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Created June 9, 2018

q build hyper carry guldan 6/8/18

Crusader's Judgment
Judgment now has 2 charges, and Grand Crusader now also grants a charge of Judgment.
Retribution Aura
You and your allies within 60 yards are protected by an aura that lashes out against any melee attackers, dealing 87 Holy damage.
Hand of the Protector
Calls down the Light to heal a friendly target for 19,690, increased by up to 200% based on their missing health.
Judgment of Light
Judgment now causes the next 25 successful attacks against the target to heal the attacker for 352.
Aegis of Light
Channels an Aegis of Light that protects you and all allies standing within 10 yards behind you for 6 seconds, reducing all damage taken by 20%.
Divine Judgement
Each enemy hit by an ability that consumes Holy Power increases the damage of your next Judgment by 20%, stacking up to 15 times.
Eye for an Eye
Surround yourself with a bladed bulwark, reducing Physical damage taken by 35% and dealing 1,622 Physical damage to any melee attackers for 10 seconds.
Balance Patch - 5/22/18
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