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Created February 13, 2020


Due to Auriel's Resurrection nerf (http://gestyy.com/w8eWR5), actually this is the most played build. 

Ult talent can be chosen by you.
Razor Spikes
While Demon Spikes is active, you deal 15% increased Physical damage and your melee attacks snare targets by 20% for 6 seconds.
Burning Alive
Every 2 seconds, your Fiery Brand deals 110 Fire damage and spreads to one nearby enemy.
Charred Flesh
Fiery Brand increases the Fire damage your abilities deal to the target by 20%.
Rapidly slash your target for 1,760 Physical damage, and shatter 2 Lesser Soul Fragments from them.
Sigil of Chains
Place a Sigil of Chains at the target location that activates after 2 seconds. All enemies affected by the sigil are pulled to its center and are snared, reducing movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds.
Spirit Bomb
Consume up to 5 Soul Fragments within 25 yards and then explode, afflicting nearby enemies with Frailty for 20 seconds and damaging them for 486 Fire per fragment. You heal for 10% of all damage you deal to enemies with Frailty.
Soul Barrier
Shield yourself for 12 seconds, absorbing 10,998 damage. Consumes all Soul Fragments within 25 yards to add 2,199 to the shield per fragment.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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