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Created January 25, 2019

Master Jojo - the "Lawn Mower" Build

This build is a part of my overall Johanna guide, that you can read here. I definitely recommend checking that out if you're getting serious about being a great Johanna.
An active ability that lets you heal 30% of Jojo's MAX HP. Helps you to be more independent from your support.
Lets you spam "Condemn - (W)" while not going out of mana.
Lets you spam "Condemn - (W)" even more often, Also reduces CDs of other abilities. 
CC is great. :)
The "Condemn - (W)" sucks in minions/players and "Holy Fury" burns them. "Punish - (Q)" does not let minions/players run away while they're getting burned. Also cleans creep tumors (Zagara's D) and reveals stealth heroes next to Johanna.
Helps you to be even more independent. If there is no target that really needs to get blinded (like the Butcher, Illidan, Jimmy etc.) keep the "Shield Glare - (E)" until you lose some HP.
Lets you stay in the fight for a longer period of time. Sometimes the enemy team will not notice or will forget that you went for this talent, so they might end up chasing you to secure the kill.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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Heccu ty for taking time to explain yoru picks this is exactly what I'm looking for while trying on Johanna, as a non tank main. This is great. You also made a guide and linked it which is excellent. yayyyyyy!