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Created October 8, 2018

Homi's First Impression: Offlane Mal'ganis Build

I personally think he'll be an offlaner and a pretty good one at that. His self sustain is good, he's tanky and hard to gank, his waveclear is decent and he can trade pretty effectively

His level 1 block talent stacks as much as you can land W's on people. It lets you trade better in lane and if you can get big W's in teamfights you get a lot of block stacks. If this hero ends up being a main tank (which I can maybe see him being in niche comps), Time to Feed seems great because of all your AoE damage. You can get a lot of burst healing by popping some of your AoE spells on heroes and get healing not only from your passive life leech, but from the talent as well

At level 4, Echo of Doom is far and away the best choice for offlaning. It gives you additional damage (which in turn gives more healing), waveclear and longer duration armor so you can trade up more often. It's just the most consistent when offlaning. Fueled by Torment seems pretty good when main tanking and/or vs. something with fast and multiple damage instances like Tracer or Genji. Pop W while Tracer or Genji are going on you and you heal for a ton.

At level 7 Black Claws seems like the most consistent option. You should be weaving autos in between Q's anyway and this incentivizes you to do it further, and remember more damage = more healing.

I thought Dark Conversion would be the most busted ult in the game but the melee range and .75 second cast time kills the ability for me, it's far too inconsistent. Can maybe cheese a Chogall or something with it but it seems bad. Carrion Swarm on the other hand is amazing, gives you a ton of life gain, damage, AND a 3 second invuln. Cooldown also isn't insanely long, it honestly reminds me of old Tormented Souls where if Malganis presses this button after you've committed to trying to kill him and you don't have CC then you just hard lose the fight

At 13 Deep Sleep seems like the only option, maybe if you have a lot of random sleep wake ups on your team (like Nazeebo or something where spiders will accidentally wake people up) or if your team just refuses to let people sleep for a while then The Night Beckons is good

At 16 I think Frenzied Assault will be the most consistently good option. Blind as a Bat is hilarious but I think it will probably suck since it's such a long cd and you actually don't get vision of stuff you do damage to like you do when Iso'd by Dehaka so you actually just can't see anything. Also more auto damage means more healing and your hero becomes a bigger threat as opposed to a clown randomly slashing around hoping you kill something

I think Seeker Swarm is really good since its bonus damage also gives you healing and it gives you insane playmaking, however Alone in the Dark is really nuts. Makes fights super chaotic and you should be able to get good sleeps off with Deep Sleep. Even if, theoretically, the enemy team are gods and they know what's going on when they can't see, at the very least it makes it so they can't use point click spells or auto attacks. It's particularly effective on healers
Balance Patch - 9/25/18
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