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Created January 8, 2019

Lunara Stable and Effective

I really enjoy stutter stepping with Lunara. she forced me to get really good at her basic attack, and I felt it was much easier to stutter step with her than some of the thick clunky heroes I've had to play in f2p before she came along last month [December 2018]. 

     I haven't locked in my go to build for her yet completely as I see a lot of different ways you could go depending on your knowledge of the enemy's picks, strengths and weaknesses.  I see much value added from BegForMercy's GM lunara so I started with that, but I saw Fan's AA and poke and saw some reddit threads recently that have people sharing reasons they prefer wildvigor +invigorating spores, crippling spores+choking pollen, endless spores+starwood spear (is this right?), Not Paradox I think did one of these if not the one below.

    So far I've preferred let them wither combo, but I do starwood spear and splintered spear, and I tried wild vigor+invigorating spores. I'm not sure without seeing the replays if one was better than the other and would also need more experience to understand the comp differences and the variants they bring to the table.  I'm open to lots of commentary here and anywhere else you see me.  Thanks for taking a look!
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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