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Created June 2, 2019

Mephisto, May the Damage be with you.


Lvl 1: Ever since Malicious Intents Nerf it just doesn't feel the same so the stacking quest is what I prefer as a 3 second CDR on your Q is ridiculous late game making to put out about 3 in one teleport. You want that Start of the Game Team Fight to speed this up so you become dominant in the mid-game.

Lvl 4: Any of these talents are viable, I have tried all 3 out and they give you decent benefit, Spite is good if you are forced to be passive during the game or for some awful reason solo lane because your Bruiser can't. In this case, we are getting the Q talent just for the fact that it synergizes with 1 and 13.

Lvl 7: I think Ghastly Armor is a must pick even though its armour was reduced. It allows you to be more aggressive and enables you to engage without suffering too much damage. You become an engage/follow up dmg god at this point.

Lvl 10: Durance over Souls because CC and it forces out defensives such as cleanse which doesn't really stop it completely. Make sure you use this if you can hit a CC'd target or they are grouped and easier to hit. The CD on it is short so don't be afraid to use it.

Lvl 13: All the talents are pretty spicy here but we go for the 20% Spell power since we will be pumping out like at least 2 Qs every engage. Plus Durance is nutty when you are hitting free Q's and they take more durance dmg.

Lvl 16: Im not good enough for lightning reaction so I pick either of the W talents in this case we pick Animosity for the prolonging of W which will synergize with 20.

 If the enemy team is particularly chunky then pick static field.  

Lvl 20: Mimic because of the synergies with 13 and 16 and acts as a sudo-barrier for your team. Also a lot of Damage.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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