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Created March 13, 2019

WQ and Island Expeditions

I like these talents so that any time I engage a fight I can almost always perform my most basic combos, depending on which bomb I have ready from Wildfire Infusion. The double Kill Command means I can almost always have one to build Focus and having 2 bombs helps with AoE pulls and I can cycle through more readily for the one I need at any time. This may not be optimal DPS build for raiding or anything, but its a fun engaging build that makes you think out what you need to do next to fill time until your CDs come back. 
Alpha Predator
Kill Command now has 2 charges, and deals 30% increased damage.
Guerrilla Tactics
Wildfire Bomb now has 2 charges, and the initial explosion deals 100% increased damage.
You and your pet blend into the surroundings and gain stealth for 1 minute. While camouflaged, you will heal for 2% of maximum health every 1 second.
Kill Command causes the target to bleed for 2,754 damage over 8 seconds. You and your pet gain 10% attack speed for every bleeding enemy within 12 yards.
Disengage also frees you from all movement impairing effects and increases your movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
Tip of the Spear
Kill Command increases the damage of your next Raptor Strike by 20%, stacking up to 3 times.
Wildfire Infusion
Lace your Wildfire Bomb with extra reagents, randomly giving it one of the following enhancements each time you throw it: Shrapnel Bomb: Shrapnel pierces the targets, causing Raptor Strike and Carve to apply a bleed for 9 seconds that stacks up to 3 times. Pheromone Bomb: Kill Command has a 100% chance to reset against targets coated with Pheromones. Volatile Bomb: Reacts violently with poison, causing an extra explosion against enemies suffering from your Serpent Sting and refreshes your Serpent Stings.
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