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Welcome to HeroesHearth, We're New Here
Hello! I'm workhorse, co-founder of HeroesHearth. Thanks for checking out our crazy place and poking around, there is a lot to see.

First off: welcome to Beta!

Previously, you may have known us the Heroes of the Storm social network. This is still true, but we are now also the World of Warcraft social network. We're all massive WoW fans, so this has been in the works for a long time and it has been a great ride implementing the social media elements and content tools that we designed for Heroes with WoW fans in mind.

Furthermore, with help from our dear friends at Limit, we've layed the foundation of what we think will be a great platform to galvanize the community (hardcore and casual alike) and we're proud to open our doors to a new community and see what we can build together.

If you're new, my biggest piece of advice is to treat it like you would any other social media site -- post status updates, comment on things, even click a Kappa or two -- but really, we want you to explore. There is a lot in here and we'll be adding more WoW content, tools, and features every week over the next several months -- i.e. the features you are seeing now are just the tip of the iceberg.

Then, be sure to sync up your Battlenet account in your settings (Settings > WoW Informaiton). This will pull all of your API data from a few different sources to populate your profile, your sidebar widgets, and your Guild presence.

For those of you Raiders who are pushing for a strong BoD run out of the gates, be sure to update your Guild profile (click that "sync" button) -- you will be automatically placed in your Guild once you sync-up. If you're an Officer or a GM, you will receive instant access to the editing tools you'll need to supe up your Guild profile, but also to launch your own Progression Tool for the upcoming raid -- do not miss that.

Beyond that, check out the Hearth page. The Hearth is a one-stop aggregate of all of the best content on HeroesHearth.com. Curated by the editorial staff and through user engagements, the best content from all users finds its way there.

And, spoiler time, we have an App on the way for iOS and Android. Stay tuned on that front ;)

Lastly, don't forget:

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