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Created March 17, 2017

Standard Lucio

Balance Patch - 3/14/17
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I'm loving the wall riding talent choices!

Lucio be like: "YOU CAN'T TOUCH DIS"
is there a time where you think reverse amp is the better ult?
SwankyTiger i actualy think that other ult is better because it ads secondst to E wich can be valiuable to escape in first seconds and then heal after
I think Reverse Amp is really good when you don't need burst protection. Great for sustained fights and definitely has a place.
I have been paying a lot of Lucio and having pretty good success (58.2% WR on 67 games), but I take different talents than Bakery, McIntyre, and Cris. So, I'm sure I'm wrong; I just don't know why (probably because I am low Gold). But I don't understand why my picks aren't good.

I go the Maximum Tempo quest at 1. I usually complete it before 10 (some times as quick as 2-4 minutes. Mid wars lol). I'm sure that's because noobs die more than pros. But every game I feel like 60% move speed for my whole team is SUPER impactful.

At 4 I have been going Subwoofer. I have found it really helps for peeling (like when someone gets pulled by garrosh) or for setting up kills.

At 7 I always go Sonic Amplifier. I can see why 20% increased radius all the time can be really good but I feel like I always have the 50% increase when I really need it (e.g. during team fights or when we are escaping).

And finally at 20 I tend to go Synaesthesia Auditiva just because there is so much cc with people playing jaina, KT, Arthas, etc.

I really appreciate any advice.