its components. For example if you have a Last Whisper on early game carry and sell that champion later on you will get back a Sword and Glove to your bench.

This should be a really fun Galaxy to play because of the increased skill of playing certain items early game and selling them later for different items. It’s also going to make pivoting a bit easier. On the downside it will make scouting difficult because you can’t reliably know what another player is going for that game based on their items. All in all though it should be an enjoyable Galaxy.

                                 Trait Changes

Okay let’s move on now to traits! At the end of the normal balance stuff I'll talk about the chase traits getting changed.

Up first we have buffs to Chrono! The attack speed bonus from Chrono is being increased to 8/3/1 seconds from 8/3.5/1.5 seconds. 8 Chrono was also buffed but that’s likely never to be relevant in a game. 

The buffs to four and six Chrono aren’t that substantial but should make it slightly viable to chase after them. Specifically we’re talking about four Chrono as six is still up in the air for viability. It is possible we’ll see the return of four Chrono late game, especially since Ashe is doing well in the meta, but we’ll have to see how it plays out as players test the changes.

Infiltrators are getting a small change as the time to jump is now fixed at 0.6 seconds. What this means is that regardless of where you position your Infiltrators they will reach the back line at the same time. Overall it’s not going to make that large of a difference as it’s more of a quality of life change so you know your Infiltrators will all jump together.

At early levels the Mech-Pilot super mech is losing a bit of damage on its ability. It’s going from 700/750/800 to 650/700/750. After that the damage is unchanged so it’s meant to make it better to chase after two star Mech-Pilots instead of relying on them being one star. While these number changes aren’t huge by any means it should make the initial power spike of a player hitting all three Mech-Pilots a bit less than before.

Three Rebels are remaining the same but six and nine Rebels are receiving a buff to their shields as it’s going from 210/350 to 225/400. Much like Chrono you’re unlikely to see nine Rebels be a viable option but six Rebels, even with just a minor buff of 15, should see more play in 10.16.

Space Pirates are getting buffed, hurray! Although hold your applause because it’s only to four Space Pirates as the chance to drop an item is going up to 33% from 25%. While this is a fairly large increase it’s still in question whether going four Space Pirates is ever a viable strategy. With the trait relying so heavily on finding Gangplank you shouldn’t expect to see this buff make much of a splash.

We all know Vanguard has been doing well as the top front line option for the meta and while two and four Vanguard aren’t being addressed they are instead tackling six Vanguard. The armor bonus for six is going down to 900 from 1000. It’s a nice change to help physical damage carries playing into six Vanguard as before, even with Last Whisper, it was almost impossible to do enough damage to kill them. That said 900 armor is still a lot so we expect this nerf not to matter too much.

And the last trait change to talk about is to Mana-Reaver! Mana-Reaver, along with Shroud of Stillness and Ezreal, are all getting nerfed. The nerf lowers the mana increase of the target's next spell now to be 30% instead of 40%. On one hand this definitely needed to happen to Shroud and Ezreal as those two are quite powerful.

But on the other hand Mana-Reaver is suffering in the meta because it’s so difficult to make use of in any composition. This nerf is going to make it even less desirable. That said, this is likely an okay sacrifice due to the power of Shroud and Ezreal and the fact Mana-Reaver isn’t relevant for any composition that isn’t Cybernetics.

Before we move on and talk about champions there’s one last thing to mention in regards to traits. They are targeting chase traits in this patch by buffing 9 Rebels, Star Guardian’s, 8 Battlecast, Dark Star and six Infiltrator. These are fairly substantial buffs to each but, as we’ve already mentioned, buffing hard to obtain traits usually won’t matter. 

The amount of games you’re likely to see any of these changes have an affect on is incredibly low. But it does mean if you manage to hit them you should have good odds at placing highly since they are very difficult to hit. We do suggest you don’t aim for these as it’s unrealistic to do so.

                              Champion Changes

Now we can talk about champion changes! We’re going to start off by going through each tier and end with the vast amount of buffs to three star champions.

Let’s begin with one cost champions with the only champion getting a buff being Fiora! Fiora is having her health increased to 500 from 450. It’s a decent change for Fiora although it probably wasn’t necessary as she’s not exactly a weak champion. She mainly just doesn’t scale well later on but that’s the same for a lot of one cost champions.

Next we have the only two cost champion getting changed, Zed

Oddly enough Zed is having his ability buffed as the attack damage steal is going up to 20/33/50% from 20/25/40%. It’s an odd change because Zed is a decent champion in the meta. He’s been seen as a key aspect of Master Yi carry compositions and used in Rebel builds with Jinx. Since it’s only targeting his ultimate it shouldn’t make him overpowered but it’s definitely a strange buff on a champion that likely didn’t need it.

Moving into three cost champions we’ve got a big nerf to Bard! Bard is having his passive mana from auto-attacking decreased to 5 at tier one from 8. While this doesn’t sound like a big amount it does slow down how fast Bard 1 will be able to generate mana and thus less meeps. 

Less meeps means having him early game is less effective. This is a good change because of how ridiculous Bard 1 is early game. But you can likely just give him a Tear item, either Shojin or Blue Buff, and he’ll still be nearly as good as he was prior to this nerf.

Master Yi is next with a nerf to him at tier 3. His bonus true damage will now be 150 from 175. Overall it’s a necessary change as Master Yi 3 is a monster but with only a 25 damage nerf it may not be enough to slow him down in 10.16.

Next we have four cost champions with Fizz receiving a nerf to his level one ability. The damage is going down to 350 from 400. While 50 damage may not seem like a lot it is an overall good nerf to make him not as good as a one star champion. He’ll still be good; it just makes two starring him more important than before.

Unsurprisingly Jhin is getting a nerf, though it’s just to his base attack speed as it’s going down to 0.85/0.9 from 0.9/0.95. Keep in mind his damage scales based on his attack speed so it’s going to make him do slightly less damage. He’s poised to still be strong in 10.16 and may need additional nerfs in later patches.

Jinx is receiving buffs once again with her attack damage going up to 75 from 70. As usual a five damage increase seems small but it can make all the difference for Jinx in getting resets for her ability. Along with Rebel buffs we may see even more Jinx in the new meta.

And the last four cost is Teemo with nerfs to his attack speed as its going down to 0.95 from 1.0. Honestly, this won’t make any difference in how good Teemo is. Attack speed scaling does matter but it’s not a big deal for Teemo so treat this change as if they basically did nothing to him.

The last champion getting balanced before we talk about three star champions is Gangplank! Gangplank is getting his abilities damage buffed to 550/700 from 450/600. It’s a substantial increase considering it’s an AoE ability. We’ll have to see how it impacts his viability in 10.16 but expect to see him played just a bit more often.

As we mentioned there’s a ton of buffs to three star champions this patch. As I said in the introduction there's far too many to cover so check out the patch notes for all of them. That said let's touch on just a few of the lower tier champions that may affect the meta.

First let’s talk about Poppy who’s getting buffs to her ability. The damage is only going up to 225 from 200 but the shield is getting a 50 increase. While a 50 increase seems small keep in mind it scales with ability power. Will it be enough for Candyland to return? Maybe, but worth keeping in mind for the new patch.

Next we want to point out both Ziggs and Malphite are being buffed. Ziggs gets 50 more damage on his ability and Malphites shield will be 70% up from 60%. We mention these two specifically because there was a meta where rerolling for these two in Rebels was playable. With buffs to their three star versions we may see that happen again.

                                Item Changes

And the last section to go over is the item changes! This is the juicy part of the patch as, hopefully, these buffs should shake up the item meta just a bit as this patch is seeking to make a few underused items more viable.

One such item is Sword Breaker as the disarm is now 33% from 25%. It has potential in Blaster compositions but likely not too impactful outside of that. Sword Breaker is probably an item that needs to be changed drastically for it to truly be viable.

Runaan’s Hurricane is getting buffed to 75% from 70% which mainly only matters for Master Yi ever since the Sniper bonus damage was removed from this item. It’s already usable with Shojin users but in terms of damage dealing it’s only going to matter for Yi.

Locket is going up to 250/300/375 from 250/275/350 and, well, is probably not going to be good still in 10.16. That said it’s a viable option on Salvage World early game as you can just break it apart later on to make better items.

Onto the big changes. First is Hand of Justice as the health on hit is being changed to omnivamp, meaning it heals both physical and spell damage for 50%. This is a huge change for the item and should make it top tier moving forward in the meta. Notably it’s great for hybrid champions or something like the Super-Mech that does high physical and spell damage.

Next is Hextech Gunblade! This item will now generate a shield of up to 400 health whenever the champion is overhealed. Overhealing means that the health restored by Gunblade is above their max health. Overall this is a great change for the item but it’s still likely to be a bit niche. A great champion to consider using this on is Jayce for his high AoE damage ability.

And the last item to talk about is Statikk Shiv. For starters its primary damage is getting a small nerf down to 85 from 90. But to compensate that they’ve made it so it will do an additional 85 true damage if the target has a shield or is CC’d. 

The implications of this change is huge because it adds an interesting layer of depth to the item. An example would be on Ekko he will get a lot of value because during his ultimate it should count his target as being crowd controlled. Or put it on Ashe with her 3 second stun. And one last thing to consider is if there’s a lot of Protector players then this item gets a ton of value. All in all it’s a unique change for a somewhat underused item.

Alright folks that's all for today! I'm super interesting to see how this patch plays out. Specifically I'm looking forward to the item changes and the new Galaxy. Also keep in mind that the next patch is likely a smaller one as Riot is going on a small vacation and they mentioned in the patch notes 10.17 won't be a large patch because of that. I'll see you all next week for my meta articles! Thanks for reading <333

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!

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