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Created August 10, 2020

Living Bomb w/Phoenix

Auspicious Spirits
Your Shadowy Apparitions now deal 100% increased damage and generate 2 Insanity.
Shadow Word: Death
A word of dark binding that inflicts 7,693 Shadow damage to the target. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. Generates 15 Insanity, or 30 Insanity if the target dies.
Your abilities requiring Stealth can still be used for 3 seconds after Stealth breaks. Also causes Garrote to deal 80% increased damage and have no cooldown when used from Stealth and for 3 seconds after breaking Stealth.
Dark Ascension
Immediately activates a new Voidform, then releases an explosive blast of pure void energy, causing 9,238 Shadow damage to all enemies within 10 yards of your target. Generates 50 Insanity.
Master Poisoner
Increases the damage done by your weapon poisons by 30% and their non-damaging effects by 20%.
Marked for Death
Marks the target, instantly generating 5 combo points. Cooldown reset if the target dies within 1 minute.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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