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Created August 16, 2018

Braindead Falstead

EZ Falstas Zappy Boi build  

its Lightning Rod build
Lonely Winter
You can no longer summon your Water Elemental, but Frostbolt, Ice Lance, and Flurry deal 25% increased damage.
The bribe factor is great for merc camps, but we're really in this for the CD reduction and damage increase on Lightning Rod
Ice Nova
Causes a whirl of icy wind around the enemy, dealing 8,592 Frost damage to the target and 2,148 Frost damage to all other enemies within 8 yards, and freezing them in place for 2 seconds.
Mirror Image
Creates 3 copies of you nearby for 40 seconds, which cast spells and attack your enemies.
Frozen Touch
Frostbolt grants you Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze 20% more often.
Gust is better. It costs less mana, shorter CD, and has more play making and saving potential. But Blast is more fun so you do you ;)
Chain Reaction
Your Ice Lances against frozen targets increase the damage of your Ice Lances by 3% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
Freezing Rain
Frozen Orb makes Blizzard instant cast and increases its damage done by 50% for 12 seconds.
Thermal Void
Icy Veins' duration is increased by 10 seconds. Your Ice Lances against frozen targets extend your Icy Veins by an additional 1 second.
New Season - 7/10/18
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