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Created November 13, 2018

Homi's Second Impression Orphea Build

Played a little more Orphea and got a different build now

The Executioner at 1 is surprisingly easy to proc and can let you get a lot of passive stacks. It also buffs your D damage from your 13

I still like the 1 second cd at 4. It is fairly easy to proc and lets you be super mobile and helps get more passive stacks so you're better at brawling

Chomp Quest is ridiculously easy to stack and lets you do insane damage off your ult combo. Also gives you a bit of self sustain out of fights, which Orphea lacks

Still Crushing Jaws, other ult is meh and this one sets up insane combos

Invasive Miasma does decent healing and is a 10 second cd so you can actually just spam this thing. Use it to wave clear to help stack your level 7, use it for pve use it for anything and everything

Lurking Terror helps set up your one shot off ult and it also lets you follow up off deep engages. If your tank + divers dive deep you can throw an E + 1 button and do a ton of damage at a really safe range

Still ult upgrade because cd reset + vuln is busted
Balance Patch - 10/31/18
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