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Created May 9, 2019

MMASniper's Leoric Build

A bruiser with good self sustain, cc, escape, and potential for great damage. The Undead Solo Laner is here!
Ossein Renewal helps keep Leoric lane against the best of the best and keeps him in the fight.
Kneel, Peasants! Allows you to clear lanes and take camps with ease.
Drain Momentum lets you continue to heal and prevents your enemies from getting out of range. Plus give you a speed boost after it resolves to finish your food or keep running.
I always go Entomb, March of the Black King is nice for sustain but it can put you in a bad position and doesn't have as much team value as Entomb.
Spectral Leech keeps the self sustain but works well with talent 16, trust me, you shouldn't die anymore.
Increasing Mithril Mace allows you to get full value from your 13 talent keep you alive and increases Leoric's attack speed, which is deadly with Leoric. There's a reason he attacks slow by default.
Increase CC, deal damage, and silence....nuff said
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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