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Week of 10.16: Top Champions for Ranked
Hihi! It's time for the start of the another 'week of' articles where I talk about different aspects of the meta! We're getting into the thick of 10.16 so the meta has begun to settle just a bit. Today I'll be talking about top champions for ranked and why they are good choices. Keep in mind this doesn't cover every single viable champion just a few of the stronger and more versatile ones to consider playing during a game. Let's get to it!

Okay up first we have Ziggs! Ziggs has been a consistently solid early game champion for quite awhile. In 10.16 his value hasn't necessarily gone up but with the rise of Rebels and Mech he's definitely going to be seen more often in games. He's a great early game carry, especially when paired with other Rebels and a Rumble. Later on he can be replaced by Gangplank if you're playing a Mech composition otherwise he's just a utility champion in Rebels.

That said you can give him items like Blue Buff, Luden's Echo and even Gunblade if you want him to be relevant longer throughout the game. Once you hit late game you can either sell him to give those items to Aurelion Sol when playing six Rebels or keep them on him to help Jinx get resets. All in all he's a solid one cost champion with a lot of impact on the early game.

Next is Lucian! Lucian continues his warpath as a great two cost carry champion through the early and mid game. Cybernetics are a bit inconsistent at times but Lucian can help them have a really strong early game which helps you transition into six Cybernetics late game. Or you can use him as an item holder for Jinx until you two star her later. Definitely look to play Lucian when you're able to quickly two star him as he will carry you into whatever composition you're planning to transition into.

Alright we have our first of two Space Pirates on today's list, Jayce! Jayce is still a pivotal champion for the front line at any stage of the game. While he doesn't have crowd control like Wukong he brings a lot of AoE damage to get through the enemy front line quickly. Vanguards are still the best front line option currently so having him is always worthwhile.

There's a few other reasons to consider Jayce. One is Space Pirates. While four Space Pirates isn't exactly reliable it is playable if you high-roll an early enough Gangplank. Jayce will weaken or kill the front line for your other Space Pirates to pop off in fights. Early game, if you can find Jayce, he's incredibly hard to kill which makes it much more likely for your Space Pirates to get you extra gold. Lastly there was an item change to Gunblade that has made it amazing for Jayce. The over-heal effect gives him an almost permanent shield because his spell damage is so high.

Moving along we have Rumble! Rumble is, quite frankly, a beast in the early and mid game. Later on he does fall off a bit so either you replace him with Gangplank or just use him for the Mech but early game? He's amazing. Even without items his spell does a lot of damage and it's really easy to find a Ziggs to pair with him so his ultimate also stuns. But he shines the brightest with items. Whether it's defensive items like Guardian's Angel or more aggressive items like Jeweled Gauntlet, he's going to pop off in fights. 

Ashe is still going strong in the meta although she's fallen off just a bit in priority. That said she's still incredibly valuable as a back-line utility champion since her ultimate is a three second stun at level two. Mix her in with Astro/Sniper or simple run her throughout the early and mid game as a semi-carry. Shojin is still an amazing item on Ashe so try to get that for her if possible.

Ah now we have one of the stars of the patch, Jinx. Jinx got buffs again in this latest patch and her, along with Gangplank, have become staples of the meta. While Jinx is susceptible to burst damage, CC and Infiltrators, if you can keep her protected from most of those she's going to wreck fights. Jinx does still need help getting into her resets but there's plenty of champions to assist her with that, especially in Rebels between Ziggs, Aurelion Sol, Rumble and Gangplank. She's also flexible in what items you can give her as she can use a variety of both damage and utility items. Defensive items are also not a necessity due to the shielding of Rebels as well as good positioning.

Astro/Sniper is still doing well enough in the meta to make Teemo a worthwhile pick up. Jhin definitely does more overall damage but Teemo has a few things going for him. First he does high magical damage to multiple units which often means the front line. If the other players don't spread against your Teemo you're going to have a field day watching his mushrooms blow up their front line.

Another reason for Teemo being strong is his CC. The slowing effect of his mushrooms is incredibly frustrating to watch as enemy champions will move so, so slowly. Lastly his traits are great, specifically Astro. Astro isn't much to write home about but it does help the units cast sooner in a fight which means more CC since all of Teemo, Gnar and Nautilus have crowd control. Overall Teemo is an amazing champion for Astro/Sniper.

Moving along we have Soraka! Soraka is back because her healing is still valuable. Mystic remains an important trait in the meta and Soraka should always be played as one of the Mystics, if possible. The amount of healing she does stalls out fights significantly which is overall a good thing for any composition. The trio of Soraka/Neeko/Janna isn't as prevalent in the current meta as it was last but that's okay because Soraka wasn't dependent on those two to be relevant. Basically if you're planning to splash in Mystic make sure one of them is Soraka.

Fizz is next because he's still a devastating force in the back-line but more importantly, Mech is a top composition. We should definitely point out Fizz may be highly contested in games because he's just an all around good champion to slot into any build and there's going to be generally one or two Mech players a game. So getting him two starred may prove difficult. But once you're able to two star him he's a beast, whether as just a standard Infiltrator or as part of Mech.

And the last champion for today is Gangplank. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise as Gangplank does a lot of damage. It feels like almost more than the 100 damage buff he got but there's a few reasons as to why he feels stronger than the buff. One is the meta has shifted where Mech and Rebels are strong builds. This inherently makes Gangplank stronger and more viable.

Second is the nerf to Shroud. Shroud was a huge counter to Gangplank and while it still is good against him, 30% increased mana means he's still likely to get one cast off before dying as opposed to the previous 40%. Beyond those the fact that both Rumble and Ziggs are doing well makes Demolitionist, and thus Gangplank, more valuable. It also has made Mercenary a bit better although the upgrades are still overpriced for the value they provide, with the exception of double strike.

That's all for today folks! I'll be back later this week with my meta breakdown, top items and a trait tier list! Thank you for reading and I'll see y'all later! <3

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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