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Celebrity Fight Night: Interview with Trikslyr
It's been a few months since we've last seen the triumphant Team Trikslyr. On our previous Celebrity Fight Night, a feud sparked over Trik breaking Workhorse's mug. Whether that report is true or not, this debacle were to be settled over a Fight Night. The effort was valiant but it wasn't enough, as Team Workhorse fell 3-1. While the mug incident continues to resonate on the minds of many, do not forget that months before then this group prevailed over Coffee's squad, 3-2. Will this success continue tomorrow night, or will their reign come to an end? Does their talent only prevail against coffee and mugs? For the sake of the opposition, let's hope they've got zero association with any breakfast beverage...

Before we witness the clash, I managed to catch some of Trik's time, ask a few questions and catch up. We get into just who Trikslyr is, what he's thankful for, and what some of his favorite memories are:

AD: What did your life consist of before Heroes of the Storm? Who were you? How did you find HotS?

Playing Halo, League of Legends, and StarCraft 2. In that order. Eventually worked my way into SC2 casting, content creation. Blizzard had some rumors surrounding their next moba coming out, and I applied to be a part of that team.


AD: Like the chicken or the egg, was it Hero Storm that created your streaming career, or did streaming create your Hero Storm career? How did this unfold?

A little of both. I mostly started streaming to prove that Murky wasn't that bad of a hero. But I've always been someone that enjoyed entertaining, so it was an awesome catalyst for me to get to do that. I've found my true happiness streaming a variety of games, but HOTS def has a place in my heart.


AD: How did casting HotS come into the picture? Was it something you wanted to pursue, or was it something you discovered about yourself you enjoyed?

I've always enjoyed casting, especially since my SC2 days. While being a CM for Blizzard, I always asked/showed what I could do internally. Eventually some folks believed in me and I got a chance. Once HGC was announced, I interviewed for the job and was selected to be one of the four. Rest is history.


AD: Who are some of the people that changed your life during the active Hero Storm years? In what ways have they shaped who you’ve become?

Khaldor has to be number 1, learned a lot form the guy and walked away with a potential lifetime of friendship. You don't find that often nowadays.

I learned to be more direct with what I want in life, and to cherish those who care about you. Because there are enough people out there that you're not going to impress, and there is 0 reason to give them any energy.

Dustin Browder wasn't someone that I knew massively on a personal basis, but his energy is something I try to emulate when I'm trying to sell someone on an idea. Dude has an infectious way of speaking and I really vibe with it.


AD: You’ve experienced so many events throughout the HotS timeline. Which one do you hold closest to your heart, and what made it so special?

MSB 2018 without a doubt GEN G vs Dignitas. It's my best cast to this day. The games were on point, Khaldor and I's synergy was at peak conjoined-ness (IS THAT A WORD?), the crowd was electric. The only thing that could surpass that cast would be a BlizzCon Grand Finals.


AD: With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, what are you thankful for? While on the topic, what’s the #1 holiday Trik meal?

Pumpkin Pie, with whip cream. Also Egg Nog at all times. OH, and mashed potatoes with gravy. Perfect dish for perfection nutrition.


AD: What does the future of Trikslyr look like? How will your experiences guide you?

I have no idea; I'm just enjoying life at the moment and trying to figure out my place in this world.


AD: Heroes of the Storm’s story has yet to reach its conclusion, but so much of it has already been written. What do you believe its legacy will look like? What will it consist of?

I think the legacy has already been written. It's the first game Blizzard gave up on. It sucks, but it is what it is. We can enjoy it as a community, and the remaining devs are working their ass off to keep it going. But I don't see it bouncing back to the prime I remember. Which is quite the shame. I gave years of my life to this game and I think it deserves better. As a famous philosopher once said, "It be what it be."







Tune into the HeroesHearth Twitch this Wednesday to catch JHow and Halorin cast the clash!

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