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Created May 14, 2019


I think this is the way Rag should be played.

This build focuses on Living Meteor in the early to mid game and Blast Wave in the mid to late game.

Why not Q build? Becouse to play Q build you have to give up your lane control which makes you susceptible to ganks. Also, in late game teamfight chaos you wont be able to do consistant Q resets 

Why not E build than? Becouse E build is YOLO. You will not have the poke of finished W quest or the safety of Catching Fire.

Living Meteor is a great poke tool that can do alot of damage after the quest is done. It is also alot safer than Sulfuras Hungers becouse to end this quest you have to push the lane automatically losing control over it and being in danger of a gank. Btw, Rag is very susceptible of ganks.
Fire Ward if you are up against a spell heavy team. Otherwise, Catching Fire is better overall to protect you from all damage on demand.
This thing hits like a truck and you can ramp it up even further.
Lava Wave can win you a game if you are behind or propel you even further ahead.
Pay attention to the lane status and also know that minions spawn every 30 seconds from the Core in waves so you dont waste the waveclear.
This tier I picked Shield over Resistant even though I havent picked Engulfing Flame on level 1 becouse it gives (with level 16 talent) potential 6 seconds of shield. Also, it makes you better, way better, in teamfights. Other than that, the Shield is easier to proc than for your Q to hit multiple targets.
More shields.
Lava Surge if the game hasnt been decided yet. Otherwise Heoric Difficulty to seal the deal.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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