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Created August 8, 2018

Indulging in Thighmane

Edit: I've been able to win games solo supporting with this build. Space out your Q's when out of combat to keep your team topped up without using too much mana :) Don't go too ham early game. Wait til at least level 4 to smash faces.

This is a secondary support/dps build similar to Alex's E build. It needs a fair amount of engagement/skirmishes to make the most of the build, You need to have enemy heroes in range to cast E on to be able to sustain your heals & mana. But it's F U NNNNNN.

Righteous is for the super long game. Stack those big bois up with Harsh Discipline + Lashing Out.
Need mana back? I got u.
Zealous is helpful in sustaining heals to make sure you're around to save your team.
Cleanse hella good if they have CC.
Fanatical if you want to bomb DEEPS or combo with Reckoning.
Aegis for desperate heals (great for solo heals), or Reckoning is good combo'd with Fanatical for sphincter clenches, or if they have lots of stacked heroes (Samuro, Vikings etc)
Root great for CC. Stop your cast to get out of a sticky situation.
Lashing Out enables stacking thicc heals and dishing out quite a bit of damage if you're constantly skirmishing.
Subjugation or Purge the Wicked are situational if they have an annoying DPS or big tank that needs to sit down. Both are excellent picks.
New Season - 7/10/18
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