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Created November 13, 2018

Standard Hanzo

Not much to it, he does a ton of damage and has excellent waveclear. 
Run to mid lane and start stacking this immediately on heroes.
Explosive Arrows is the other main option here if there's no way for you to reliably Scatter Arrow onto a minion wave.
Really ramps up your dps. Reduce mana cost and gives CD reduction from your autos.
Make big plays, but make sure you back pedal and wind it up before casting.
A matter of preference here, as they all in some way give you more mobility/escape.
I've seen this talent pierce through a hero, hit the wall, and bounce back into them.... Yeah their head exploded instantly.
Gives you the ability to become a global hero. Cast from anywhere now and as long as you land a juicy arrow, you can teleport in.
Balance Patch - 10/31/18
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