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Created June 6, 2018

Just Tychus

Anti-tank + burst snipe + siege machine/objective bully = Tychus. 
The movement speed bonus is nifty for escaping and engaging, but hopefully more often for escaping, as you must be wise with how you utilize Dash.
Melts the tank quicker + provides a nice 2 second reduction on CD. This will pair nicely with your 13 talent.
Extra distance provides that sweet snipe capability, also will pair with your 16 talent.
Clutch for pushing out forts/keeps and defending your own. The zoning this heroic provides is significant. Most enemies know to back off once casted, if not, you benefit in the ton of aoe damage you'll be throwing out. Excellent for fighting over objectives with. Laser Drill is good, but not better.
Your minigun will expire quicker with Bigger They Are, and will also give you a bigger burst heal. By the time In the Rhythm ends, you might already be dead. Quick tip: activating Odin Pilot will end your minigun early, providing you with the heal instantly.
Now your snipe is even more powerful. The 5% added damage comes in handy; it's noticeable.
There are a lot of good talents at 20, but Big Red Button finishes games, and that's the purpose of Storm talents. Enjoy the longer duration, and of course that lovely nuke damage.
Balance Patch - 5/22/18
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