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Created July 29, 2019

First Impression Qhira Build

High mobility melee assassin with dot damage. Can stretch across the screen to get backline squishies. Will make you say "wut" out loud. 
Easy to accomplish within melee range of the target. Additional damage with slow helps finish the target off.
This talent helps keep the target close to your teammates while also snagging any other stragglers.
Super nice burst heal, can definitely bait your opponent into making a fatal mistake by re-engaging.
Engage with trait or E, then cast this. Will have phenomenal synergy with Anduin's Light Bomb. Final Strike is okay, felt sorta like Hinterland and Sunder combined. Don't care for the 1 second charge.
Will allow you to spam your Q more, which means keeping enemies at full stacks.
Armor reduction has always been strong, and now you get it off of your primary engage. Synergizes well with your lvl 4.
Utility Belt is fun and all, but No Sanctuary almost guarantees that you're going to finish off anyone who tries to escape.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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