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Last Edited May 28, 2019

The New Era of Ana

Here's a Save update!

With the recent buffs to her kit, Ana has been a high-priority pick for me in my ranked-play climb. Although she may not be as difficult initially to play as she once was, I still believe her skill-cap is very high and can be utilized by the experienced support player in a way unlike any other support in the game. The heal denial mixed with a surprise amount of burst-healing makes her one of the best supports in the game right now.

Below is the build I bring to the table most games.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!
Right out of the gates, we're looking at Grenade healing for 166 Health on a 16-second cooldown, which is nothing really to write home about. However, if you are coordinating with your teammates and you group up for a heal, this selection provides for a 150% Heal buff when hitting yourself and your four homies, which is a 415 HP heal for each teammate (2,075 in total).

To put that into perspective, Uther's Q heals for a total of 543 between his target (362) and himself (181) on a 12-second cooldown. Rehgar's Q heals for a max of 780 on an 8-second cooldown if you properly bridge the heal to three teammates. But wait, there’s more. The text lawyers us a bit with “per allied AND enemy Hero hit” — this gets wild if we also hit two or three opponents as well. Not only are we cutting their heals completely, we are buffing the heals on our own teammates even further.

Pretty Spicy.
Bio here is clutch. Not only does it provide for a larger window to drop some crit darts, but it reduces the cool down of our Grenade from 16 to 12 seconds. This increases our throughout considerably in team fits, allowing us to Grenade 2-3 times instead of just once or twice.?
This just makes our life easier on all fronts. We zap their heals for longer (from two seconds to now three seconds), but it Grenade’s AOE splash is 100% larger, which only helps the synergy from Level 1.
I like Horus, even with the nerf. If you have a mage on your team that is hot shit, Nano works, too.
13 is a situational talent tier. If you’re going up against a team with two or three Heroes with Root and Slow abilities, which tends to be the case these days, grab Purifying Dart to keep your team safe from too much lock down. Same story for Smelling Salts when it comes to going up against a Diablo, Kael’thas, or Uther. ??All of this being said, one could make an argument for being pro-active and simply giving your homies that nice 25% speed boost with Speed Serum — the best defense is a good offense sometimes.
Although Sharpshooter is tempting with a near-constant 50% buff to your Q, I’ve been leaning on Concentrated Doses simply because I tend to be able to keep six Shrikes up on enemy Heroes pretty consistently. On the other end of the spectrum, Active Reload can be skilled into situations as a burst heal, which is definitely worth consideration once you get comfortable with playing Ana under pressure.
When it comes to Storm talents, the Heroic upgrades are fine picks and really any of these selections will bring you an advantage. I, personally, prefer Dynamic Optics when taking Concentrated Doses due to the insane synergy between the two — it’s also fun as hell to pew-pew like crazy.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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Love this build, although I do like running Vampiric Darts if I'm going to go Concentrated Doses. I know the Grenade build is the strongest healing build for Ana but when would it be good to go this build and in other cases when would Vampiric Darts/Dose build be good?