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Created April 30, 2019

Getting INVOLVED w/ Q

Q build seems to be the build I have the most success with. Certainly the most fun! Focus on landing Q and getting that lvl 1 quest stacked. The basic combo is:

Q from range. Hit W and then E into the side of the enemy team hitting as many people with NOVA as possible. Right before you blink back to your shade, throw out a final Q!

Post lvl 10, you can finish people off from safety with your ult. Alot of people will be low if you are reliably landing your full combo on a couple of heroes. Enjoy!
You need that extra armor when you going deep and getting involved.
I think this ult is generally the best, but can be especially useful against stealthed heroes.
Throw a Q from range and then E in with your Lightning Nova active. Explosion when your initial Q makes contact with the Nova. Throw another Q before you blink back to where you began the combo.
Especially useful vs Abathur, Vikings, Murky, but allows for some insane multi-kills.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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Why not the shield talent at 4? Also I like the versatility of Animosity at 16. Nice build though.