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Heroes Update: Week Two

Hey, Gang --

I just wanted to post a quick update heading into the holiday break. As you know, the HHE crew and I have been exploring every possible option on how to help make competitive Heroes happen on a high-level and it's been a journey. It has been a pleasure to speak with so many community leaders and organizations and there are a ton of great ideas out there and I think we -- Heroes fans -- are in good hands with what people are working towards.

Furthermore, to all of the amazing people who have reached out to me directly: I am slowly, but surely reading every email and message and will respond to you as fast as I am able.

Also, a big congrats goes out to HeroesLounge for pulling together such a great community response for their new S-Division.

At this point, I am unable to share with you our full plan of action. We have a bunch of people trying to connect on several fronts and when doing something this big, it takes time to mobilize so many parties in a responsible way. We are making a ton of progress, however, with the holidays now upon us, things will be a little slow for the next week.

That being said, I can't just leave you hanging. So, what I can share is that we (HHE) will be doing two things (at least):

1.) Something that will help to solve the greater HGC-void problem. This will be the big picture, big prize pool, big talent type event(s) that we are all wishing for and that I am seeing in most of the emails and messages you have all sent me. In turn, we are working with a slew of other organizations to pool our collective resources to create the highest quality experience possible. I would love to talk more about this, but it isn't just an HHE thing and it's not our place to spill the beans until all of our ducks are in a row. But something is coming and it will be rad.

2.) A new HHE-produced show that will function as a fun compliment to #1. This show is actually something we have been wanting to do for some time, so we're pretty amped about it. We will be launching this after the #1 project is announced as a fun supplement to the broader competitive scene, with our own HHE spin on things.

The Dark Nexus has been a crazy place since the HGC announcement, but we're seeing a lot of reasons to have hope -- and most of those reasons are the great people that are getting involved, it really is quite remarkable.

Thanks again for the kind words of encouragement thus far and we're doing our best to not let you down. Have a great holiday ;)
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ave us Dadhorse
Awesome to hear! I look forward to finding out more.
Workhorse, the hero we need, but do not deserve.
I'm beyond elated to see this site coming together and knowing more great things are coming, post the HCG news the other week, I was trying to post all over the sites like reddit and youtube about our community remaining calm, sticking together, and having faith in community based control over our hobbies, like HOTS is way better than relying on...certain other companies and groups dictating it for us.
I'd like to share the basic compilations of those posts, at the end is a newer idea for a sticky for fundraising and thanks to this site:   "I'm TangentChaos#1131. I fell in love with HotS fast.  Since there is clearly no LACKING of passion, and incentive to those of us who LOVE HoTS, very much, I'm sure there are smaller groups who would be VERY interested with the right presentation, to fund/sponsor, HCG and anything else we want to do/etc, why are we depending on a corporation when corporations typically do not operate in the interests of the individual? Lets get away from that then? I don't have money to start a campaign here, but I'm sure we'd find many people who can, just have to start somewhere. Networking is a powerful thing;) Lets do it?! I'd throw money at any fundraiser/kickstarter type program that was started, corporations shouldn't drive community based fun like this anyway, especially greedy ones that just care about metrics and numbers looking good.  Of course its more complicated than that sometimes, but thats what communities are for.  I just discovered this game! Why stop playing and doing what you do now (this is a generalized philosophical statement to apply to many ppl and things)? From videos I've watched, seeing the activity in reddit, and in game in several channels, all day, a great time to start discovering the game. Compared to 3 yrs ago, it looks so much better now.
I don't like how fast people pick up their proverbial pitchforks these days, getting all negative like they do with Wow, Diablo, and just quit. If everyone would stop quitting everything, I think things would normalize again. Extreme negativity and reactions don't usually beget great responses then the negativity downward spiral happens. This applies to just about everything. I'm so grateful for the time  NotParadox, MFPally, Grubby, nubkeks, rhykker, lord fluffy, (icyveins, tentonhammer,heroesfire, hotslogs, hgc site etc) have taken (even belullar for wow)with videos to help me play so much better than when I just showed up last month and played a few games with no idea, started searching, found all this.  I sincerely hope you do NOT stop educating and providing content, as I haven't seen much in new videos for heroes changes/abilities.  If it wasn't for these videos, I wouldn't be having as much fun, spent as much time as I have on this, and I see a lot of value added, to what the content providers of the community and players that take time to use forums to share info have been doing! Please, do not stop.  I would love a chance to meet more people who want to play and learn and grow in this game together, come find me :) I'd like to see some groups of casuals that stick together and play vs ai runs, practice mechanics and "drills" in sandbox games or whatever, I see a lot of potential and possibilities.    Beyond the existing reddit communities, I've just found Heroeshearth and Hotscounters which are also extremely valuable and I can't emphasize enough how wonderful this is, I've never seen anything like this for a game, its beautiful and inspiring.  I love this community, from the start.  Thanks to all of you guys who do the math, analyze data, present and provide platforms for the community playing the game can utilize to network, learn, have fun, and make things happen.  We need an easy to find sticky where people can understand where they can donate funds/etc to all of you who are putting in all this time to make it happen.  I noticed patreon links here and there but harder to find across all these locations, so there's an idea: put a sticky thread somewhere (if this already exists I haven't seen it yet, point the way)where we can look and donate funds to various websites and the people who could use the help along with some brief facts perhaps reminding us that this costs money and time and it didn't come free(kinda like how wiki emails me asking for money at least once a year to keep wikipedia going but I know we could do a better message).