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Created April 4, 2019

Oh, I've seen this before...

About Me

I am a coach for one of the current teams of Division S, CelebTV Gaming. I've noticed there's been a lack of competitive content and updates to guides so I thought I'd go over some of the more 'meta' builds. I'll try and keep them up to date as best as I can, if you have questions you can hit me up on Twitter,  @Decade_Live.

If you'd like to get to know our team as well we have a discord link anyone is welcome to join, https://discord.gg/jPgn9MV. All the players will be there, you can ask questions and feel free to join us for games. :) 

About Chromie

Chromie in her current state has shifted from being a burst mage to having one of the most consistent damage sources out of any Ranged Assassin. Her mimic(s) copy Sand Blasts and her auto attacks, with having another source of damage constantly up she's able to quickly burn down frontline with her low cooldown abilities. She also has the ability to turn into a decent waveclear hero with the changes to her Dragon Breath. When drafting Chromie look to put her with heavy frontline, a durable tank and a bruiser solo lane are best for her to succeed with. 

Solid Map(s): 

Battlefield of Eterntiy

Braxis Holdout

Dragon Shire

Towers of Doom 

Volskaya Industry

Weaker Map(s): 

Sky Temple

Tomb of the Spider Queen 

Cursed Hollow

Once Again the First Time: This quest is one of the more difficult to complete for the hero but after completion doubles your damage with the hero. If you are new to the hero you may have some difficulty completing the quest but with time you'll notice the difference.

Deep Breathing: This is one of the easier quests to complete and is the most forgiving for Damage dealing. Now that Q hits minions and structures it is easier to miss.

Timewalker's Pursuit: I see this talent more as a crutch for people that suffer mana usage problems.
Time Troubles: I would include notes about the other abilities but giving your entire team a 20 armor ice block or the enemy a 20 armor debuff is too good not to take. There's even armor debuff stacking too!
Bronze Talons: I will generally say this talent is a choice if your team lacks any sort of real crowd control, or if you're looking to put out as much DPS without depending on your teammates CC. The bonus auto damage also applies to your copies.

Mobius Loop: Can work with the W Quest at level 1 but I think the other 2 Talents offer additional sources of damage on all abilities/attacks.

A Proper Greeting: Executioner on a mage...Yes! Generally talents that increase damage from CC are the go-tos on most heroes.
Master Marksman
Aimed Shot has a 100% chance to reduce the focus cost of your next Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot by 100%.
Slowing Sands: If the opposing team is taking heroes that have a lot of damage negation like Medivh or Cleanses like Uther/Rehgar I'd take this over Temporal Loop.

Temporal Loop: The ability to have your team get a free 'catch' on a target is really nice. When ulting with temporal look to go for targets
that lack mobility and generally have a lower health pool.
Gnome Speed Ahead: Movement speed for kiting and a great boost to mana regeneration. This will usually always be your pick.

Here and There: Was a talent option before the rework, now the ability has a limited range which makes the swap not good.

Time Out: If a team is running a Hard Dive Comp with an Illidan/Anub'arak and you need to avoid burst or stall, I'd suggest this talent.
Shifting Sands: Same as the level 1 Talent. This is going to be harder to make work since it is all reliant on your ability to hit Qs, but when you start stacking it your damage is insane.

Fast Forward: Trap Talent. Don't take it.

Quantum Overdrive; This is going to be the easier talent to use since it is an activate, if you feel more comfortable with it, opt for it.
After the Blessing of the Bronze has been changed to an Active. Piercing Sands is going to be your go-to.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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wow thanks for taking the time to post this along with the good notes! Well met.  I'm a fan of celebtv/celeb gaming team so cheers! Great job with comms in  Toasty and Gladman invitational, as well as hhe fight night